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Oral partition

Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 17 April 2024 This query is : Resolved 
दो भाईओ के मध्य एक प्रोपर्टी पार्टीशन का केस चल रहा है और दो में से एक भाई पूर्व के किसी मौखिक बन्टवारे का तर्क कोर्ट में प्रस्तुत करता हुआ पुराना सा एक दस्तावेज पेश करता है और उसे केवल एक स्म्रुतिपत्र या मेमोरेन्डम ही बताता है ताकि उसको स्टाम्प एवं रजिस्ट्रेशन से मुक्ति मिल सके जबकि दूसरे भाई को इसकी भाषा से यह विभाजन पत्र ही महसूस हो रहा है और दूसरे भाई ने बस ये स्टाम्प ड्यूटी बचाने के लिए उसे मेमोरेन्डम बना दिया ऐसा उसको लगता है अब यदि विभाजन पत्र माना जाए तो स्टाम्प एवं रजिस्ट्रेशन विभाग सीधे रुप से लाभान्वित हो सकता है तो ऐसे में क्या उसे भी मुकदमे का एक पक्षकार नही बनाया जा सकता ? उत्तर यदि हा है तो यह कैसे किया जाए ?
T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Expert) 18 April 2024
You wanted to pay the deficit stamp duty for the unregistered partition deed in order to mark that document as an exhibit, you can seek court permission for that either by filing a petition or if the court suo moto passes an order to pay the stamp duty.
Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 18 April 2024
No sir you are getting wrong.actually the brother who put an unregistered document in court is opponent in this case ..he is trying to escape from the burden of stamp duty that's why he is trying to say that document as memorandum of partition via family settlement in stead of partition deed ...on the other hand the language is showing that it is actually a partition deed..to support me in court I just want that stamp and registration department should also become a party in this proceeding ...is it possible..if yes how ?
T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Expert) 18 April 2024
The unregistered family settlement is admissible as an evidence.
Such documents, therefore, do not require registration to be legally valid and effective. Also, a party cannot seek to deny or refuse to refer to a family agreement to give effect to the intentions described under it merely on the ground that such an agreement is not stamped.
An Unregistered Family Settlement Admissible In Evidence Only when All the Family Members Approve of the Agreement:
P. Venu (Expert) 27 April 2024
How is that the two brothers are the joint owners of the property?

Is the document that has been produced duly executed and registered? What is the relevance of the mention of "Oral Partition" when a written document is in existence?

Has the property been partitioned by metes and bounds based on the so-called "oral Partition"? If so, why the civil suit has been filed? What is the cause of action pleaded?

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