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Fighting Back For My Life (officer)     14 October 2013

Please help to save marriage - wife left for abroad

Me and my wife staying apart since last 3 years. She has involved outside marriage at her office work with her colleague, which I honestly tried to resolve with her and her parents (my in-laws) who threatened me to end marriage and told us to stay separtely for 6 months. it got extended up to 3 years now. She is not ready to come back and has been more involved with other person. (i have e-mails proofs)

Since its a clear case of cheat/infidelity, I was not ready to give divorce and filed RCR by end of 2nd year. So divorce case was filed against me which I am contesting. She wrote in her petiton wrongly (about me holding her jewellery and other stuff), which i returned her in court during my replying filing against her petition. Even judge was surprised and diverted our case to mediation which failed too as she was not ready to resolve.

Its almost a year since case started and I have tried many efforts to meet her family and her to resolve thing outside court and get back to  save our relation, but she is adamant and always threatens me to make things more ugly and worse. She clearly admits now that she is involved outside with other guy, but puts all blame on me.

Both RCR and divorce cases are proceeding in respecting courts. however there has been recent unexpected move from her.

She has left for abroad (through her company assignment) to the same place - UK where the other guy (whom wife got involved with) has already got himsself transferred there few months back. Her family (my-in laws) are not ready to give me any information about her exact place but are blunt enough to say that, they are already agreeing to her plan to get shifted there along with that other guy and this is only to TEACH ME A LESSON AS I AM NOT READY TO AGREE AND BOW DOWN TO THEIR PRESSURE TO SIGN MUTUAL CONSENT.

Please guide me with any possibilities to make her come back as situation may got totally out of control with she being alone there freely with that other guy (both in same company) and I cant do anything.

I know you all would be thinking of me being not practical, but I really love my wife and have committed myself to her. I know she is not realizing all wrong way she has took and I want to save my marriage. It is only for this sake, I have returned everything (jewellery more than what she asked for) in front of judge just even before case started.

Your kind posssible hellp / suggestion / advice would be of invaluable for me.

Awaiting kindly your favourable help.


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I think ur not bring practical and not understanding the situation....why do u want 2 spoil ur life with a woman who doesn't love u and has an extra marital affair.....It is better to get get out of this nonsense. ..And lead ur life with somebdy who loves u..

fightingfalsecase (sw)     14 October 2013

I think, she can be punished for Bygami under some of the laws. Also support your fight against her. She's nothing but a very selfish personality and must be punished for her wrong deeds. She also has taken you for granted, hence you should seek justice via a learned advocate. Best of luck bro.

dhruv (other)     14 October 2013

No thinking .... Just divorce her ! I cannot dream u r even thinking bout RCR. hv some balls!

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     14 October 2013

@author dont be so much foolish. To win the battle of minds you have to flush emotions right away. It is simple dont chase people who are chasing other's. Come out of this wedlock this world is open to you. By the virtue you seems to be a caring husband and nothing harm that your beloved wife has done she has honestly agreed that she has an affair and want to go out of the marriage, respect her decision sit around with elders partways peacefully via MCD. Move on in life you will definitely get a good wife. Have patience marriage issues will takes its own due course. If you want to talk to me personally send me a PM with your telephone number. I am also sailing on the same boat like you and a frequent reader of LCI forum. Talk to people like Sufferer and many more in this forum you get to know the problems even more worst. Sit down invite your inlaws for further talks agree for MCD. Life is beautiful boss enjoy leave revenge, every body will be responsible for thier deeds leave test to god.

Fighting Back For My Life (officer)     14 October 2013

thanks krish,

Appreciate your kind sincere reply which is similar to my few friends and others who care for me...but i genuine need a advise at thsi point of time to bring her back from abroad - legally. i have mentioned name of that person who she has got illegally involved with in my case. can i somehow have any way / rights to bring my own wife back - who may not only doing all wrong things there but also exploiting my self respect and my individuality.

please do help me with any possible way to work on it.


thsnia again



sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     14 October 2013

The only legal option left to you now is catch them red handed whilst they are in the compromise position, with this you can file case per sec 497 but but just imagine how difficult it is. There is now law in India where you can bring back your wife from other country citing RCR and Divorce cases both are civil in nature. Now stop shopping for solution think like a man and move ahead in your life.

