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Adv. Yogen Kakade (+ 91 9225510883)     11 December 2015

Salman khan acquittted

Salman Khan has been acquitted of all charges in Hit and run case.

So many of the Lawyers were surprised with this.. 

But especially the media had given such coverage of this news that out of most of the debates... I was really wondering  whether Salman Khan was an accused in this case or he was a victim?


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Anil Upadhyay (Lawyer)     11 December 2015

That is surprising that at one stage, he was not able to convince courts for Bail or in other words his position was not strong in the case. Within some months abruptly his position became strong in this case and he is acquitted.


That's the power??????


Only one aspect saved him to get convicted"INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO PROVE HIM GUILTY"


For one minute even if we assume he was not driving. he sure was inside car and as owner he is supposed to be responsible for accident. the laws are faulty. owner must face punishment. if any vehicle meets accdient and kills or permanenelty injures any one, besdies usual compensation under insurance and torts, the owner should also go for atleast 2 years imprisonment alongwith driver.

Secodly who as driving and what about punishment to him?


FightForCause (Businessman)     11 December 2015


What do u mean that owner should get punishment of 2 years?

this way all car rentals company owners will never be out of jail. The owner should be liable to compensate as it's his property who did the damage but imprisonment is too much to ask.




Gentlemen,let the discussion be restricted as to why Salman Khan was acquited.


Salman was acquitted  Because

1. The eye witnesses changed their evidence and supressed truth

2. There were discrepancies in statements

3. SOME ONE ELSE SAID HE WAS DRIVING CAR . But hehas not been punished in hisn place

4. Salman flied kitewith PM candidate

5. He has lot of money and glamor

6. Our winess recrdjg system suits Lord Rama age. Not todays world. Wihtin 72 hours of crime woitness statements should be recorded before district attorney and a independent citizen and viudeo made too. No change should be permitted. Only cross exmaination

If this is done conviction rate will go up to 80% and many witneses will save their life.


Fightfor cause. Owner when in car has duty to prevent driverfrom driving rash or in drucken state. hence he is guilty of abetment of crime. The taxi owners arenot supposed to giev carto any one to drive without check and  giving rigid instruction rgarding driving. This accidenmt was casued beacsue of:
Salamn was driving

he was drunk

he was overspeeding and lost control at a turning road

it wa slate night and he was tired

people were sleeping on foot path which itself is illegal.


Do you remember Jaspal Bhatti dies in punjab as his son too was tired and driving at high speed in late night hours and lostreflex control for a momnent.he banged car a tree/.Unless we make people accoutnable for rash/negligent /drunken driving inclduing ba dmaintenanceof vehicle nothing is going to change. You cant kill soe one on road  unless the killed perosn had role in negligence.

Thee guys ere sleeping not on road but footpath and no one is upposed to drive or park on foot path.

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