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Raj (xyz)     06 January 2014

Wifeaffairs - proof gmail(webcam screen)

Hi Friends,

 Recently I caught my Wife with her Lover on Gmail(WebCam).

She Removed her Clothes for him on Webcam Both wer Enjoying the Act.

Due to Spy Software Installation I was able to get Screen Shot of her Revealing Clothes.

I send this Picture to her Family to convince them for Mutual Divorce.

But they are not Ready Unless I pay Big Amount to her.

They say i won;t able to prove court and they deny the Pictures.

I met couple of lawyers they all said Proof is good

When My Lawyers sent her Notice ...

Wife Replied on a Piece of Paper" any Wrong doing and says she can't afford lawyer to Fight.

Two Question to Forum Friends

1)  How Solid is my Proof Will I get Divorced based on that Proof

     (Pictures where she Reveal herself by Removing Upper body  cloth) 

2)  Wife Replied to my Lawyer Notice denying everything fake and she does not have to Afford a Lawyer.

    ( What will happen now when Wife says she can't Afford Laywer...? can we still put case on her..


Pls Comment/Advice.






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fighting for my brother (HR)     06 January 2014

i am not lawyer... but i think that you has full right to get divorce on above said proofs..

you just file divorce case .. she has to appear in court

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Raj (xyz)     06 January 2014


Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     06 January 2014

if you will prove that she had sh own her upper body portion to her boy friend for enjoying this act and only for that she had open her cloths then it is an excellent proof which shows her cruelty upon you as well as her character , keep it in its original form it can be taken as electronic proof u/s 65B of indian evidence act as it is admissible in the court , if she is not afford to engage a lawyer for her then court will provide her lawyer u/s 304 crpc which is free of cost .
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ram sharma (Software Engineer)     06 January 2014

if both the boy friend and she is clearly seen in the video then definitely this is a good proof... otherwise not... infact in other case if only she is seen then you might be in great difficulty of showing her video publically..


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Raj (xyz)     07 January 2014

Yes Ram.

Both are Clearly Seen in Pictures and Enjoying the moment eachother



Raj (xyz)     07 January 2014

Thanks Joshi Sir!!

I Appreciate your Reply!!



Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     07 January 2014

if the other lawyers says that the video clip is good and can fight to what extent your case is strong 

your wife says it is fake means only to be divorced you may have fabricated her face 

first try to convince them for mutual divorce , if they does not accept then go for divorce 

and if they demand huge amount try to negotiate with some midiator of their family members who are close to you and dont handover the amount till you get final decree of divorce if they agree for mutual divorce

as the court accepts the video clip if your wife difend it saying that it is a fake and the case will take more time may be it is a good evidence for you  

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ram sharma (Software Engineer)     07 January 2014

That is good proof then....

ram sharma (Software Engineer)     07 January 2014

That is good proof then.... Also is she currently staying with u or not?????? and if not then put divorce case on video ground as an evidence and this will help u in future because she might be getting ready to put false 498a and other cases on u. so better to use this proof and put divorce case. then as u initiate then it will be advantage to u as she put counter to your cases...

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Raj (xyz)     08 January 2014


She is not Currently staying with me. We have Two Kids(staying with her). We have Completed 9 Years of Marriage

But still she did this Affairs and Webcam shame...

We were Trying to convince her and family for last 18 Months for Mutual Divorce Quietly.

Both Kids Financial responsbilty myself Ready to take No Issue with that.

But She is Admant about her Money Part.  she wants Huge Amount Just for herself as part of Mutual Divorce

Now After 18 Months Failing to Convince sent Notice via lawyer that too no effect on her.

So as you Rightly said  will sent Court Notice for Divorce shortly

Never thought Myself ever will be in this situation.....



Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     08 January 2014

the situation i can understand at what phase you are right now 

i was stressing for mutual divorce because which will complete in limited period and if you go for divorce then it take years to get decree 

and about your kids i dont know the age but if they are above 5 years then you can file for custody of the kids and by this point you can raise the less amount for her to get divorce from her means you can say that you have to see the kids and to her some alimony only 

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abhi.nahi.to.kabhi.nahi (IT Head)     07 June 2014

You do have a ground for divorce and if the same stands as a concrete evidence in the court for adultery, then no maintenance for your wife, however you will still need to pay for child support.

Whose laptop was it? yours or her's on which you installed the spy software [i think a keylogger]. Cyber Crime hun????

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     07 June 2014

if you have both in the clips then sure shot divorce  else she will say that she removed her clothes for you as you wanted her to be pictured that way.You are a p*rn addict who watches p*rn 24/7 and your forced her to do that way to get your testosterone raging  and now blackmailng her to post the clip online forcing her to do immoral things

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     07 June 2014

you are in a lucky situation my friend... though the situation is bad... many do not have such live proofs though their wives are living in adultery. Don't curse your situation.

You will get divorce and all her afterthought cases will have no bearings.

You may or may not get custody of the child till they attain a certain age though your lawyer may well argue.. what will be the future of the children staying with such a mother .. today it is webcam tomorrow it  may be real.The court may take the point that though she was a unfaithful wife there is no proof of her not being a good mother.

She will all of a sudden show her motherly affection , bringing the children in torn clothes, her self shabbily dressed to seek maintenance for her kids ,seek a home for them ... indirectly try to eke herself a free livelihood.She will say have mercy on my innocent kids.The court invariably will look into this and grant atleast 10000-20000 monthly to your 2 kids.She will enjoy the money and in the same vein poison your children's mind against you.

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