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Failed 6th time inspite of revaluation

(Querist) 20 February 2018 This query is : Open 
Can a exam result after 2 revaluations be challenged in court of Law?
If yes. Which court of law should be approached?
Can the student approach Consumer Redressal Forum? What relief can a Consumer Redressal Forum give for a student who has written a exam 9 times and failed even after asking for revaluation.

A answer script should be evaluated 3 times as per university rules. Each time the answer script is evaluated only 1 time. Revaluation occurs only after 3 evaluations have been done. In this case 1 evaluation is done and result announced. Along with this the front sheet where evaluators name and signature are present are missing in the photocopies given by the university.
The student is a Final Year Law Student in final semester under the 3 year LLB course under Karnataka Law University.

Help seeked are as follows:
Which court to approach.
Which are the relevant sections under CPC to ask for court intervention.

Experts are requested to guide so that a student’s life is saved.
Adv Shailendra Deshpande (Expert) 21 February 2018
Student and college / university relationship does not come under Consumer law. The good solution is to study well and pass the exam with proper passing marks.
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
Everything can be challenged in court of law, provided you have enough money and time to waste.
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
Instead of wasting your money and several years of time in court case with still indefinite result, better utilise your time by concentrating on your studies. If unable to understand properly, take some tuition to help you.
Paresh R (Querist) 21 February 2018
I did not ask for lecture. I have finished my pharmacology in distinction. This law shit is nothing when compared to pharmacology. IPC. CRPC or any law is only just list of problems for which section numbers are given.
When people come with problems to advocate, they have to search the equivalent section number for the problem explained in law books, and file plaint/petition etc on behalf of the client.

I asked for solution. I know that this can be challenged in court, I want to know which court is appropriate. Nobody bothered to read my problem completely, the famous thing advocates are known for. You can give solution or simply shut up and wait for others to reply.

By the way how many times did you morons fail before you wore the black coat?
Paresh R (Querist) 21 February 2018
Dhingra Sir,
So you are agreeing that approaching court of Law is waste of time and money. Well said.
So you have been fooling people in the name of getting justice for so many years as explained in your profile. Isnt it?
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
Good observation. When you believe, "This law shit is nothing when compared to pharmacology. IPC. CRPC or any law is only just list of problems," why don't you prefer to solve your problem through pharmacology?

By the way, when you have finished your pharmacology in distinction, in which exam did you fail six times?
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
I can not give direct ans. because state law is applicable.
You need to check Act which forms the university.
You need to read that Act
Then you need to read that act and rules regulation under them.
After this, if you don't find a proper remedy in that act then you need to use constitutional remedies like appropriate writ.
But again you need to understand this takes a lot of time, Hon. HC is lot loaded too.

See in Law colleges (I don't know about your classroom ) many people have many degrees too including Dr, Engineer, Arch, CA , CS . Even IPS and IAS officer who are working come and do LLB . Everyone has their own reason or I don't know why they do. But they do.

So just telling you did this and you are outstanding there does not mean you may be outstanding here.
Additionally, attendance and regular college attendance also plays its own role, In Mumbai and around area real attendance to some law college lecture is less than 15% , although officially 75% is required to appear for exam.

I will recommend you meet your college teacher who got good marks and shows your ans. sheet and also talk to them.

Some time rather many times permanent teachers are those who get good marks in the exam and some also merit rank holder, they can guide you better than those who just passed LLB .

I gave all ans. to best of my ability

Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
In frank note in past when I approched merit rank holder teacher how to get good marks her approach how to write ans. better and get good marks was different than person who failed LLB multiple times .

Additionally her ans. which ans. sheet get good marks. Her reply I remember Quality of ans. sheet get good marks and not quantity.

Now I understood what is the quality of ans sheet properly.

I will recommend you meet your teacher and try to see some quality of ans. according to them and then you see yours difference you will understand properly .

This I feel is academic problem better to be sorted with teachers.

I agree there are some cases , that good students are declared failed or even merit holder declared failed and then after some time when ans. sheet they get they give them their due credit but it is rare case.
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
In short easy solution meet teachers in your law college, especially those who are merit holder, talk to Principal and understand how to write better ans.
At same time I know some teachers /Principal are approachable and some not approachable but you need to adjust all kind of people in your interest

This is best solution.
Guest (Expert) 21 February 2018
Rather I feel if you are really good in Law then I feel we need not ans such question to you.

rather you need to study case laws and find ans. yourself whether University student relationship comes under consumer court or not?

Its strange things, I remember incident long back when consumer protection act was taught in college.

Some question was asked regarding consumer protection act , and some one looked at me as ready made guide .

The teacher asked that student tomorrow if a client comes to you for guidance whether you will tell wait to a client and go in other room Mobile him and ask Madhu question and after his ans you come back and reply to the client and get fees?
Paresh R (Querist) 22 February 2018
I am not telling that I cant study. I have not come seeking answers how to study or how to write answer. There have been gross mistakes from the university in evaluating the answer scripts. There has been no proper guidance from the college regarding anything.
Something is fishy in the way they have done the evaluation.
Answers are with proper case laws as examples, sections, and definitions.
I have showed it to many old professors who have said my answers are correct but what is the evaluation criteria followed they don’t know.
They have told this can be challenged in court.
There are three courts to challenge this.
1. Civil court.
2. Consumer forum.
3. High court.

