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My friend received blank papers as a legal notice.

It was a registered AD post .Both the addresses(Sender's and Receiver's) on this mail were not handwritten but printed.While contacting that advocate ,he denied sending any blank post And he also challenged us to prove that he has sent any blank mail to my friend instead he showed us the receiving signed by my friend and claimed that he has sent a valid legal notice .Now what should be done by my friend next ,please suggest keeping in mind that my friend does not  even know what type of that hypothetical legal notice is which is being claimed duly dispatched to my friend by that advocate.


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Legal Fighter (Advocate)     02 July 2010

send reply stating that its blank and ask for another copy of the same.

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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     02 July 2010

Give a legal notice by Regd. post AD to the sender and advocate(if send through an advocate) mentioning clearly that you've received blank papers in the said so called notice envelope asking the reason for the same. Keep the acknowledgment receipts that will be received properly for future.
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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     02 July 2010

its been a bad practice in a certain section.


proceed as Adv. Archana advised.

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I do agree with the views of my Ld. Friends.

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x (President)     02 July 2010

You should also file anFIR with the police against the lawyer.


Mr.President X, it is a common practice adopted by certain advocates who take print outs of legal notices and hand over the same to their clients and ask them to post. The client would have made foul play. Hence this instance may be one of its kind. No advocate will be a coward to adopt these dirty tactics. But anyway, this instance is an eyeopener for those advocates who hand over open legal notices to their clients and ask them to despatch. Where is the role of police in this to investigate against the conduct of a lawyer? Plz stop advising like this. I of late coming across more threads targeting my community as well. Plz use restraint in blindly blaming the lawyers in general. If you people cannot resist from talking ill of lawyers, plz refrain from using this noble and useful website which is doing good to several litigants irrespective of caste, creed, age, economical background. You people may open a separate website especially for criticizing Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers to your heart's content.

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Mr Gurunarayan,I am unable to understand that why should not a complaint be registered against that advocate who tried to cheat my friends and misused law.Only because he is from your lawyer community ?

And how can you say that only such malpractices are done by the clients but not by the lawyers themselves?

And if you are not a coward why you oppose attacks on your community ?

And one more things criticism is not talking ill.These are two diametrical opposite things.

And If this site is really meant for justice,it should be open for all type criticism related to not only lawyers but to judges,judgments,laws,law makers,legal practices,chartered accountants etc.

Gurunarayan ,if you people are afraid of criticism of your community better go somewhere else,esp.where there is no open criticism.

Mind you, only criticism can open new ways.

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     03 July 2010

Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress.

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

Mahatma Gandhi

Trinadha Rao (NA)     03 July 2010

This website is also been misused by some to give sweet and pleasing replies, and once a client hire him, he is taken for a ride (I a victim a that member of this site at HYD)

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DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     03 July 2010

Thanks Mr GURUNARAYARAO advocate Chennai for speaking bluntly regarding the practice of many contributors  blaming ADVOCATES ON THIS SITE.I reqeust  to support people like him  because  in frustration  advocates ARE BLAMED and ultimately hurt the whole system .



Mr Shashikumar,I totally oppose your statement here.


Can't you see that Mr. Gurunarayan 's reply has been negated by me here point to point ?


Neither you nor Mr. Gurunarayan has given ant  logic against what I have said against Mr Gurunarayan's statement.


Yes, you are right that Mr.Gurunarayan have said  everything bluntly ,everything he has said is blunt because it needs intelligence to give sharp logics.


If people can blame politicians,bureaucrats,judiciary--why not lawyers should be blamed ?




I qoute Trinadha Rao statement just above your answer " This website is also been misused by some to give sweet and pleasing replies, and once a client hire him, he is taken for a ride (I a victim a that member of this site at HYD)"


Now you would understand who is abusing this site.


And how can you say that advocates are being blamed in frustration,if someone blames some one does that mean he is blaming due to frustration ?He may be blaming full of hope that conscience of people may be awakened and something better may happen in the society ultimately helping the whole system which is rotten system right now.


I request to all my friends condemn statements as that of Mr. Shashi or Mr. Gurunarayan point  to point with sharp logic not bluntly.


Mr.Madhu's outburst against Lawyers is illogical particularly when he has not named any lawyer  who did any wrong to him. Trinada Rao has simply put it as, he is a victim of a member of this site in Hyd. Can anyone understand what he meant and whom he meant? This is only a bald allegation. If Trinada Rao is really interested to substantiate his statement, let him name the black sheep and how he was victimised.

I further say that Mr.Madhu having maintained his stand against my community, why he is still asking suggestions and advice of my community with words “…now what should be done by my friend next , please suggest…”  which is the cause for opening this thread. One side he criticises lawyers and their professional appearances for alleged rapists, murderers, etc., and on the other side he longs for our advices when it's an emergency.

We have a proverb in Tamil "we can wake up a person who is really sleeping, but not who pretends to be sleeping"

Mr.Madhu you say you are only criticizing, good I appreciate that. Critics should consider both good and bad while criticizing an act. But your statements are like damaging. When our Bar Council of India’s guide says that no lawyer should refuse to appear for anyone, your criticism against lawyers appearing for rapists, murderers, etc., is illegal and against the policy of the Bar Council of India.


Mr. Guru Narayan,when we say that politicians are corrupt,does that mean that we should particularly pin point which particular politician is corrupt.That means that most of them are corrupt OR there are two type of corrupt politicians ---one who are caught and another who are not caught yet.

When we say that Govt. employees are careless--that is of course a generalised statement but certainly having truth in itself.

When we say  Indians are not good at inventing --that is a generalised statement but certainly contains elements of truth in itself.

You state as if generalised statements have no truth or scientificality--dear me,only a certain intelligenc is needed to understand the meaning behind a general statement.

Whatsoever I have said about advocates  is from experiences of my life---I am in contact with many advocates  and none  ever asks  whether the clients are ethically wrong or right.Money not Ethics is the reason for taking up a case.

And now about Mr.Trinadha Rao--it is not necessary for him to declare the name of the wrong doer advocate--it is internet---every information should never be furnished over here.It depends upon the understanding of the writer how much information to publicize.So if Mr. Trinadha has not given the name of that particular advocate --it does not mean that what soever he has written is wrong.

Ofcourse I have critcised lawyers for advocating murderers,rapists,criminals etc but where I have said that if we can take some benefit from such people we should not take.A  poisonous snake bite can kill us but that does not mean that we should not make medicines out their poison if we can.And by the way ,my questions/discussions are not meant  for  advocates only ,they are for the peopel of all walks of life.

About criticism---did not I appreciate Gandhi Ji (An Advocate) for accepting cases on ethical bases.Why could not you see that mine stand is depricating for the advocates who have no ethical values ? Why could not you see that my stand is appreciating for advocates who have soem ethical values ?

It is upto you that you are to be guided by the rules of Bar council( if they are as you have stated) or your conscience/ethical values(as I have stated).Mine statement may be illegal(as you have stated) but not illogical.

If a hard core rapist appears at your office and says that he has just raped and killed another 15 year girl and requests to you to fight his case and save him--please tell me how you serve the humanity by proving him innocent and saving him from the clutches of law.

Yes there is proverb--"we can wake up a person who is really sleeping, but not who pretends to be sleeping"

But who is slept is yet to be decided.

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