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SIFF member(inlaws) ruined my life,so don't trust them.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

there is a team.

this team puts some false story and started discussing among themselves, thereafter a guru appears and started 'prabachan'.

last one year we are experiencing this.

Prasanjeet (working)     26 February 2011

@Tajobindia-  Sir please don't lie this much to save your members, i have written the names for proof and you are saying on my face that you people don't have that. moreover you are writing that females are not registered with you, this is heights of lie . well this is acceptable from you people. For you people lying is easy job. Iam not Some MLA or in political party to defame, jo sach gai wahi likha hai.

SEc -17 mei kya urto ka bhoot gather karke awareness ke lectures deta hai.   And are you illiterate or mad, read properly, why will my husband go to you guys for help, they were already powerfull and got the divorce.

And if you want to send me a notice, fine will meet you in tribune office with my lawyer and relatives, iam a sardarni, and educated so don't try to act smart, what do you think that your power and money can make me feel afraid, no, i have all the proofs and i can show them but once i show them what will you do, me & my relatives will talk to media about you people how you bully weak people and make them shut their mouth.

jiska jo mann karta hai wo aake bol deta hai, but enough is enough.

I had simply written my views, to help other females but i think you want to take it to some other level, fine. But itna jhoot mat bolo ki females registered nai hai.   Got it.  I have replied you and now i will talk to my dad, i about all your false claims . Sir iam not lying and thats the reason iam not afraid, i have suffered alot and now i have nothing to lose. So its fine you serve me the notice and i will respond your action. okay.

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dream (individual)     26 February 2011


Every year, courts, lawyers, police and husbands see atleast 80,000  (every year) females like yours who have this face called a 498a wives, DV wives. these are the same stories that courts / judges, starting from the lowest to the highest, discard 99% of the time, these unscrupulous shams of the females.

you may cry foul any no. of the times, in any forum, the fact that you are one of 80,000 !!!

pity you !!!


Why do you all feel that she's a fake?


Only because she is raising her voice?


How can anyone raise his voice against attrocities in a soft,flowery language?


You try raising your voice against any abusers in a soft,flowery tone,with a smiling face?I bet you cannot do it!


I also bet none of you will forget an injustice so easily even after many years.


After a divorce,most Indian women remain bitter about their inlaws and husband who had tortured her.It's very natural.Because in India women are trained right from childhood that marriage is very sacred.Hence they look forward to spend entire life with only one man.The concept of "paraya dhan" is also more prominent in North India to which she belongs.Hence her bitterness is understandable,as she was forced to return to her parents.


And why do you say she's a fake 498A wife or a fake DV Act wife,when she mentioned clearly that she never filed any cases againt her husband and inlaws???




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randomethic (Professional)     26 February 2011

I do not know the veracity of your story Prasan but truly, loving such a nasty human being is pointless. You're very young and you don't know what life holds. I don't mean to sound callous. He has given you a gift in the form of the divorce. You can live away from his abuse. It will take you time to forget the things you have seen and the words you heard from them, but slowly, things will get better. I am sorry you had to go through this and felt your marriage break.


I know how painful it is to keep waiting for the person you love to see and treat you like a human being and to wait forever for them to realize that they're hurting you or even try everything possible you can think of so they feel happy being with you, living everyday to just get one thing right. You don't have to do all of this anymore. Hopefully, some day you will find someone who truly deserves you. From a fellow sardarni, just take one piece of hard as it...start doing things for yourself and living the best possible life you can. You owe that to yourself.


I have one question to every member of this forum: Isn't it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? And who appointed you all judge and executioners? She isn't here asking for any of us to tell her whether she's lying or not. If it was a man writing this story, I'd love to see how many of you would trash his story the same way.


Is this place actually meant for helping people or for degrading and questioning their veracity and a means to further or shall I say force your views upon other people? If there is anyone here, who needs growing up, it's members whose maturity levels I am forced to doubt by virtue of their own words and actions here. 


Hate me if you will...she has every right to talk about her story. Divorce doesn't change the abuse. Awareness arises only when people take the courage to talk. She cannot go and change her ex husband's name now. And if they didn't think twice before ill-treating her, why is it still her job to look out for keeping their shameful behavior hidden? 


