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Gautam Kapoor
IT professional Studying

About me

  Member Since : 01 February 2014  (Hyderabad )

Coming from a very humble family background.I was taught the importance of education,hard work and moral values to grow up in life.The journey began from information technology to international banking,quant and  having travelled 17 countries to the unexpected cruel world of DV,498 and MC in India.

To a person who constantly tried his best to update his IT skills these laws were completely new and its intrinsic bias towards a particular gender even more baffling.

Having suffered almost two years (my parents, my brothers,my sister in laws all suffering), I knew how important it was  to study law and make my time accountable while parallely fighting for justice.

Hats off to LCI and all the sufferers in this forum who are indeed turning out to be real saviours.

DISCLAIMER -  Opinion expressed by me in this forum is provided free of cost without any strings attached, without carrying any bias or malice towards anyone living or dead,but opined in the members best interest.The opinion expressed by me in this forum should not be construed as valid legal advise in any way.You are well advised/cautioned to follow up with your respective counsel and take a judicious and learned decision acquainting yourself on the prevailing laws,respective sections and basing your actions accordingly.

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