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Uchit Dhammy   15 January 2020

wrong signature on cheque

Who is liable for cheque issued by private limited company with false signature. What are the provision available under non negotiable instrument act if party files case in court under NI act section 138 and 141?


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Siddhartha Kundoo   30 January 2020

Respected Sir,

Refer to the  National Commissions (NC) judgment in the case of United Commercial Bank v/s Mahendra Popatlal Vora [II-1995(1)CPR 242].


Siddhartha Kundoo 

technologytdy   31 January 2020

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Eastereerrz   24 February 2020

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Joy Bose   25 February 2020


In this case the company is liable and they will be punishable under section 141 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, appropriate actions will be taken by the court according to the section 141.

Joy Bose


sanjuneez   27 February 2020

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incometaxx   20 March 2020


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williamlawrance   15 May 2020

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raja saini   06 June 2020

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prestigedecanter   20 January 2021

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