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     14 October 2013

Sorry this should read as no law in india typo error

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     14 October 2013

contact a lawyer personally for best advise

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 October 2013

Mr. Vijay,

you should understand one thing that even if you win RCR, the judge cannot compel your wife to live with you or cohabit with you on the basis of court order.  No law on the earth can force her to share your bed if she is not willing to do so and as per Indian law, having intercourse with wife against her wishes is also termed as 'rape'. If she has chosen another person and has opted to live with him openly defying all our social culture, how can you expect her to remain attached to you even if you forcibly bring her back to your home.  You should understand one thing that you can draw a horse to the pond but cannot make it drink water.  I think legally you have no options to bring her back, decide.


Marital rape is not a law in india as on today. So pls dont give wrong examples.


There is no fair legal remedy to your query and you may have to only use the false cases which I don't suggest. You please meet a good criminal lawyer and get his help.

In all honesty I would suggest, if you dont have kids, leave the woman and move on.

stanley (Freedom)     14 October 2013

“Romantic love is mental illness. But it’s a pleasurable one as long as the going is smooth . It’s a drug. It distorts reality, and that’s the point of it. Hence seek reality as you cant force a person to love you and stay with you .

The best option for you is to go in for divorce look out for another person in your life and maybe you may settle down and be much more happier than you were before . There is no point contesting cases in court and wasting your time and money .


I wonder with the Newton's apple as who may have got such apple or he would have ate the apple when he had found the same on his head.....;)


You would be thinking that why I have written such statement as above?????


that's good -------think??????


Because your answer lies within this only....!!!


reasoning :


1. The newton may have first ate that apple then he may have derrived the Newton's Law of Gravitation?????


2. Or first he had derrived the Law of Gravitation then he would have ate the apple with taste?????


You may be assuming the same what Iam assuming the right of the moment.


As,there is no definite answer for the above .


Hence, in your case also which is your Marital Law of gravity has been consumed first or has been waiting for consummation after derriving the marital law of Gravity i.e A marriage which has been fallen towards ground due to lack of trust,love,affection and belief.


My dear querist, As in Newton's case nobody knows the exact answer for his apple in the same way nobody knows the exact remedy for your cause of such Marital gravity.


No law or any science can help you to fix your marital problem once it has dropped and succumbed on the ground. only theoratical notes will be left after that. Here your wife is unwilling to join you,she had broken all the Zanjeers to not live with you.Then why are you burning your Blood which is unreplacable ,even great scientist of NASA or other part of the world can also not make the human bloods.


My dear victim,just leave her to her own way because she is not your destiny. Better purchase a dog instead of her who would be more loyal,trustworthy and caring than her.


It is well Said that "The more you will desire the more dreams will generate but those dreams which are practical and are real can only be fullfilled"


So leave her ,and search for a better girl and make a trio..and then square i.e..... you,your next wife,your dog and then your child...:)





You should thank your stars that she left you, here there are many a cases where husbands want wife to leave on her own, but wont. Lucky you !

Fighting Back For My Life (officer)     14 October 2013

Dear All,

Thanks a lot for your kind advice as well good concern shown towarsd my life crisis and best solution is to move on.

Well i know that, but I still want to save my marriage with only reason that i love her immensely and above all, its matter fo my self respect which has been shattered to pieces with her such act. i would try my best now onwards to gather all possible evidence, but is there any kind of rare/remote possibility to make her come back from abroad as both of them are exploring and enjoying their life and the only person who is trying to save marriage and in on right side is suffering like a fool.

please please please advise in that matter.

thank you..



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