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test singh (xyz)     25 March 2012

Want divorce

Hello sir,

I am recently married in gzb and came to know about my wife and i did not heared about her affair but i came to know after seeing her chats in mail. where she has committed to her boy friend that she will give first baby from him. and she did it . now i am very frsutrated but i did not tell this matter to anybody and trying to gather evidance against her. and so i want to know what is the safe process to get divorce from him. current stage is:

i gave some contrceptive pills and will not plan any baby in future

right now i am having only her chats (are these chats are valid evidance in court)

what other evidance will be solid for the divore it was just 2nd month of my married life.

i heared from some one that i can not get divorce less than 1 year so i am planning to make this matter confidential. also i am worried that in such situation usually girls`s family file case for like rape,attampt to murder, dowry etc tec. but this marrige happen without dowry and currently i talking to her very lovingly so that she dont doubt on me so please suggest very safe method and also suggest the evidances so i acn arrange them.can i record our phone conversation where she will be speaking that this marrige happen withot dowry , i m very happy, etc etc. and will this recording can be use in courte if they will file dowry case , attampt to murder etc etc.


about smoaking,no gutka,paan,bidi,supari,even kabhi ladki se baat tak nahi ki sir apni ma bahen ko chhod ke itne tight hai meri family wale...

main apna favriote hua karta tha aaj sucide ki naubat aa gayi hai... service bhi kar raha hun private..ghar mein sabki jimmedari hai bhan, bhai ki shadi bhi karni hai... please help me.................. 


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Pooja_____ (HR)     25 March 2012

 How can you believe the chat? Should collect more data before deciding anything.

test singh (xyz)     25 March 2012

sir that is not one day chat that is more than a year and after marrige as well..and please suggest the data jo ek dum pakke hon. sir main usa mein hun and ek maihine se fir wo pregnent kaise ho gayi ab is baat ka kanha se laaon proof but it is truth

test singh (xyz)     25 March 2012

sir yanha na koi meri sunne wala na koi samjhane wala pagal ho gaya hun ro ro ke....sucide ki naubat tak aa gayi hai

Pooja_____ (HR)     25 March 2012

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No petition for divorce can be filed before one year has passed from the date of marriage except in a case where the conduct of the other spouse has caused extreme hardship to the petitioner. That being said, if she already had child from another man at the time of your marriage to her, and this fact was concealed from you, it is a ground on which the marriage can be declared a nullity. The petition to that effect has to be filed within a year from marriage. If the evidence in your possession is conclusive, you may file for nullity on this ground.

Don't rush into filing for it though. She has a lot in her arsenal which certainly includes dowry and 498-A. Record every conversation you have with her or her family members which can prove that the marriage was without dowry. Get it out of her mouth that no dowry was exchanged..Once you have sufficient evidence to guard yourself against a possible dowry case, go for the kill.


Ashish Davessar




Yours is a complicated case, I suggest involvement of elders to get this issue resolved.
Let respectable elders from your family meet your wifes family and discuss this issue and try to get some resolutions.
Anyways since you have recently married, there are 2 options,

First is i have already shared and 2nd option is to go for Annulment of marriage but again thats not an easy thing to do in our gender biased society where laws are in favour of b*tches.

Option No. 2 is a hard step and will lead to lot of hardships bcs as a counter blast your wife can file all the false cases against you to harass you.....

Go for option 1 and ensure that the issue gets resolved with elder family members.

Now the question, why you are the one who is a teetotaler and suffering, the answer lies in our Karmic theory.

You never know what bad karmas you did in this life or previous life, You have to pay for that and it is your wife in this life for your payback.

Stay cool, do meditation and listen to religious songs to gain peace of mind..

God bless you.


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