But which one will get quick relief? It is the consumer forum which can give quick relief as compared to other courts.

I had come to get a second opinion for myself. I have done BPharma. I am doing LLB.
I came here to get above answer thinking that there are stalwarts here on the forum. Who knew that everyone who has replied has failed multiple times? By the answers I can make out that you bums don’t want to help anyone.

If anyone who really want to help may please reply. Simply giving lectures, even I can give.
Guest (Expert) 22 February 2018
I read Karnataka Law University Act

Sec 83 Protection of action taken in good faith- This will be the first hurdle

To be frank Mumbai University related PIL No. 13/2018 and PIL No. 15/2018 took place and
at end all wise people felt better concentrate on studies than wasting time

Case Note --- New system of paper correction was introduced for exam ending the academic year 2017. It was not implemented properly and entire academic schedule collapsed. All courses went hay way. Due to this problem Sad decision was taken by Governor of Maharashtra and perhaps only sacking of Hon. VC in the history of the university. LLB and LLM students went for postponed for exam telling less than 90 days mandatory term by bar council is not completed and some took admission latter and got 15 days academic etc. Finally Hon. HC gave liberty to opt for sem pattern or Annual pattern this year for first-year students decision will be of student and that will be considered as the first attempt for that exam.

Other students of other years were already facing lot other difficulty also due to jeopardizing
Guest (Expert) 22 February 2018
Someone said evaluation criteria is the biggest puzzle in Law exam if you can find do tell us also.
I give up now no more messages in this forum
Dr J C Vashista (Expert) 22 February 2018
A good topic for debate.
Carry on.
Guest (Expert) 22 February 2018
@ Mr. Paresh R,

In nutshell, my observation is that you are a law student and have sought answer to his law school exercise. The reasons are quite apparent, as --

At first, you failed to reply my question, being a distinction holder in pharmacology, in which exam you actually failed 6 times.

Secondly, you belong to UP (Bareilly), but read Karnataka University Act or the Mumbai University related PIL, not about your own state's university Act or PILs.
Guest (Expert) 22 February 2018
Mr. Paresh R,
I can understand your dilemma. If your query pertains to your real problem, your irritation speaks enough that you are neither a receptor of good advice, nor you can be distinction holder in any exam, if you could not pass a single exam consecutively for 6 times. So, you do not deserve any free advice. You deserve only paid advice from some local lawyer.

Further, even if you are considered to be a distinction holder in pharmacology, you seemed to have become full of vanity and over confidence vainly thinking as if you can do any type of exam with distinction, while your vanity and over confidence made you fail for 6 times at a stretch.

You should have understood well, law is not a division of pharmacology to be considered as concerned with the study of DRUG ACTION. Law is of a very complex nature, which a pharmacology student may not digest properly. Of course, you will have the chance to study the action of judgment in your case, if you prefer to file, when your lawyer will get your failure in exam duly confirmed by the stamp of the court of law.

If you are of the opinion that the advice of experts was lectures for you, now my real lecture for you is, you would better have restricted to your pharmacology career. You are quite unfit for legal career, if studying law, as according to your statement, you take law as "shit nothing". YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND ITS DEVASTATING EFFECTS, IF NOT UNDERSTOOD PROPERLY, BEFORE TAKING THE ROUTE TO THE COURT OF LAW.

Paresh R (Querist) 22 February 2018
Dhingra Sir,
Thank you for the replies and suggestions.
You cannot discard academic performance of a student calling it DRUG INTERACTION.
Pharmacology is way too difficult even to read and understand for any top Lawyer.
There are only open end questions in the question paper. I hope you know what it open end question and close end question. Open end questions when answered can be in one sentence and also can run into 100s of pages. But that is not the same case for close ended questions. Close ended questions have definite answers like a YES or NO.

Now, I asked which court to go to. For which none of you have replied.

Madhu Sir,

I am posting the KSLU Act here.
My bone of contention is how can a student score same marks and fail for 6 times even after revaluation?
Each time the questions are different. But they are repeated questions in the past 5 years. There is sure foul play here. It is matter of time that truth will be elicited. I have shown my answer books to top professors, retired professors none of them could find fault in the answers. Contract is the subject which they are failing me consistently.

Finally advocate only does vakalath of the client who is unaware of sections of Law. As many mentioned this is a DIY course like a mechanical course or a fitter course. Mechanics don’t have certificates who repair vehicles. Advocates do have certificates but cannot provide professional advice even after taking fees, some simply take fees and never file any case, just take clients for a ride and blame it on the court. It is has been a sorry state of affairs since long long time that there have been no morals among advocates. If there were any, some one would have helped me out. I thank Mr Madhu here for his inputs.

I wish some knowledgeable person will assist me in unearthing this fowl play from the university/college.

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