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My friend received blank papers as a legal notice.

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DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     03 July 2010

Mr madhu you are contradicting yourself. If you feel that advocates should not represent rapist why you do not go directly to the court , to the Judge and request them to punish rapists directly. Where is the need of advocates.


Hats off Shri Shashikumarji, well said in a nutshell!



Mr. Shashi kumar,I do not feel that you even understand the meaning of contradiction.

I said and mean that Advocates should never fight to save the culprits(rapists/murderers/plunderers etc.) That means let these criminals go directly to the courts.Advocates should never accept such cases just because of money/name gain, which is the only reason generally for  advocates to accept such cases.

And  the real sufferers(who are innocent ones-like the girl who has been raped or an 70 years old  widow who has been deceived by some over claver tenant ) should be helped by every advocate even though no money is offered or a very small amount of money is offered.

This much is the need of advocates in present system.

Now tell me where you found the contradiction ?


Mr GururNarayan,Mr. ShasahiKumar has been answered,please read my answer.

And before doing Hats off first wear them.

Daksh (Student)     29 July 2010

Dear Tushar and Madhuji,

Let's go step by step

1. What is the objective of starting this thread to know about the remedy if in case somebody resorts to sending blank papers in the garb of legal notice.   I sincerely believe that you have got the most emphatic objective/subjective answer.

2.   Generalizing the whole community - for whatever reason is neither good, ethical and would serve no purpose.

Since you are pretty new to this sight better share and enjoy your views, philosophy and inputs in more cohesive, elaborate, practical and less controvercial manner.     Every body is entitled to his/her viewpoint but by way of argument and even otherwise imposition of the same is not advisable.

Best Regards


DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     29 July 2010

Well the original issue was blank papers in the envelope sent by the advocate.

Those who are advocates and conduct cross in actual practice , this gives a good opportunity to demolish the case of the opponent.

Suppose even no blank paper is sent still in many cases advocates in over confidence make mistakes for making its reference in pleadings. And in not mentioned in pleadings blank or no blank it can not be read in evidence.

I have used such simple mistakes in a big case of NI 138 at Hyderabad before MM Court and got desired reilief for the accused.

Bindu (Junior Lawyer)     30 July 2010





Bindu (Junior Lawyer)     30 July 2010

Well, sometimes we do not know the whole facts and therefore giving conclusion on the same is not desirous, we are definitely not here to help wrongdoers, but we do not know who is telling true either

WHo knows who is using tactics

madhu mittal (director)     05 September 2010

Now, after reading all above arguments, I want to state, there is also another side of subject matter,  one sends notice to another in an Envelop actually putting notice in it, but other side giving reply that he got empty envolp. My Fisrt question is what to do in this matter,  one simple answer may be "send another copy" but I want to know if therse is any other answers.  My second and most important question is what should a person sending notice do at the time of sending notice, so that after getting notice, if one denies , it can be proved that notice was sent in envelop and it is not an empty envelop, in another words how can it be proved that notice is actually sent  and it is not an emply envelop, what to do at the time of sending notice so that even if after getting notice, it is replied that envelop in an empty one (for just buying the time or whatever may be reason) , it can be proved that it is not empty one .

Nimesh Dave (General Secretary)     05 September 2010

This is sad  to read such events. But my view is different.

Whenever an envilope containing papers received from an unknown identified person, we shold received the same with putting below remark.



Nitish Banka (lawyer)     03 June 2018

Posted by: Nitish Banka  Categories: Civil Law Criminal Law 


Signatures on blank documents?

Many a times in property related transactions property dealer makes you sign on certain blank papers to do deal with prospective buyers of the property they do sweet talks and get your signatures on blank documents to be used at later stages of transaction.

If your property dealer is honest then those documents will be used to honor the deal else will lead to litigation and eventually will land you up in jail also.

Modus operandi-How the documents can be misused

If you are putting signatures on multiple documents then these documents can be used as cash receipt and can be used as agreement to sell of a property which you are intending to sell. Now if one agreement to sell and receipts are there with one person then a civil case of specific performance that is to sell the property at very low rate to intended purchaser or a suit of recovery is maintainable based on receipts in civil court.

Now if two agreement to sell and two receipts are there with two different persons with respect to same property the a criminal case of fraud is made out in such cases.

Related image

How to avoid signatures on blank documents

Insist full printed document with no blank spaces.

Take one of your witness for attestation of document.

Do not leave any space between your signatures and printed document.

Have a photocopy of whatever you have signed.

What to do if you issue blank documents to someone

Issue immediately a legal notice to other party who has taken your signatures on blank papers so you have proof.

Issue a public notice in leading newspaper so that any third party may not be able to misuse it.

File a case mandatory injunction for delivery of documents.

Stay safe and be very careful when putting signatures

saherin khan   18 December 2019

It is a very poor practice if done intentionally. You need to contact your lawyer and send the letter to another party stating specifically that you have received such a blank envelope. You must keep the acknowledgement of the notice which is sent by you as proof for future references. 

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