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AS   13 August 2015

Wrong decision of conviction

Hi All,

I Got married in Aug,2011 and now 498A,406,506 are going on in lower court in Haryana and PW1,2,3 are completed.(Total 15 Witness.

Case is completely Bogus- Things i feel which judge need to consider are:-

1. Fake bill of 24 Tola Gold ( Plain written on white Paper  without any VAT or Sale Tax Number)

2. In 161 CRPC and during investigation , Police did not took wintess of Shopkepper who has given that Bill.

3. No MLC by Girl

4. Girl father have huge home lone on his head from long time, then how can he pay dowry.

5. PW1 Girl , PW2 Brother , PW3 formal Police have done lots of improvements in chief.

6. It is prooved in black and White in Cross examination that girl has lied many times.Lots of contradictions in the Statements by PW1 Girl , PW2 Brother .PW1-Girl stated in cross I dont have MLC as i did not went to DR after my husbad tried to kill me.But PW2-Brother stated in cross that I took my sister to DR and we have MLC also After I(Husband) tried to kill her.

7. And many more such contradictions in statements . Like PW3 formal Police stated that recovery has been done from my house on 9nd floor , where as my house is on 3rd floor.


But Still judge is favouring that girl in small small application( not sure Why) , Passing illegal orders against me , Against which i am appeling in Session/High  court and getting right decisions in my favour.


Now my question is if judge can also give wrong decision of conviction , Which i know i can fight and win in Session court , But if this will happens then  i will loose my Job till i prove my innocense in Session court.How to avoid this situation?









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Why would the Judge act blindly favouring her and convict U.He will conclude only as peer the Investigation Report,valid witnesses and other evidences from both the sides. Convicted in the lower court,and appeal in the sessions court is not 100% relief for the accused,the chances are only 50%.

puja saxena (private practice)     13 August 2015

You have ample of time chief of witnesses are going on cross them well. You also reply to her applications and put your case before court in writing it will help you in present or in future

puja saxena (private practice)     13 August 2015

You have ample of time chief of witnesses are going on cross them well. You also reply to her applications and put your case before court in writing it will help you in present or in future

AS   14 August 2015

ok let me put this way ? . lower court Judge is corrupted or Girl side is using political infulence ,

So i have strong doubt that he will pass illegal conviction order against me.

What is solution?

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     14 August 2015

Please File Perjury now agansts each contradiction in PW1, PW2, . . . . 

Complain aganist the judge to the cheaf justice of that court and transfer it to other court (Sec 24 of CPC).


Please read each of my posts carefully in the following links for sample petitions and other necessary clues.

Sudhir Kumar (Retd Govt Officer)     16 August 2015

try to follwo advise of Mr Rocky Smith.

Harry (SERVICE)     16 August 2015

I also have the same opinion from lower court you will not get acquital I am also covincted unnecessarily without any valid proof or evidence. You have to reach either supreme court or high court. I am now fighting in high court.

DAULAT DILBAUG (Problems related to money marriage     16 August 2015

Perjury is text book solution it does ont work in courts. Read Judgments on perjury of APEX COURT.


Court works on records . You are explaining faults on public web site but it seems your advocate is not able to use them poperly in courts.


Fake gold bills or week financial position can be simply brought on record by leading questions and judge will have to put them in record.


Go through the cases where there are acquitals which are many in each court.

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     17 August 2015



You show me the judgment of Apex Court. 

Have you go through Jessica Lal perjury case ? It is the best example of Perjury.

Today the entire judiciary system (made by corrupted political and driven by corrupted advocates and judges) itself is a text book solution is not it? 



Dear Friends, 

Please don't listen to any seducers. Please use your analytical brain and google it up.

Biswanath Roy (Advocate)     18 August 2015

At the time of cross examination of  P.W.-1, P.W.-2, and P.W.-3  let your Advocate cross witnesses in such a manner so that contradiction of their statements can come up automatically and can be recoded by the court in writing, if the judge refuses to record such contradiction then submit an application before the Chief Judge for transferring the case to some other Bench for the ends of justice and complaining BIASNESS of the Judge.  At the time of argument also file a written argument highlighting the contradictions made by the complainant and her witnesses.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     24 August 2015

You have stated that the case is under trial but also have stated that the judge has given some judgments against you for which you have appealed before the sessions court and got favorable orders, but have not stated what they are?

Well since you have brought out the contradictions on record, you may be rest assured about the results. In my opinion the contradictions you have noted are not very serious in nature  which can make an impact to set you free of the charges  levelled against you. But it depends on how you will be able to establish serious contradictions during cross examination because this will help you during appeal if at all you are convicted in the lower court. .

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