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Problems related to money

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  Member Since : 02 September 2011  (New Mumbai)

People get trapped with money lenders, NBFC s , Banks since they borrow money in the hope of furture profits which never come. Interest multiply by compounding and by the time you understand it goes beyond your capacity to repay.


So you such seek expert advice from first day if you want to come out of such problems. First you have not paid to your creditors and now you seek cheap legal aid so you get double whammy. We assist you to get out of such problems easily and surely.





Understand  the power of compounding. If you pay TWO PERCENT  per month on your capital it will appreciate =

1) Ten times in ten years.

2) Hundred times in twenty years and further ten times in next ten years . It will go on and on.

The banks and NBFC s earn in that proportion and you do not. Learn to plan your finances so that  you are not trapped in power of compounding.

Similar problems in marriage matters. The laws are complex and so if proper defense is not take it becomes life time cancer.

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