file domestic violence case against my in laws and husband

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Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
25 February 2019

We have been married for six months, after three weeks of marriage my Husband stopped speaking with me for three weeks without any reason.even if we were in same room he avoided me completely. I want to ask him the reason, but am afraid to go near him, because he always keep his face angry and hard as rock.for those three weeks I felt isolated, hurt and depressed of his action.because he was speaking with other family members except me. Atlast not able to take it anymore I spoke with him. He was saying , he was just stressed. But did not give me any reason. We did not start our life yet. He did not take me out of three Months, he threatens me to cut all my communication with my family. He has anger issue, sometimes he broke things.

In our third month we had a fight, he insulted me and said several times we both won't be suitable and told his mom to take to my house. when I try to avoid speaking with him, he threatens me that he won't allow me to live in peace in his house.after that they taken me to my house and shouted at my parents that I always argue with him, that the time my in laws verbally abused me by using vulgar words that I did not slept with my husband. I was shocked to hear those nasty accusation. My husband was silent whole time. They did not allow me to speak. That time i decided I don't want to go their house. For these three months am living in my parents house. I arranged counseling for both of us. But he did not attend it properly. After that he called me in phone spoke very vulgar to me saying I did not allow him touch me. I was already lot of stress and depressed because of them. Even after these he came to my house two times in front of my parents , he spoke such nasty and vulgar words. Thats the end of it. I dont want to see his face. I am emotionally traumatized, lot of times suicide came to my mind. But because of my Mother. I left it. I want to live . I want to teach these people a lesson. My parents are afraid of what our relation will say . But it's my life.i dont have any idea regarding the domestic violence case. Please help me.
Even my in laws don't want me to go to my house and speak to my parents for those three months. Can I file case against them.

Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
25 February 2019

Please help me , how to handle this issue

Vijay Raj MahajanOnline (Expert)
25 February 2019

If you want to teach lesson to husband and in laws then go ahead and file domestic violence complaint case and break the marriage completely.
After this move your marriage will break and no chance of reconciliation.
The divorce on the ground of creulty will be filled by your husband and you'll be moving ahead with police report of dowry demand and cruelty against him and his parents.
Ultimately lot of litigation from both sides and lot of earning for lawyers of both parties.
Best and most viable solution, call him at neutral place, discuss all the disputes and find proper solution, if not agreeing for living together, by then let there be agreement for divorce by mutual consent.

Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
26 February 2019

Thanks for your suggestion sir, as my marriage is completed six months. Can't I go for null and void case instead of mutual divorce. How can he file case against me, when he was the one , who never approached me , because his sister got two time divorced and lives with us. He said to me he doesn't not want to hurt is sister by taking me out and happy with me. He did not even let me close our bed room door when we are alone.he says his family will think wrong about us.

Suhail suhail (Expert)
26 February 2019

Dear sister first of all you should not make your self prey to circumstances, just you need to control your emotions as you are dragging yourself towards a revenging and avenging theme. Don't feel like helpless creature. You need to have some break from all of this for some time till you will feel enough strong to take decisions. Suicide is for cowards and these things are part and parcel of life ,you have every right to live as others have and just why you make them happy by hurting yourself.
However if you want to file for the annulment of marriage for not being consummated that would be real hard to prove and he can equally assault you by boasting words.
In domestic disturbances there is always the emotional smoke fuming from the humanly feel which is damaged to the hilt.
Just think of your future ,you need to cut this relation and forget about it as it is real night mare. Just try to cut this part of your life to begin with other best one with full hopes. Now if you still adamant on taking revenge you need to be planed and prepared.
You can file complaint for dowry demand and domestic violence ,he will be sent to jail and you will feel a peace in your heart. But then one succeeds or not there are many ways you can put him to trouble through cases but you will get yourself involved badly too.
I suggest to cut this part of life soring like plague ,and proceed in life by finding a better partner .
To reply your questions ;
A women can file a complaint under section 498 A against your husband and his family members for being cruel to you as you stated almost making you to reach at an extreme end of committing suicide.
You can file an application under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 .
You can file application Under Section 125 Cr P C for maintenance and he has to maintain you.
You can file for divorce.

All theses remedies are there to make him and the peace of his family shattered but you too will be involved in a strange battle .

I would again say to make them to get a mutual divorce , get your property (gifts,ornaments ,cash ) back from them and plan for better future .Life has too many doors to give you way just you need to think for your welfare instead of bringing someone else to tears.

Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
26 February 2019

Thank you so much for your concern sir, I will think about ur words, I try to be practical in my life.

Querist : Anonymous (Querist)
26 February 2019

Thank you so much for your concern sir, I will think about ur words, I try to be practical in my life.

Dr J C VashistaOnline (Expert)
28 February 2019

Reconcile and adjust yourself with your husband and in-laws and enjoy your married life.

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