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SIFF member(inlaws) ruined my life,so don't trust them.

Page no : 2


Arup jee she only said that mother inlaw is from SIFF.


The story is only about her tormention by inlaws and husband,not by SIFF.


Tomorrow if anyone is harassed by a doctor mum-in-law or husband who works in ABC hospital, and that wife writes here,that doesn't mean that she's defaming ABC hospital

Also,she is not saying that SIFF harassed her.


Understand the difference

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     25 February 2011

ARUP ji is right.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 February 2011

SIFF member(inlaws) ruined my life,so don't trust them.   

that was the heading of her story.

i have gone through the whole story of her.

in one side she attacked the MIL on the other hand she imposed the failure over SIFF. there was no connection with her & SIFF. then how SIFF responsible for her matrimonial failure. there was a remote connection with siff & her mil. therefore siff responsible?


she should understand the interlink to be established in the story.

however we gused that, which team made this story and for what purpose?


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     25 February 2011

@ detective arup


u "guessed" who made this story?


or u "proved" it?

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 February 2011


she should understand the interlink to be established in the story.

zimmerzapper (student)     25 February 2011

Originally posted by :Meenal Bahadur
Males usually forget an argument they have had,unless it culminated into a physical fight.

Usually men make fun out of fun,which is acceptable to his friend also who may be liking it.In other words they like this "masti" which is usually for time pass,leg pulling and fun.


But I am talking mainly of females who make fun,taunt,comment other females because she disagreed over something,her dress is not so hep,her English is not so good,her hairstyle is funny,or she is too shy type.

Their favourite TP for such females is either direct bullying or else back stabbing.S


ame habit is carried on when they become mother inlaws or sister in;aws.


If females are so generous,why do women on LCI complain the maximum about their MILs,sis-in-laws etc?


There hardly any complaints against the father inlaws and brother inlaws.And if they are complained against,it's also stated that these men act in provocation by MILs and SILs.


Just observe this




dear meenal, you don't know men's world. so don't just go around saying men indulge in it for fun, etc. even those things injure males severely and


men do indulge in these kind of activities for same reasons females do.


"But I am talking mainly of females who make fun,taunt,comment other females because she disagreed over something,her dress is not so hep,her English is not so good,her hairstyle is funny,or she is too shy type."


what will you do if tommorow your sons comes and complaints about a similar thing? i'd be traumatized if  i were your son and you didn't take it seriously. i think it'd be better if i leave it at this...

zimmerzapper (student)     25 February 2011

Originally posted by :Arup

she should understand the interlink to be established in the story.

if you believe this account to be false. don't you think you are giving her tips to write a believable story?

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 February 2011

yes the story should be acceptable to an analytical mind.

otherwise the purpose failed.

Prasanjeet (working)     26 February 2011

Mr arup ji-  IAM THE AUTHOR, u are not able to believe this story, no problem sir. All this didn't happened with you, so you cannot understand all this. Before marriage we just knew that my inlaws are into some NGO , samaj seva etc, what is SIFF basically we didn't knew. Once all this happened and after that when my inlaws had threatened us, my father asked what is this SIFF, is it a woman cell, and that time we got to know that it is not related to that. 

I narrated my story not to clarrify anything, but i just want to say one things that people who are influential are into woman sell, SIFF etc they themselves ill treat there daughter in laws.

In the beginning only i said that its my real name, so if you wish you can go and ask in mohali, and in court. moreover i have written the names of my husband n brother in law, so if you want you can get the detailed information and analyse as much as you can.

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Prasanjeet (working)     26 February 2011

Mr arup its sad that being so old you didn't understand the agony and sufferings, instead you are thinking that this is what kind of story. Actually sir its my life , my pain, it an be a gossip or a story on which you want to analyse and discuss but for me its my life , my sufferings.

Unfortunate you must be a rich lawyer or something, so you are busy analysing things.

And its okay, you didn't understand or relate with my story but others did, so its not a prob.  You are a man so i cannot expect from you.

MEENAL ji - ur post is very very true, this is actual truth what you hv written.

N thanx zimmer

Prasanjeet (working)     26 February 2011

And its not about defaming SIFF, iam just saying that its better not to marry these days if these NGO , or SIFF people or normal mother in laws and husbands are such cunning and dominating.  This is my point .

My inlaws are active members of SIFF so i mentioned SIFF, if they were into something else or someother NGO i would have wrote that name.   Please read carefull, i have written sab dikhawa hai & drama hai.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

almost every one of this perticular section (family) has some story, including myself.

i am not talking about mil but as she is member of siff, therefore siff will be blamed - not acceptable.

how siff ruining the matrimoial life of the heroin?

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     26 February 2011

@ Prasanjeet

I am one of the active Men's Activists attached to SIFF almost right from its inception and no bones apart your story is a lie as now it will give you a heart attack to know from me that we don't have any MIL active of any SIFF's member(s) (past/present) in Chandigarh and moreover Mohali / Panchkulla victims of either gender are coming to Chandigarh chapter and not Mohali for any kind of help !

Second after last years SIF National Men''s Meet (Aug. 2010) at Yarcud (Karnataka) one of the victim's MIL started local chapter of All India MIL Protection Forum https://www.aimpf.org/about/ at Chandigarh that is sometime in fag end of 2010 which does not match with your opening page stories……...

I personally checked with both chapter heads and no victim by the name of Ekjot / Gurjot ever came to us for any help in Chandigarh chapter and since  https://www.aimpf.org/about/ local chapter at Chandigarh started just couple of months back your story to malign SIFF may we take as defamation be warned ?

I leave this choice to you lady. If you donot respond to this reply in 48 hrs. I will be bound to serve a Notice on our NGO letter head to you and give you 14 days to respond. Hire your best lawyer now………….

I think you are the same women of one of our local activist who caused a ruckus by organizing a Press Conference locally some months back ! Do you want me to dig your entire DNA tell me? just whistle I will put your entire histrionics in open forum.

I know exactly how to serve Notice via Internet Forums so either you take back your words or explain your real identities here and receive help from writers it is as simple as that.



Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

" Today marriage is not a like " Jeevan bhar ka vasta". Marriage is like " Jail ka rasta" from the side of wife."

   --     ha...  ha...  ha...

several members commented in this manner.

" So Please this is personal problem dont create it as GENDER problem"

  -  very correct.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

ms author,

you already divorced with that man, then what is the cause to bring the story in public? to defame the siff?

in such cases the effected person try for further settlement. wish you to have a new family.

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