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Play cricket in public parks

(Querist) 26 February 2024 This query is : Resolved 
Why playing cricket in public parks are a crime. We, the people of age 10- 22 are playing cricket only on Sundays and play on day timings where no one is there on park. Playing with calmly and use rubber ball while playing. If anyone is there in park, I personally ask them whether if he/she is having problem while we are playing or whether we playing or not. Seriously, neighbours are very supportive, they even enjoy seeing us and some of them join us and playing. But some old people snach our bats and dont give back to us. Use abusive words and ask if you play again then they gave a slap. One random old people call that, you are in Punjab and you not belong to Punjab, if you are not able to read or write punjabi language then I will complain you... You don't have right to stand in Punjab. What is this yaar.
Jatin (Querist) 26 February 2024
If anyone wants to help me by giving solution or if any in high post , then help us. In today generation, it's very rare to sports in outside world . I want only some hours in sunday and it's important. I love cricket and it balance my workload and mental peace.
Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Expert) 26 February 2024
There is no crime in playing in park.
kavksatyanarayana (Expert) 26 February 2024
I think there will a person may be a supervisor, clerk or at least a watchman in the Public park and if that person is not objected why do you worry? When the aged people come to the park, give them someplace and see the ball should not touch them.
T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Expert) 26 February 2024
Public park is not a cricket ground that you are claiming it as a right to play in the public park.
If the park has been constructed for the purpose of park then nobody can alter the use of park to their convenience.
Besides not abiding the law, you are claiming a right to play cricket in the park, who said that you can play cricket on Sundays or holidays, is there is any relaxation of law to use park for the purpose of playing cricket?
Today's children are tomorrow's future of the country hence they cannot set example for bad things and claim it as right.
A playground is different to that of the park, hence on't take advantage of the vacant situation of the park and misuse it
Jatin (Querist) 27 February 2024
When old people came to park, we stop playing. Even we play cricket in the mid of day like 1 to 4 in the hot weather where no one is there. Also old age people came, scrold us, took bat and went. They are not come to walk or sit, only to stop us.
Jatin (Querist) 27 February 2024
@T.kalaiselvan sir, you are a advocate and may be has experience of life, but sadly, you are not able to see the problem . Totally agree that parks are not playgrounds. But what if there is no playground nearby. If you play in playground, vehicles came in action, which max children's don't have. In today's generation, they spend whole time on mobile phones. In a society, all age people play together, but when it talk about 1hr of travelling per side and arrangements of vehicles also to manage parents to go far for playing. I think you are also a parent and understand what I am saying and importance of outside sports.
Jatin (Querist) 27 February 2024
I demand only 3 to 4 hrs time in sunday only with that time where no one is there. When parks are empty then why it harm others. Why my demand is wrong. Why society wants children should understandable, why not old age people
T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Expert) 27 February 2024
It is not possible for everyone to have everything they desire.
If you don't have what you want then you should be satisfied with what you have.
Remember park is a public place meant for park purpose and not for conducting sports activities.
You cannot claim it as a right to play in the park stating reason that there's no playground nearby.
You can request the authorities with an assurance that you will not damage the park properties or cause any harm to public visiting park if permitted to play and undertake the responsibility by personal indemnification in the event of damage or loss or any untoward incident due to your sports activities.
The authorities have got rights to refuse to allow you inside to play cricket.
There's no provision in law to claim this privilege as a right.
I am of course an advocate hence I am explaining law, if you don't want to respect law then it is your problem and not mine

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