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23 October 2019


24 October 2019

Knowledge is to share NOT to store
Knowledge is power and knowledgable persons cannot be avoided
Dr. Vedula Gopinath Arbitrator

Guest (Expert)
24 October 2019

@ Dr. Vedula Gopinath,
Of course, knowledge is meant to be shared, but only the real knowledge, NOT the junk ideas, which most of the so called experts, having no knowledge about the subject matter, prefer to give in response to the queries of the members. That is harmful to the interests of the distressed querists. It has also been observed that even the real experts are ridiculed on their replies by some fake experts with very shallow or twisted knowledge. Due to such irrational response from the fake experts, even the solution seeker member with problem gets confused, whether to act upon the really valuable advice of an expert or not.

It is only due to all such things, I was compelled to stop responding to the queries of the members. I am still receiving emails with queries on daily basis from this site, but I prefer to delete the mails even without opening them at most of the occasions.

You would also have observed, a few years back this website used to be fully populated with plenty of queries and replies from several experts. But now a days, just a few queries with answers of one or two experts are found to be appearing on the website. Even some queries go without any answer from the experts. The popularity of this site has gone so down that no really knowledgeable expert prefers to respond to queries appearing on this site only due to domination by some fake experts.

It is up to the administrator of the website to scan and shunt out such type of fake experts, if he is really interested that only the real knowledge.is shared among the members. Due to inaction by the admin, like me, most of the knowledgeable experts have stopped responding to the queries of the members. Only poor quality of contents are visible in most of the cases on this site.

Hemant AgarwalOnline (Expert)
24 October 2019

1. You can prefer to LEAVE this Forum and/or IGNORE the Experts and FAKE people who ask nuisance queries.

2. IF there is a God anywhere, THEN ask him to bless you with Knowledge or whatever you are looking for !

shyam lalOnline (Querist)
24 October 2019

hemant agarwal.. wonder full advice... when you find God kindly What's ap....

P. Venu Online (Expert)
24 October 2019

Most of the experts have been making the best efforts in giving replies/suggestions which could be useful to the queriests and adds value to the discussions. Law and its procedures is an ocean and an expert has his/her limitations. May be there are shortcomings too, that is humane.

As regards to the allegations of of Mr.Shyam lal, he has posted a number of queries during the past one month. Most of the queries were short of material facts with out mentioning the context. It is inevitable that the experts could not give definite suggestions.

May be those queries are not real-time, but just riddles to test this forum.

shyam lalOnline (Querist)
24 October 2019

so be it Mr. venue. if one has to take your point of view.. then do not call your self EXPERTS.. having limited knowledge. just shows your government teacher attitude. can not answer beyond syllabus

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