I am surprised at you people. There is no empathy on this forum for suffering. If it's a man's suffering most of you jump up and down and proclaim how laws are biased and favor that why you are really here? To stand up for men? Isn't the real purpose of this site to help people who need to turn to the law for help, find clariy about things? And if a member does decide that her story is worth telling, it's okay to slam her down? 


I've been a member of this forum for nearly 2 years now. Day after day, you guys turn real people's problems into a debatable joke by slamming each other. It doesn't matter what the gender. You're supposed to help. Please stop attacking people who come here and are already in pain and making them feel more miserable. Clearly, it is not for you to pass judgements on anyone's truth or specific situation, unless you are omnipresent in the lives of people who are likely to register and have therefore seen things from another angle. I seriously doubt that. 


It would be a great help if everyone here learnt to show some empathy for suffering. EVERYONE who posts here is a human being and deserves the dignity of life and respect to be treated likewise. 

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

" Please stop attacking people who come here and are already in pain "

very good advice but who attacks whom?

ms Praseenjeet attacks siff, by a veg story.

randomethic (Professional)     26 February 2011

I have said what I wanted to say in my response above. I've been here, reading, learning for a while as I've said before and felt the need to respond this time. I will not be responding to this tread further. I have no intention to get embroiled in the bar-fights that this forum is rife with, please make no attempts to bait me, either.

I rest my case.

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Lekha (working)     26 February 2011

@ meenal ji and @ randomethic - very good post.

@ Prasan - Don't be upset , and don't wait or don't shed your tears for that man, who cudn't give you the respect & love.  And its oaky i understand many woman don't file cases, even iam living with my abusive husband with lot of problems just for my daughters , for there sake.  I have every right to file a case against my inlaws and husband, and i have the proofs aswell, but i don't want to get into this lengthy legal battle. I just pray for my daughters and they are my only hope.

This forum is about helping others or sharing information, but there are some people who write negative comments , insult the author and try to impose there thoughts by writing negative things. I can see Mr Arup has lot of questions regarding your identity, mr ali is completely sure that you had filed cases against your husband and inlaws as if he was your lawyer, and i don't want to comment about tajobindia, because he is one who is full of sarcasm , Then madam anshul is very famous for her negative posts, fights and comments , you will get to know about all these people if you wish to continue with this forum. So don't mind there words, they are frustrated , and thats the reason they think all woman are fake and file false cases.

@ Tajobindia- What is your point ??? India is a democratic country and everybody has the right to speak and express freely, Even if you are an active member of SIFF , who gave you this right to speak to a young girl this way, you are trying to bully and make her afraid about legal things, so that she shut her mouth and sits back. Infact its you and mr ARUP to provoke her to write or pin point about your so called SIFF, otherwise she had just discussed about influential people, but You people couldn't digest that she has mentioned SIFF. she has every right to do that. Infact anybody has right to share his/her experience and that person can express freely . We all say that indian judiciary is very slow and lacks lot of things, and thats the reason KASAB will be appealing again to court ( regarding death sentence) so we all say lot of things, that doesn't mean that we will be served notices that we said it.  Today prasan has raised voice , you serve her a legal notice and you will see thousands of other females will raise voice against SIFF and AIMPF. Then what will you do. You cannot shut anybody's mouth by serving legal notices.

And mr ali - you are saying that this girl is not bechari as she now she replied that she will accept the notice and will take action. So what do expect mr ali, a girl will keep crying and won't dare to utter a word, because men like you will crush her.  Obviously she is hurt and Mr tajobindia provoked her, so its good that she replied and took it strongly. She has not replied you at all, and ignoring your disgusting comments , because she is mature not a ill logical fool like you.

Prasan you should not get afraid about anything. When you have the truth with you , no matter what don't let anybody to crush you.  Its high time woman have to stand strong for themselves. Don't let anyone to insult you like this way.

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I am very very impressed with you Lekha.


I am sure Prasenjeet will be soothed by your comforting words.


Please keep writing and comforting people here who need help.


Hats off to you once again!




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Lekha (working)     26 February 2011

Men dictatorship won't work now.   You cannot abuse , or doubt woman this way.

Its wrong that you people keep writing that all woman files false cases, specially you mr arup. till now you have never ever believed any woman and her case or sufferings. You have always raised doubts and negative questions. Same goes for avnish, and manjit kalra etc.....

