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Mental torture for stopping wife from cooking non-veg

My mother had stopped my wife from cooking non-veg food in our home. She claims that as mental torture. We are pure vegetarian and non alcoholic. My wife had kept it hidden from is that she drinks socially and eats non-veg. I would like to raise this point as fraud and cruelty. Can any expert let me know if it would make sense to raise this point to save my mother from my wife's accusation?


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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     25 April 2014

tell her to stop all the habits which she has before marriage like non veg as in your home no one is happy with this do not be harsh in discussing such issues but if your talk to her and say about it she may agree 

HIRAL THAKKAR (ADVOCATE )     25 April 2014

make this fact known to your fellows as well as well strategize your self by collecting evidence that shall be helpful to you in future.


Ranee....... (NA)     25 April 2014

arrange temporary kitchen for her when she wants to cook non-veg...it is not so easy to leave non veg at once who is used to it.I don't think this question is to be discussed in legal forum.

great india (manager)     25 April 2014

Ranee is partly right. U can ask her to go out n eat. If she drinks..... Collect evidence. Will help in future


My wife has mentioned in divorce petition that she was not allowed to cook or eat non veg food at home and it has caused mental torture to her.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     01 June 2014

I rarely advise action against wife.  Your case is different.


she has no right to hurt religious sentiments of the family.  It she who has committed torture.

On the contrary FIR should have been registered against her.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     02 June 2014

@ Heera he never said that his wife is preparing seperate kitchen.  A family cannot be compelled to shed religious sentiments simply because she has entered their family who cannot survive without N/Veg.


You are talking that Brahnims secretely eat non-veg against it is secretly


Anyway hurtiung religious sentiments openly amounts to cruelity.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     02 June 2014

I have disagreed with view of Heera (fully)


that does not mean that i also agree to the humiliating and damaging  words used for her.


Its not an issue of veg and non veg... its an issue of an egoist woman who is not homely or a family girl who could atleast bind the culture and tradition of a vegetarian family.

The confinement against non veg in a vegetarian family is quite natural. Any mother in law or elders of that family who following such culture would naturally make restrictions to avoid such practices inside the home and that could not be termed as mental cruelty.

Suppose if that woman's mother would have restricted her not to have non veg inside her home, then definitely she would have followed her rules and regulations but its a bad luck of society that todays girl are hampering their own marital homes. They are so selfish that they never like whole family of husband includding his own old parents who are elder most member of the family.

Its very pity that this tiny issue would be later converted into 498a if that woman would be arrogant and selfish. This is the truth which going across india. 

Due to women inherited laws like 498a and dva these kind of woman have came out with flying colours to misuse of such laws.

Here, i would say to heera that don't gauge each creature with same dimension. India is a vast country carrying diversity of cultures and tradition. Every person should respect their own family ethics if they are not in nuclear or individual family leaving their old parents.

A woman is such who binds the family with love, care and some sort of sacrifise and definitely in lieu of that she gets the place of an ideal daughter in law with much more praises and affections.

But, sad to note that in this threads query the author has clearly mentioned that his in laws have supressed the facts about her wife that she is non vegetarian and boozer.


Try to solve this issue through family efforts and mediations even though she is not eager to continue then this marital dispute would errupt like volcano leaving lava in both of their lifes.

Be ready for the consequences....

" A woman makes a home and the same woman destroys the same home"


Good luck,



Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     03 June 2014

members of all caste can have vegetarianism as a religious belief.


In my opinion, you cannotstop yr wife from eating non-veg...but you canfile Petition for decree of Nullity on the ground of cheating i f u hv strong proof

hema (law officer)     04 June 2014

@Heera,  haven't heard that "bhains ke samne bin bajana".  Spare your energy.   Better for you to note:

1.  Taking birth in our country as a girl is itself a sin and brings a lot of sorrow to parents till marriage and in-laws and husbands after marriage.  So, most of the wise indians stopped to continue that sin and kill the girl child in embryo itself.

2.  Law says that dowry givers cannot be prosecuted, but here menfolk go on harp "if dowry taking is offence, dowry giving also offence" and first punish the dowry givers.  This is like bribe takers say that bribe giving is offence and first punish the bribe givers.  Every one knows that without bribe giving things cannot be done in India, like in most part of the country, without giving dowry, marriages cannot occur.

3.  Even dowry Act passed in 1961. twenty years after, the greedy husbands and inlaws atrocities reached to such a peak, Section 498-A had to be introduced.  Now see the cacophony, to repeal that Act.

