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RAVIKUMAR M PILLAY   28 March 2008 at 12:42


Dear friends ,

I have a friend in the UK and he wants to send me money for starting CIVIL construction project here in India .... Can anyone pls guide me as to what should be legal procedure including the RBI permission and the modus of doing this transaction . The money will not have to be remitted abroad and the repayment will be in indian Rs. only in India .

Can anyone pls guide me ..... my email is


sandhyakri   27 March 2008 at 18:42

service tax:new notification

i wish to know whether the exemption of service tax to a principal conducting clinical research from 1-3-2007 from the drug controller of india is also applicable to the party conducting the testing on its behalf in case testing is outsourced to another party

Member (Account Deleted)   25 March 2008 at 14:25

Revised Return

The original Return of Income was filed in the month of April'07 for the Assessment Year 2007-08 showing a net taxable income of Rs. 2,37,660.00. However the Self Assessment tax was not paid and the Challan was not enclosed with the Return of Income. But now after the proper calculation, the taxable income has come down to Rs. 1,58,760.00. Can we file a revised return showing a lower taxable income ?

Priya   20 March 2008 at 06:08

Tax - Property recd as gift

I want to know ones legal obligations when one receives gift from father [from his salary]. Gift being a house in a metro.

yamini   18 March 2008 at 11:28

CST, C-Forms

author : yamini
Posted On : 3/18/2008 11:20:13 AM
As per the advice of your expert yedhula
prakash garu, who has to submit G-form of indemnity to s.T.Authority as my present situation is purchaser showed acknowledgement that he delivered c-form to the mediator and had shown the proper endorsement for the same. But mediator blames that he had given the same to us,infact we have not recd the same and he also failed to show the proper endorsement for the same. In the present situation please advice me who has to submit G-form and is there any procedure to get duplicate C-form from that state by us( as the mediator and the purchasers were playing fraud with us)And also give clarification that indemnity bond means to indemnity the state govt. when ever it wants to collect default tax, but we are not actually liable to suffer the loss sustained in that position. So, what is permanent solution to my problem as per law in order to avoid loss in terms of money

Abhimanyu Soni   15 March 2008 at 17:03

Salary Structure

I am not sure whether my query falls within the purview of Taxation.

My query is:
Is there any statutory limit to fix Basic Salary or in other words is there any percentage fixed to decide the basic salary.
Can an employer fix any amount for Basic (as Low as possible)

Is DA compolsary to be mentioned in the salary structure.


Abhimanyu Soni

yamini   14 March 2008 at 22:58

central sales tax

c-form for inter-state transaction was missing, transaction took place 2 years back, purchaser mill says it was taken by mediator and has shown proper endorsement for the same, and the mediator says some cock and bull stories that it was taken by us and he promised 4months back,that he will get the duplicate from their state govt and will send to us,what further steps to be taken now in this position.

Varun Jani   13 March 2008 at 23:06

How to Become Income Tax Officer?

I am Graduate and i want to become Income Tax Officer.
So anyone told me that How to Become an Income Tax Officer?
Tell me full Details and Procedure for it and how to apply for that.

sharath   13 March 2008 at 14:05

realted to transfer of property

sir ,

my father have transfered the property into his name which was on my grand father. after his death (the property was shown to the income tax department on my grand father name as an individual )
now for this he should pay any extra taxes for it(ie income tax or give any letter to it department as it is transfered)

Pooja   11 March 2008 at 13:44

Savings Account


My surname has changed after marriage.

I had a PAN No in my name and have a bank account.

Since i was not working -i did not file any returns.

After marriage my surname changed and i got a new pan no.

i have a savings account in my name begore my marriage-i keep depositing money in it.
Can you please let me know the tax libality for teh same.