Iam sorry to say but such kind of negative attitude attracts troubles and cases, may false cases aswell. Because nobody likes to get insulted this way. 

You people have made a joke here, whomsoever shares her story, you people jump and attack her badly so that next time she doesn't dares to write anything.

But i will request all the females , make yourself strong and don't digest injustice or insult this way.

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Lekha (working)     26 February 2011

Thankyou verymuch Meenal ji.....we are todays females, we should support eachother strongly. Infact iam very happy to see your post aswell. 

We need to support eachother, the time has come. We cannot let others to shut our mouth and bare sufferings this way .  We will never accept insult this way.

Iam astonished with this person Tajobindia- how can he write this way and doubt a person, and he is talking about notice, as if we are all fakes and fools.  

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Few days back,notice threats were also given openly to Mr. Prabhakar here by the same team


He also acted boldly and gave his address publically.After that no nore threats were made to him.


The thread also got deleted by admin,but I still have those posts saved.

Lekha (working)     26 February 2011

What can we do there are some shameless people on this site, who think they are strong and have got rights to bully others, but we should aways revert them back with a strong way.  I know Mr Prabhakar dealt with it strongly, i had read his comments. And i respect him for that.

These shameless people are full of negativity and they insult others who dare to open their mouth on this forum, and later they claim that they are suffering that there wives have filed false cases, arre if they have got such kind of attitude then its pretty clear that why there wives have filed cases.

NO wife has such hobby, due to regular insults, negative actions anybody gets depressed and annoyed and then the outcome is also negative.   People who deal with maturity doesn't get such cases

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     26 February 2011

@ Lekha

I donot see any need to bully her and any other present and future female members here. Refer to all my posts did I ever bully anyone of any gender I gave my opinion in all posts – agree well enough fine donot agree then why come to me I am not here for extending a social network to a male and or to a female you all may be here for that which shows from this post very well and why should I tell her to shut up read my paras again !

I stand by my first comment to her that THERE IS NO MIL IN CHANDIGARH / MOHALI / PANCHKULA of SIFF victim members whose as per her she mentions their actual names and or any of its sister organistation in P & H State and we donot allow any female victim in SIFF and SIFF is 100% MEN's RIGHTS ORG.

Any issue to both of you understanding this simple TRUTH !!!!!!!!

She may write anything even for SIFF and for / against any body of any gender but all untried issues of FACTS needs collaboration and thus once she wrote about two names of SIFF victims in P & H State I personally checked from all active and dormant victims members list in above three locations and stated what I mentioned earlier and I stand by it.

This is a legal family law forum for legal knowledge sharing and not a social networking forum to give a shoulder here and another there. A lady has legal problem state those facts a ld. subject expert will reply as per his / her own legal capacity and not unnecessarily instigating on third party name which is not even relevant to LCI. SIFF is not LCI and vice and versa is also poles apart so what was the point to malign SIFF in LCI without any factual matrix just some chuskibazi of some ex wife!!

You (generic) ask a legal que. you will get legal answers with Codes / Acts / Citations, beyond that if you means any one of you ladies are looking for empathy then better to start your own BBS board instead of pouring umpteen posts on 'asking for a shoulder' in perfect tense and then shouting what type of forum is this LCI?.

Telling about past stories in legal forum which is contributed by ld. Advocates for general public help on “questions of Law” is not the right way to use such legal forums is my opinion. Disagree 100% to agree this last sentence I am not here to seek a gold medal for that from you!

Kindly don't ever mix me with any other writer / author.  Each authors / writers have their view points. You want a straight answer on various Laws from me just seek that from me by writing to me directly then agree or disagree is your issue and least I can agree is to correct myself which on several occasions I do, that too, as legal knowledge is such a vast subject inspite of some 8 years of practice in trail court to apex court lots of re-learning on Law points I also do, like so many of my other fellow Ld. Advocates here in LCI so bottom line if you rope me in any discussion be straight forward minus sentiments and emotions just because law does not work on sentiments and emotions (period) carry them to your social networking websites.  

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yodha (Consultant)     26 February 2011

>> Re:Re Re Re SIFF member inlaws ruined my life so don t trust them

Ha ha... People ruin their own lives... and then blame why SIFF members did not stop them from ruining their lives!

Jaisa karo, vaisa bharo...

SIFF rocks :-)   It will rock your world too.  Believe it, there is no escape from truth.



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