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How to counter section 9

Guest (Querist) 11 November 2017 This query is : Resolved 
M e and my wife are living separately. i stay in chennai and she with my family in madhya pradesh. This marriage was a result of pressure and threat. Its almost 2 years now marriage in not consumated , She is M tech my parents funded her education. we didn't took any dowry.

here is the whole story:
Was not ready for marriage but due to family defamation and pressure i was forced. i am from OBC in our community panchayats are held first and then court or other family is well off and girl family is lower class. both brothers unemployed. one sister ran away with muslim hence they dont want to dissolve this marrigae becuase they think it will defame them more.
Since i live in other state that girl lives with my family my parents provide him all facility. In the name of coaching she keeps on roaming in town she says she is not interested in job.
Our marriage is not consumated its almost 2 years now.
Her parents came to our home any time ny any time i mean even at 11 mid night shout defame and threat that if your son will not take there daughter to chennai girls mother will burn the girl and will burn her self inside our home and his brothers will kill us all.
They are even putting false allegation on my brother that he spoke to that girl about S*x. Those assholes are threatening either take there girl or theywill file cases in court they havent name cases but as far as i understand it will be 498 and dv and sec 9. I got these knowledge of section by reading online as one of my friend is also fighting false case against him

I want to know how to counter these case 498, DV sec 9.
i have decided that no matter what i have to dissolve this marriage because a lady like this cannot be a good wife.
WE have a panchayat meeting after 2 days for which i will be travelling to my home town.This girl is a psycho when i went for my holidays i went to his parents place with her told them in front of girl i need divorce. as there daughter argues fights and this marriage is result of pressure, i left the girl at there home.

NEXT DAY EARLy morning that girl wa sat our door step @ 7 morning she said her parents have thrown her out and she is ready for divorce all she need is which everybody agreed at our home and let her in. next day we want to court and there she was she started crying makinga scene and started shouting that i am pressurising her for divorce in front of all.

We came back i was so angry i gave her a slap. and i left for chennai next day. Once i reach chennai this girl started messaging me that once she get a job she will leave. AND SAME DAY AT NIGHT HER PARENTS WITH 3 OR MORE PPL CAME TO MY HOUSE AND THREATEN my family OF CASES AND death.
this girl gives mental torcher calls and says that no matter what happens she will not divorce and will go to any extent to live with me.and in message she says she will go once she gets the job.

i want to save my family and myself before they file any charges and sec 9 pls help me on what ground i can file for divorce
Guest (Querist) 11 November 2017
Need urgent help any expert available
Guest (Expert) 11 November 2017
The case is yet to be filed. So, without going through the nature of allegations, nothing can be suggested off hand. Any effort without going through the allegations and the background with reference to the allegations, any effort will be merely a time wasting exercise.

Moreover, such cases cannot be need your long time sitting for discussion with any of the expert before you get some guidelines to know how to be ready to face such situations.

However, based on your present description it can only be advised, whatever she and her parents/ siblings have made allegations, you need not counter now. Simply collect evidence to remain fully prepared to counter such evidence and preserve them only to be presented during trial of the court case, in case they prefer to file pertaining to dv/ dowry, etc..

But for the time being, you should not show any panic before them. Patience would be quite necessary to understand, what they say, want or propose to do without any provocation with any agitating tone from your side.

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 11 November 2017
You were coward enough and did not oppose the pressure of your / their family with that of society. You are punishing an innocent girl for your cowardliness.

Try to save marriage, try to secure the life of both.

You have slapped her, she did not filed any case against you. You did not gave her the honor of wife / consummated marriage, she has not complained. She is staying with your family with the hope things would improve.

Life may not be red carpet during divorce proceedings and even afterwards.

Almost all the husbands have some or other problems with their wife, they do not adopt ways you have adopted.

Please try to reconsider your decision.
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 11 November 2017
Repeated query:
Dr J C Vashista (Expert) 12 November 2017
Too long story by anonymous "Guest" author who has repeated the case history.
It is abuse of this platform and Admin LCI must delete account of such author.
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Well Advised by Mr RK Goyal
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Posting as Guest is accepted here
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Posting as Anonymous is Appreciated here
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
If No wish to Reply could ignore but No Insulting business here
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Also demanding money from Innocent Querist to be avoided here.
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Obviously Last two posts addressed to Mr JC Vashista who had done it .
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Hi N.J.S,, alias Rajkumar, alias Narasimha, alias Rajendra K Goyal, alias Kumar Doab, alias P.S. Dhingra

When in the following thread, as per your statement, you believed, "Useless Idiots should avoid commenting On others and could no more expect no more respect," why could not you desist from making comments on others that too through your 6 continuous vague and irrelevant posts, as of playing a sheer number game without any advice to the author of the problem?
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Mr. N.J.S,

Sometimes, a feeling goes in my mind that you come on the LCI platform only to cut jokes, rather than rendering any advice to the needy persons facing with some problem.

If last two of your posts are not a part of any joke, with reference to those of your posts, if you don't mind, would you please like to make the things more clear to intimate how much money you have paid to Mr. J.C. Vashista on his asking?

if you have really paid any money to Mr. J.C.Vashista and are hesitant to directly request him for refund for any reason, whatsoever, I am ready to offer my service to earnestly request him to refund your money? With your permission only, should I request him on your behalf please?

Although I am a stranger for Mr. J.C. Vashista, but still I feel he won't decline my request to refund your money, if he would really have received any money from you.

Otherwise, as a legal expert, it would be nice on your part to start rendering some valuable advice to the needy authors of the problems.
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 12 November 2017
JIGYASU - Legal analyst ,

Humble request, please do not associate my name with N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha.

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 12 November 2017

Seems expert does not know what is the definition and meaning of insult.

Refer dictionary or ask from some other fellow..
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 12 November 2017
Some experts are in the habit of posting cheap comment on me / experts. They should not take pain to send message for feeling sorry and regret to me at least.

Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
Hai Jiga Alias Dhingra you Idiots dont mention my name and comments any where
Guest (Expert) 12 November 2017
@NJS (i.e., NOT JUST SURE in yourself even),

Your statement, "Hai Jiga Alias Dhingra you Idiots dont mention my name and comments any where," is not a surprise. As only a person with such a peculiar character can assume others to be like himself. So, you cannot be expected to go beyond your own corrupted vision by nature. Except pin pricking others through each and every post, so far you have not shown any sign of being a genius. I don't know, what kind of animosity you have with Mr. Dhingra that you try to associate his name with me and might even have associated with others also.

In fact, you are example in yourself, as that aptly applies on yourself only what you try to vainly think about others. When you can add any name to any other's name, you can't seek exemption. Moreover, your name is not sacrosanct. Name of a noble soul often gets mentioned in anyone's talks in one way or the other to get fame or notoriety deserved by him.

So, you can think yourself, what you can be in other's opinion, when you have not revealed any sign of your being genius so far for the last four years ever since you registered at the site. Apparently, when you name others, you can also expect to get your name remembered by others in the similar fashion you adopt for others.

But, one thing special I could notice is, as like Kumar Doab, when you don't find any answer to any other's observation, you also become abusive. So, that itself can be a proof that you and Kumar Doab are not different from each other.
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 12 November 2017
It would be better if the expert would have posted / contributed for the thread rather to go on posting just to satisfy his ego / irritation / frustration.

Forum would not gain anything from comments by experts on other experts / contributors.

You need to be the querist or approved LAWyersclub expert to take part in this query .

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