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nagaraj   22 July 2008 at 19:00

Execution of will

My father in law, has two legal heirs, his children, a son & my wife.

His will does not include all his assets.

Also, he has Insurance policies, which name his son as the nominee, but finds no mention in his will, as is the case with his bank accounts.

His will makes no mention of any of his assets like silver & gold articles, in his house.

Presently his son resides at the house.

My fil passed away some time ago.

How does my wife get what belongs to her.

bindia   22 July 2008 at 10:34

signature by lawyer

can a lawyer sign in green ink?

P.Balasubramaniam   19 July 2008 at 14:21

Draft Sale Deed under SARFAESI Act

Dear Friends,

Please send me the draft sale deed under SARFAESI Act to be executed by the Authorised Officer of the Bank in favour of the auction purchaser for the immovable properties

Anil Chaudary   17 July 2008 at 22:49

Date of Agreement

suppose if there is an agreement duly stamped, the agreement date is 10 jan 2008, & the stamping date is 15 jan 2008 & the person who has signed the agreement has also mentioned a date below his signature which is 10 of February 2008,

now in this case is the agreement Valid?

arunprakaash.m.   10 July 2008 at 16:22

agreement of sale

A has purchsased a flat in the co-op housing society in the year 1990 by executing an agreement of sale but the sale deed was not duly stamped and registered. 18 years has been passed. the vendor also is not now available in India presently. How to legalise this document? Is there any procedure by which the purchaser can regiter the agreement of sale by paying proper stamp duty under the amnesty scheme announced by the Government of Maharashtra.

Vikas Singhal   08 July 2008 at 12:44

Refund of Additional Stamp Papers (in Uttar Pradesh)

I've bought a flat in Ghaziabad. For the registration purpose, I've submitted the Demand Draft to the Chief Treasury Officer, Ghaziabad (Amount:Rs 2,87,000). The registry office has released the stamp papers for the said amount.
Now, the registry amount has been reduced in Uttar Pradesh and the new registration amount for me is Rs 2,05,000. Since I bought the stamp papers for the increased amount, I want to return the extra stamp papers (worth Rs 82,000) to the registry department. Is there any provision where I can get the money back from the department? If yes, what would be the time frame to get the money back?
I would appreciate your inputs on the process.


Ambika.S   04 July 2008 at 21:39

Registration of registered document

Propety was registered in 2004 in Bangalore. The sale was challenged in the year 2006 as the property is one of the ancesstoral property and the plaintiffs is having 2/7th share in the property. Now both the parties are willing to settle the matter amicably. The issue is what document to be registered to effect the sale deed executed in 2004 ?

Amit   04 July 2008 at 09:43

Powe of Attorney

Can any POA holder (Signed by Chairman & Director of the Company)Sign the legal documents like Factory License (Safety & Health),Electricty power load increase.
In factory Inspector office people are saying that they will only accept the Forms signed by Director.
Can you please tell me any reference code so that I can show to them.

Rameshchandran   01 July 2008 at 11:27

Power of Attorney (irrivocable)

dear Brothers of Legal fraternity,

Kindly give some details with regard to the Irrivocable Power of Attorney. What is the silent features of the same and what is the distinction between it with general and special power of Attorney. What are all ingredients should be there to constitute a Irrecocable Power of Attorney. I also request the brothers to give me a format of the Irrevocable Power of Attorney.

Please treat this as urgent.

Thanking you

Yoours truly,

B.S.L, LL.B, M.P.M

Rama Verma   24 June 2008 at 15:44

notary public

what are the requirement to became notary public and how can we apply for that.