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Abul Kalam   16 December 2023 at 23:39

Government jobs aspirant

my 10th marksheet has no space between my first name and surname but in other documents have space in my name.it will effect my selection in government jobs?
please tell me

Anonymous   15 November 2023 at 17:57

Related to the passing year.

Dear sir/madam
I had given D.EL.ED.(Two year course, session 2017-2019) fourth (Final) semester exam in November 2019.My final result declared on 06 February 2020.My Final marksheet issued in 2020.
I want to know that what would be my passing year?

Wasim Alam   08 November 2023 at 10:16

Difference in obc and ebc, and how to make obc certificate?

Hello i am from Bihar, I have a caste certificate, my father said that it's a OBC caste certificate, but the title on certificate says that it's certificate for EBC(Economic Backward classes) but on the certificate it's written that i belong to a ___ caste hence verifying that i am from EBC, can you explain me whether is it a EBC or OBC certificate or are they both same? Also please guide me how to make a fresh OBC caste certificate

kadvi baat   17 October 2023 at 00:29

College not returning certificates

one of my friend sister want to take admission in p-pharma so for that u need to register on DTE (Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State) after that a college was allotted and she lock her seat for that u need to pay 1000rs and original certificates to college she worked in same college . so first a college authority who handles admission process so that guy told her your we r doing ur admission through againts CAP but he did not tell she needs pay any fees but now my friends dont want to take admission and cancel her seat but now college authorities asking for 1lakh for returning original certificate but why she needs to pay that amount when she didn't take admission to that college not filled any admission forms to take admission college but college authorities saying ur admission has already done and for canceling it u need to pay 1lakh we visited today as they asks us to come to college to talk but know one helped us just telling us college owners is not in college to today so come tomorrow so we talked to principle of that college but he also telling same thing that admission is done but how can its possible without filling any college form ur admission done we asked them to show Acknowledgement letter so he is saying that he will shown in front of college owner and one of his college employee saying he is strong political connection and very powerful men so pls dont dont any argument give what ever money they r asking and close this topic

Anonymous   13 October 2023 at 10:12

Telugu chemistry

Telugu subject is very good subject

Arhaan sodhi   05 October 2023 at 17:39

Need assistance for police verification in govt job.

In government attestation form there is a section which ask : have you ever been fined by a court of law?
Though once I had paid on spot traffic challan of rs 500 to traffic constable and challan disposed immediately. Should I tick yes or no
I also filed RTI to DOPT for the same to sought clarification but they did not provide any conclusive answer.
I just want to know if I even tick yes for these petty fines on a safe note, will it create problem for UPSC

Anonymous   21 September 2023 at 17:51

School harrassing 10 year old child

my son studied in kerala till std 4 and joined st johns international school hrbr this year in class 5. They use a book called xseed and its new to my child.. inspite of that he never got help and the teachers just rush through the chapters and hardly teaches anything and their notes have a lot of grammatical mistakes and they want all the boys to cut their hair so short that they look like jail inmates... in failing to do so they get 10 laps... my son was made to do it the first day he went to school after recovering from viral fever.. they did it inspite of me producing a medical certificate and his hair was not even long. everyday in school is become a torture and the teachers nor the principle is ready to talk to u only the coordinators talk and they are really bad at handling any issues... should I file a case against the school??

Anonymous   15 September 2023 at 20:12

Construction of house

As we are constructing a small room on our land so the is neighbour is complaining that you can't construct a house here but that land belongs to US and their claiming that it is illegal but it belongs to us. And on that place there is no road and passway and it is in chawl. And the neighbour which are complaining they leave far away from my house they are just jealous of us. So please give me the solution for this they are telling us that they will demolish my room

Anonymous   10 September 2023 at 10:44

Unfair means

I am debartted in pg M.Sc 2nd sem
so for appling for government on the basis on my gradutation. in the application for they asked for
If your are debarted in college examination . what should say yes/no.

Deepamaruthi maruthi   25 August 2023 at 21:31

Name change

I have changed my name in gazzete, Currently I am having my school, ug and pg degree certificates in old name.i got offer to study in abroad will they accept my old certificates and can I study with my new name in abroad or else I have to change the names in all previous certificates?
Kindly do help