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Queries Participated

Anonymous   20 September 2020 at 22:23

How to vacate tenant??

Hello Sir,

We are the owner of a house.
We had given a property on rent 5 years back to tenant.
No rent agreement and we use to take rent in cash.
Now we have to change the tenant but the tenant is not vacating the house.

They are saying " Whatever the rent I will take from new tenant , they will give the same rent".
and our new tenants are relative we have to give the house for rent to them.

How to vacate the house?


Please guide..

A RADHAKRISHNA   22 October 2019 at 20:20

Apartment act - association matters

The executive body of the association has failed to get the accounts audited and has not been cooperating with the auditor for completing the audit of accounts. They have withheld receipt books and some vouchers without which the audit can not be done,. In spite of repeated reminders, they are not coming forwarded to provide the same.

What action can a genera members of an apartments association can initiate against the executive body.
Need an expert opinion about the remedies available and procedure to be followed.

shyam lal   22 October 2019 at 16:12


can any one else reply on behalf of third party pertaining to RTI query

Sushovan   21 October 2019 at 00:08

Legal Process for Electricity Installation

Respective Sir/Ma'am, I have a undevided property and want to install the electricity new connection in that place, but my partner's are giving the objection for that. They also applied and installed the connection in that place, that time they have taken any confirmation from me, also I hadn't given any objection. So, now can I get the permission from court, or any other way to solve it, Kindly guide me for the same.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha   20 October 2019 at 14:26

Parents could claim back the money borrowed

Parents could claim their money spent for higher education of their children by the borrowings of parents.Any Citation or Judgement please

pushpakrishna   17 October 2019 at 16:52

Service of notice

Is it a valid notice sent by courier service with out showing a signature of the address e as it is possible to have a receipt from a private courier.
As per the general clauses act section 27 only postal service with correct address is valid.
Dear experts kindly give your advice on this

Anonymous   11 October 2019 at 09:03

Car parking in CHS

Dear Sir,
I reside in a CHS in Navi Mumbai and have been the resident of this society for last 7 years. Everything was going well till now. But since the new MC took charge we have been continuously harrassed with our car parking issue. I have an open car parking (is open from 3 sides and has a building wall behind). The problem is our car which is just a year and a half old (Skoda Rapid ) was continuously being damaged with the things thrown down from the upper flats. The damages initially were small. The previous comittee had resigned and new comittee had still not taken the charge. It is then when my husband along with his one friend decided to build a shade for the car as it was getting damaged and to prevent a bigger damage. My husband had put rods and a temporary cloth shade so that the other comittee that comes in rule meanwhile can provide or come up with some solution for the same. But the committee did not understand our agony and told us to remove the cloth and that they will take 2 months time to come up with a solution to which we agreed and removed the cloth. But the rods remained there as we were desperately waiting for the committee to understand our genuine problem and find an alternative. They now started pressurizing my husband to remove the rods and he finally agreed to remove the rods too in hope that they will provide a solution in again another two months. My husband was going to remove the rods on 14th Aug but the machine which is needed to cut the rods properly wasn't available with the worker. So my husband sent a mail to the committee saying that the rods will be removed till latest 15th Aug afternoon. But the committee did not wait and broke the rods forcibly in my husband's absence. if the committee did not have any bad intentions it could have waited till the AGM which was on 25th Aug 2019 (just 10 days from the incident). My son and me were mentally disturbed with this incident as the act was going on for near about 45 mins. With this bullying we were upset and could not understand how to take it legally as we did not wanted to handle it in by bullying the committee in return, so we sent lawyers notice. This matter was taken in a very harsh and bad mannner in the AGM and still with consent we withdrew the lawyers notice.
Just after the AGM my car standing in the same parking got damaged by a tile(whole) that came down from some upper floor. This time the damage is so bad that it is to cost us a bomb. The repairing cost should be minimum 1.5 lakhs and it can go even higher. Now the MC is getting away with it and is not ready to bear the damage cost. Also they have not yet committed us to find a permanent solution as we feel that this can happen in future too. They feel that though the car is parked inside the society it's not their responsibility . How many times should we bear the cost? This time itself the cost is too high. Please help me. THE WORST PART IS THERE ARE OTHER SHADES THAT ARE STILL STANDING ERECT (THEY ARE EXTENDED SHADES TO THE STILT PARKING)ONLY OUR TEMPORARY SHADE HAS BEEN BROKEN. QUESTION IS WHY THIS DISCRIMINATION BETWEEN MEMBERS OF SAME SOCIETY. Please help me. This is very humiliating.

Vivek patil   05 October 2019 at 22:35

Pagdi tenant in mumbai

How to prevent my 30years old pagdi tenant to sublet the shop located in mumbai suburb,in case he gives how to get evidence that he has kept subtenant.
If asked he will say he is employee.

supukha   03 October 2019 at 21:50

Income tax earned on fd in nationalized bank by chs

Hello Experts,

Our CHS has Repairs Funds and Sinking Funds accumulated of which FD is made.

CHS has charged us share of Income Tax to be paid on that Interest Earned. I wish to know whether the Member is liable to pay? The Interest earned is going to society so the CHS must bear the Income Tax is my opinion. Kindly advise.

In case Experts are view of that each member must bear the burden of Income Tax then as a member may I suggest to CHS to keep the funds in Current Account so no burden of Income Tax for each member.

Thank you

Ajay Kochar   30 September 2019 at 13:41

Rectification report of society accounting

I am living in a society having 168 members located at dombivli Maharashtra. My query is If managing committee not submit the rectification report of FY 17-18 within stipulated period and even after not filling the same they get account approved in AGM from General body for FY 18-19. What impact on managing committee or society member for non filling of rectification report for FY 2017-18. Is there any penalty, fine, etc charges for the same? Even no any singly income tax return they filled from FY 13-14 to 17-18.

Kindly revert on the same.

Ajay Kochar


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