4.  Law has never said that husband's house is matrimonial home. Even then, in the name of customs and culture, wife has been forced to do all those illegal things, which Act has not mandated:

a.  She has to severe relation with her parents totally and start to love in-laws just like her parents and brother-in-law just like her brother and so on and so forth.  She has to change her food habits and sleeping habits and her hobbies and adopt a new life according to husband and in-laws' wish.  IF SHE WAS NON-VEGETARIAN TILL MARRIAGE, SHE HAD TO ABANDON HER HABIT AND ADOPT HUSBAND'S HABITS, AS IT WOULD (READ SUDHIR KUMAR'S COMMENTS) HURT THE RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS.  WIFE SHOULD NOT HAVE HER SENTIMENTS.  AS PER HIM, HUSBAND NEED NOT TO RESPECT HER SENTIMENT AND LIKINGS AND DISLIKINGS. (HE THINKS HIMSELF AS PRO-WOMAN ADVISOR).

5.  Now, husband wants divorce, what does he say in the court:

(a)  She does not respect my parents (He does not need to respect her parents)

(b) She does not do domestic work as a good wife (He does not share the domestic chores, even though wife is a working woman, she has to do domestic work, as his mother is old and cannot do that work.  He forgets to share the work)

(c) She does not bring up MY (my in bold letters, as if she were not have any thing with it) children and want their custody, so that the child can get father's love and parental grandparents love)

(d)  She without assigning reason continuously refuse s*x (you see, marriage without s*x is futile thing and husband  is entitled to divorce, if wife refuses s*x).  You have to believe him what he says.  He does not say after drinking like fish he forces upon her and uses foul language during s*xual act.  Despite it is difficult to prove, he harps that she is denying the s*x.

(e)  She is snooping in my mobile and hacking my email and face book.  In the next post, he himself comes out to say, that he found several smses in her mobile proving her adultery and he also by chance got her password and found objectionable matter in her e-mail.  He conveniently forgets that he is doing the same illegal thing which he is alleging about his wife.




I respect everyone's view. Please understand that changing society is onething and legal battle is another. I have my wife's matrimonial bio-data which she sent via e-mail to start conversation. It is clearly mentioned in her profile that she is vegetarian. After marriage, I come to know that she likes non-veg food most of the times so I told her to go ahead and eat in the restaurant and I do not mind seating next to her as my colleagues also eat non-veg during lunch it is no big deal for me. But at home no one can tolerate non veg it doesn't matter if someone is brahmin or not. My parents accepted her eating habits and told her to eat outside home. She agreed earlier but later she insisted on preparing non veg food at home for which my mother objected. We didn't want to bring this issue in court but she has mentioned that as cruelty so we have to reply back. I hope everyone understands that I prefer equality in law not biased law. If I am guilty I should be punished and same should be for female too. 


I thought to refrain myself from giving my opinions on two highly sophisticated ladies who are here to be called as ablaas...whose comments are so much biased and baseless that I felt to do so...

Hema jii, I need an answer from you

A/t  your reply iam seeking some insight from you which time and again you are misunderstanding yourself..

1. Do girls parents have only that guy to marry her daughter who ask dowry? Do other men on earth had died that her parents have to marry with that dowry seeker only?

In india dowry is same as bribe,

Let me explain how:

Suppose a person walks in an office for his desired work and he needs to complete his work without any hindrance so he put some bundles under the table to the concerned officer without even asking by that officer.

Now, in the same way a girls parents walk into boys house and even without a say they themselves gives a proposal of lacks of money for their daughter so that they would become tension free after giving kanyadan.

Here, the dowry is a readymade component for every girls parents they never say no as thay are always ready to pay.

I say why the hell they are bent to pay dowry and marry that leachers only.

2. What do you think ...killing baby girls during embryo is done by male or female?

Madam jii, a female is killed by female only.

Majority of woman needs male child and if they found that they are carrying a girl then from day one only they become so dull and anxious that they want to or they literally kills that girl child. This is the truth.

Now, whose fault is that You make your answers now.


Heera jii,

As per your biased thoughts it reflects that in india every man should be hanged to till death..

Because nothing is left for men now as every laws and support are in favour of women only then what you need now. 

Only option is left ..to be a slave of women or you should be hanged to death.

Or indirectly the biased judiciary will kill them by making them wanderers around courts and giving harrasments without any suffice.

I endorse the point that either judiciary should be fast to decide the cases if they have to carry these one sided laws or parliament should have to make equal laws so that every human should be equal in the eyes of law.

I say if a men has really done a cruelty to his wife then give him rigorous punishments but not then same punishment should be given to that greedy and unscrupulous wife.

No escape and imunity should be provided in terms of gender discriminations.

But, no....

india is crying for only woman..jidhar dekho sirf auraton ke takleef hi dikhayi deti hai but mard to jaise iss country me hai hi nai..unhe toh koi takleef hai hi nai.

Wah re kanoon aur wah re kanoon banane wale.




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