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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     07 December 2010

Please give your choice

Please make your choice:
1. You support Feminism, 

2. You support Men's Rights Movement


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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     07 December 2010

Men's Rights Movement

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     07 December 2010

I support a balanced view , saving womens rights without harming males.

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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     07 December 2010

Hanging males will not harm them!!!!!!!!

Well, we have crossed the limit of balanced views, now we have to choose.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     07 December 2010

no they will get moksha / nirvana  , free from suffering of false dowry and false 498a .

Hanging them will be  like Jhatka unlike  Halal which happens wen u suffer from fake 498a for several years.

sikhism is against Halal

For Sikhs jhatka karna or jhatkaund refers to the instantaneous severing of the head of an animal with a single stroke of any weapon, with the underlying intention of killing the animal whilst causing it minimal suffering.

when u suffer from false dv/498a and dowry cases over several years u suffer mentally. financially and physically (Halal by ur wife) .

its better to hang all indian men instead of having them and their families suffer from fake cases over several years, at least they will not suffer halal , they will be instantly relieved by jhatka.

so just jhatka all indian males , it will free them from suffering of gender biased laws.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     07 December 2010

ha ha 

Cute conclusion Rajesh and I quote when you say "Well, we have crossed the limit of balanced views, now we have to choose." 

So there is 1 view of yours and just 1 view of Avnish and you conclude and it is something like this; 


My choice is Men's Rights Movement

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manjit kalra (system eng)     07 December 2010

i fully agree with avnish ji , all indian males should be sacrificed (JHATKA) to save millions of indian families from suffering of fake cases.

also there will be no gender biased laws required once males have been eradicated from india , and feminists can live happily forever after that IN their own world .

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I fully support with Avnish Kaur

Have a neutral view.


there should be a equilibrium on these headings.  there Should not be an imbalance


How dare one select Men'r right movement.


Have you not heard of the plight of women 20 years back ?....  no no.. 50 years... no 100 years.... I am correcting myself ... sorry 300 years back?

Woman  as you know, are becomming free birds  and  men don't like it. It is natural to demand  for female that the nest ( house) - which is maintained by men, should always be maintained - be kept in tidy condition, should be full with foods, lavishness, money  etc so that when women  return home after her flight, since she is free bird, there should be anything to worry about .

Also keeping house full of worldy things will ensure that women can take tension free flight next day .. and next .. and the day after!!!!!


ALL RISE  for FEMINISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     08 December 2010

You are right Avinash...... state must hang all men. Let the feminists enjoy. As the state is not hanging men, lakhs of men are committing suicide every year, and thereby commit crime. When they will be hanged, at least they will die without committing a crime.

Hail Feminism.

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Basanta Kumar paul (Sr Executive)     08 December 2010

Supported Men's Right Movement
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equality in true sense!!

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     08 December 2010

Feminism vs  Men's Rights Movement

difficult to answer.

i have daughters, sisters. i have to see my rights also. therefore only equilibrium position expected.

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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     09 December 2010

I am of the view that Avinash Kaur has rightly pointed out the balance view that is equality with protection.

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