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legal   22 October 2016

Mental harresment


looking for precautionary steps that need to be taken from my side. 

1. Wife b*tches very thing to her mom about my bad behaviuor with extra added flavour.

2. she is taken her family on her side, through emotion like i always sought on her.

3. There family visited to my home and had quarrels, she infront of every body raised false allegation on me that i beated her and said i dont allow her to take rest.

4. She even wrote suicide notes due to mental stress i provide to her, but later i conviced her that there is no such things from my side.

5.The above things happen with in just 6 month marriage.

6. Now i am planning to take the precautionary steps just to avoid harresement to family member, as i lost trust on her and family members.

Please guide what can i do, even i am ready to apply for divorce if she doesnt obey me and continues with her behaviour.


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Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     22 October 2016

Both of you give sometime to each other andn gently  sort out  your diffferences in  personality and behaviour by gently pointing out the other spouses lapses instead of needless arguments and acrimonious fights.. Better you both visit  a counseller or a psychiatrist who will cure her suicidal tendencies through psychotherapy and medicines. If none of these things work return her Stridhan and file a Mutual Consent Divorce which will be disposed of  within 6 months or  even lesser time. according  to some Suprem couert judgments.If you appreciate this answer please click the thank you button on this forum.

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legal   22 October 2016

I already told her about MCD but she say she will not give to me and if she decide she well claim the good alimony or maintenance. There family has history of more then 1 divorce as per my knowledge due to which she knows lots of trick, she do as there family say to her and dont obey me.

she is like her mom, her mom dont know how to speak, once her mom called me and ask why you took my daughter mobile (i did this, becuase she b*tches bad thing abt my family to her mom) i want to know whether she had food, u ask her and let me know, we have not sold our daughter to you.

Now i send my wife to her home when she wrote suicide notes, during conversation with her family member when i raised question why she wrote the suicide notes, is there any intention of her to drag my family member. Her family member replied, yes she might have included of those who trouble her.

sometime she even not eat food at night, if we had any arguments and say she is feeling week and do all short of drama. due to all this even my father get the mental stress & she eat only after insisting by my father.

I dont know what she is up to and their family, i sometime feel she will give more trouble if we have baby in the future.

i planning to take her in home only when she, her mom & dad signed on the written notes on stamp paper,

1. she raised false allegation that i beated her & why

2. why her mom think that my family giving trouble to her. In case if she attemp any suicide to harras my family & me. me & my family will not be responsible.

3. I am planning to permanently return her stridhan with written notes as i feel she may use that against me. because once her family took the ornament with out my & my family  knowledge, even she said returm my jwellery to me i want to take that along with me to my home.

i feel she is doing all this thing because she want to live separate with me as i am living in joint family. She want me to obey as she & their family member want.

Are u man enough? Dandam dashagunam. When wife starts behaving not like wife, it is responsibility of husband to remind her of her role. Even after repeated efforts she does not mend her ways.. Then file divorce. Agree with usha ji. Don't agree with auto.

Sachin (N.A)     22 October 2016

Repeated suicide threats ground for divorce: HC


498 A fighter (Advocate)     22 October 2016

@Ms.Usha Kapoor

if the fight is of ego then nothing will work.........

legal   23 October 2016

she and her family say that your fmaily members give trobule and thus u must stay seprate, we r in join family. wife say i will come only when u will stay seprate as ur family member have objection on our relationship. she say even i have problem with u, my life is at endanger with u.

They are again following the same trick of giving mental so that i should obey as they say and live a life as their daughter wish. 

i want to apply for divorce asap, let me know whar r the steps available to me.

1. i know she can file every false allegation which is avail, on me and my family members.

2. i dont want my family member name to be drag in the allegation.

3. i want to file for divorce at my jurisdiction, she now stay with her family which appx 350km from my home.

4. i want to get rid of her asap, i know she will not agree for MCD

Please comment

A walk alone (-)     23 October 2016

Brother be cool. Dnt take any decision in ego or anger. No one can separate you from your family. Your threat also shows that your family members had not accepted her yet. And now situation comes that you have to choose one( your family or her)? This is story of almost joint family. If one family member not accept then relationship end. So next time better marry with family members choice. Anyway Do you have any evidence which you say in your threats? Filing case is very easy hire a lawyer he will draft case and file. But do you have evidence to prove it ? Do you think you say and court will blindly believe you? Once you file divorce she will backfire you by 498a or maintenance cases.As you say "The above things happen with in just 6 month marriage" , divorce can only be file after completion of one year of marriage . So till that collect evidence then file.

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