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Arup Kumar Gupta, Korba, Chattishgarh ((m)9893058429)     09 January 2010

Why prostitution will not be legalized?

Legalizing the prostitution is the demand of the hour. sc is right on this issue. it is an old fashion to demoralize the woman on sx. While male are not blamed for it. Actually the pimps make the situation horrible. To make them (pimp) out of this profession SC told that if Govt. do not able to control over them, it will be better to legalize the prostitution by which they can come openly with their complains. - it is good and appreciable. After all they are human beings.

I could not understand that when a person take prosstitution as a profession why he / she will be blamed; they will be a victim of social hate? it is a section of people who goes there , but they are small in numbers. Why they (prostitutes) will be blamed? As they use their body organ for the purpose of earnings? we everyone use our different body organs for earnings by one or other way. Then why for a section or part of society will be receiving ill treatment by the society ? is it fair? I hereby congratulating all those who are fighting for legalizing the prostitution at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and other placeses.



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Payel Nandi (LAW STUDENT)     09 January 2010


B.N.Rajamohamed (advocate / commissioner of oaths)     09 January 2010

Dear Mr.Gupta,

                                       Even in mohamedean laws there is a kind of Marrriage called MUTTA MARRIAGE. When a person goes out of his place of residence or employement he can approach such ladies who are for it and can cohabitate with them but they should be provided with sufficient maintenence for the work they have done. This is said to be a remedy for quenching the lust when a person moves out of his family pertaining to his employement or any other purpose. But this is also a kind of prostitution. When the mohamedan law legalises such practices why cannot the government do it? 

                                          When a person feels to enjoy extra pleasure he goes to the prostitutes.

When it is legalised the prostitutes themselves will come to the streets for soliciting by seducing the ongoers that will go out of control. Even they will disturb a honest person who moves decently on the streets which happened in india during olden days.

                                         Therefore, inorder to uphold the dignity of the learned and civilised ,cultured persons the government hesitates to legalise it. I pray the government not to legalise it. 


Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     09 January 2010

It is necessary to minimise the s*xual crimes in society, because moral can't govern here.

Some people take it as against the dignity of women but they don't think that what is forbidden by law is being done regularly.  Same  was with wine, before the legalisation of sale.

Prodyut Banerjee (Advocate (Corporate Lawyer))     09 January 2010

I fully agree that prostitution should be legalised. Only by this way the Government can regulate it. I understand that this profession can not be totally eliminated from the society but if the Government legalises it then the ancillary evil (such as forcefully bringing girls in to the profession, the illegal income of the police and local goons etc) shall immediately decrease and in long run the spread of the profession will also decrease.


Will Government Servants can get prostitution allowences like DA, TA, HRA and etc....? If it legalized?

anuz doda (independent advocate)     09 January 2010

Respected Mr. Gupta , You have given very good comments on legal prostitution . I am totally agree with you and your views . This in the topic not  to  hate . 

Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     10 January 2010

Please allow me to ask u that Why  V r discussing this issue on and on? R u really ready for this?

NO!!!!!!!! According to me.
When V r advocating the legalization of Prostitution, R V thinking about ur wife,daughter,mother and all female family members? Be sensitive in this issue. What will happen if brothel regularizes n opened next door to u? What your reaction will be? Going to give respect to them? Please let me know.
 Now Women r educated, economically independent( not by this force prostitution profession),confident and now also gradually participating in our security forces n our Hon’ble President is also a woman, so give respect to woman n their dignity n don’t quote previous ancient situation of women in India. Men!!!! u have to change n divert urself in a positive, cultured n civilized way.
It is my humble request to use appropriate indirect word please and not like this, “As they use their body organ for the purpose of earnings? We everyone use our different body organs for earnings by one or other way.” What it indicates respected sirs. According to me this are not the good words to be used in this way please.
“Respect women who deserves the respect” that’s all I want to say. And sorry if I m wrong.
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Rekha Ji,

You are 100% correct and expressed very well.

If they opened their business next ( So called cultured people's ) door they will chase them.



All I feel enough is enough! If each and every comment of the Supreme Court is not taken in lighter vein, then all our Blood Pressure will go up!

Payel Nandi (LAW STUDENT)     10 January 2010


N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     10 January 2010

In politics there is a saying " If you can not win them joined them" the same moral standard applies here. If you ca not control them let them have it? As far as Rekha's answer is concerned I agree with her regarding having a brothel in the  neighbouring area, but that can be taken care of it by placing the brothel in designated area to be operated with law enforcing agency to maintain law and order in those area and this will be more beneficial to them. But what Rekha, is also missing is that, what about those high call girls in * ****** hotels? Can the law curbed them? I think it should be legalized for all practical purpose.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     10 January 2010

Once it is legalized it should also be listed as Indusry under the IDA and those girls should be given subsidy and loan etc for their welfare when they become very old.


Prostitution never legalise in India.Unanswered ThreadsPost New Topic  Because this is INDIA and against Indian culture and tradition.

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Prodyut Banerjee (Advocate (Corporate Lawyer))     10 January 2010

Agreed with Mr. Assumi.

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