Re-issue of passport after deportation


I was deported to India in 2010 after spending some time in jail in the US. My passport subsequently expired in May 2012 as I did not have nay plans/opportunities to travel.

I am looking to apply for a passport re-issue this month and noticed a question in the application about prior deportation.

Should I say Yes or No? 

My expired passport has no idication from ICE in the US or from Immigration authorities upon arrival in India.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated


If the column about deportation exists,then U have to certainly mention it or else U will land up in problems in future.


Thank you for your response.

What are the consequences of telling the truth? Can I be denied a passport? Would there be any mention of prior deportation on my passport?

Appreciate the response


Dear Querist,
When a deportee is deported from US,ICE do not stamp their passport,but UR passport number is added to the deportee listCBP ( Custom Border Protection) system.The reason why they don't stamp UR passport is because they are basically sending someone back who stayed illegally or is involved in any criminal activity.When U leave United states they don't stamp departure stamp, but the country where U arrive will have Ur arrival stamp,i.e Indian Stamp.


Passport is an authenticated document to prove once citizenship and status.It is a document issued by the government of india.Obtaining passport by fraudulency will invite criminal liabilty which will culminate to imprisonment.It is most essential to reveal to the passport authorities about all the facts pertaining to your capability to obtain a passport which includes even pendency of criminal cases against you.THerefore you have to reveal the fact of deportaTION ALSO. It doesnot mean that you cannot get a passport , you can obtain it for limited number of periods than for regular durations like 10 or 20 years. 


Thank you both for the response

I intend to file the form accurately, but dont have the complete info w.r.t. deportation. The form is asking for an EC No, date of issuance tc. - none of which I have.

How can I acquire this information?


there are 3 stamps on the passport - 2 at time of leaving in 2002 and one on return in 2012 - the blue on in the attached pic no EC number anywhere


Better consult some official in the RPO,U will get the information.


Suppressing any information which are material to issuance of passport will attract punishment or rejection of the passport application itself.




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