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Ajay kumar (Manager)     30 April 2014

My wife wants to compromise after filling 498 a

With due respect & regard I have to say that my wife has filled 498A case on me & mother,Father,Maternal Grand father & Mami, on dated 19.11.12. After FIR police has arrested me & gone for Judicial custody for 3 months & got bail from high court & bail for other members. I used to attend all dated of court and my case is in position of framing charges.

My wife wants to compromise.

Kindly suggest.


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Raj (law)     30 April 2014

HAHA...i JUST WANT TO LAUGH...Sir I just mean it have you heard the famous idiom in Hindi..."Nau soo chuhe kha ker billi haz ko chali"....she  want to compromise as venom has been exhausted  and will collect to engulf the remaining happiness of family...she has not even felt shame of her conduct and from which face she wants to sending family members languished into jail..where was she when family members were kept in custody?? did she made effort to release you on her perosnal bond? did she came to jail premises aind met you and your family members?? did she felt pity of her conduct and made appologise for her parenst conduct in jail??  if answer of any query is yes, go for compromise...otherewise you have lost your humainity for your family members

Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     30 April 2014

Go for compromise...better for your future....

great india (manager)     30 April 2014

Hahahaha.....go for compromise...... Hilarious.... Compromise you mean mcd or cohabitation. If its cohabitation br ready for dv cases and full package of torture. Gd luck..... But if you genuinely feel cohabitation..... Ask your wife to depose before court for falsely framing your family and undergo trail and punishment .... That would meet ends of justice .... If it's affirmative....... Then you arr superb human being..... Else dv sword would soon be hanging on neck.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     30 April 2014

Many such persons have done such compromise and lived happily.


God may be kind on you. Procedure is lengthy.

Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     30 April 2014

Mr. Great India... its non of your business to comment on others comment...

please see the rules of this forum

great india (manager)     01 May 2014

Mr. Mahesh....hope you understand the meaning of a forum.... You can refer a dictionary for the same. Well this was a advise by me to the member so can you defend my advise.... Can you assure the wife wouldn't file any in near future...... I think you gettin egoistic...... N thts what we don't want on this forum...... Mark it.......FORUM

Reformist !!! (Other)     01 May 2014

Never ever go for compromise. Let her rot in courts, make her hair grey ..........and get urself acquitted by facing the trial....
Dont pay her a single penny which is her actual motive i.e. MONEY MONEY.....
Let her lick your toes for this money.....make her old.

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Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     01 May 2014

Freedom of speech does not mean that you have a right to make mokary of anyones comment or reply...

Its my comment and advice...if you are not agree then its your look make your own comment... it is not your business to comment on others reply....

Sreenivas V (S/W)     01 May 2014

Hi Ajay,

In your case first you need to check how much there is truth in compromise. Actually we don't know the details on why she filed 498A, so you are the best judge here. Some times the girls will play compromise game ( when i say girls really I don't mean them also normally some bad people behind her will do all these things). So be aware again you don't fall in trap. As now your case is in framing charges they may not have any valid charges so they play game saying compromise and now get some evidences by staying with you and again back to case.

So if you feel it is a real compromise and you are also ok then go for it. Otherwise don't fall into their trap.

In case going for compromise don't stay with her untill all these cases are legally closed and make sure everything done properly so that you should not face same problem again.

Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     01 May 2014

Mr. Ajay...rightly explained by Sreenivas V. sir.


We don't no what is in her mind...

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     01 May 2014

Ifd she is offering compromise and you have also started thinking on the same line then it is clear that at least one persons (or both) you and she was guilty and has realised guilt.


You are the best judge in totality of circumstances to see if reconciliation is really possible.  If possible you can go ahead. No legal views can be expressed in this regard.

Rahul Mendiratta (na)     01 May 2014

Never ever think of bringing her back to your home. if you bring her to your home even after you and your family has been into jail for 3 months -

1. You and your family has to live with the biggest enemy.

2. She will be full of confidence and won't give a damn about you and any family members. She won't listen to anybody. Will do things the way she want. Won't work anymore.

3. You will be living always in fear of her and her past and future actions.

4. It's very likely that she will do another such case with larger implications. If another time court is reported with repeated incidents, court might not give you bail this time and your family will be spending more days in jail.

5. What is the point in living with a person who does not understand you , your pain, does not respect you and is happy when you are in deep trouble.

6. Will you be able to have love , affection for her?

yogesh (will tell you later)     01 May 2014

This is just like if some one committed murder and his close associates are making relation with them..compromise cannot be the woman has committed socail murders of not one but many of family members because she is responsible for languishing many family members into jail..we are humans live with sentiments..psychology never accepts such things..if murderer is allowed to join your family then think again t

Even from the logic point,, thei cannot be acceptable as past alwys taunts you for her misdeeds and she will never remain silent and she will exaggreagate even family trifling matters and ends up in PS


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     01 May 2014

You are the best judge in totality of circumstances to see if reconciliation is really possible.  If possible you can go ahead. No legal views can be expressed in this regard.

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