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Lost job - do i still need to pay maintenance

Dear All,

I am fighting DV in my wife's hometown around 2500 Kms away..maintenance was ordered by the the lower court and we appealed..the order was stayed..

In the mean time I lost my job..I was asked to resign since I was not able to concentrate...

Do I still need to pay maintenace as per the order? If




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Lets say some guy is paying maintenance (DV Act) and after some months of payment he looses his does he pay maintenance if he does not get another job...

Is it mandatory to pay even if the person does not have a job?



ajay sethi (lawyer)     21 August 2011

you will hav eo move court for modification of order as you are unable to pay maintenace on account of loss of job

KNK A Learner (Learning to share)     21 August 2011

In this case, Under the Universal declaration of Human rights act , You can ask for exemption 

Please go thru the following judgement at

Jolly George Verghese & Anr vs The Bank Of Cochin on 4 February, 1980

VENKS (S)     22 August 2011

There is one Delhi High Court Judgment by Justice Dinghra which says that Unemployed man cannot be forced to pay maintenance to wife.


Thanks for all your valuable help.


Can a interim mainenance order passed by Sesssions court can be challenged in the HC? are there chances that the the court might ask me to pay some amount (20% or 30%) initially and then only I can move to high court or the whole order can be challenged without paying a single penny?

I am a victim of a false 498A and my inlaws are asking no less than 25 lacs for settlement...complete money game...they are also asking to give them flat etc I dont want to pay any money....I have also lost my job..i am now sitting at home..

Please guide to not pay a single penny to my inlaws

hema (law officer)     23 August 2011

@rohit verma,

In some other post you were shouting at house tops that a wife who seeks maintenance is none but prostitute. Then say the same thing before the court  and ask the court to give permission not to deal with the prostitute.  And tell to all of us the results of your outbursts in the court. 

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How  childish you sound.  !!! 


Let me take a leaf out of your line of argument and ask you same question. .


You  know that your  boy friend/husband  F*cks you. Will you tell in all forum  and friends that  he  F*cks you?


Or better you , say the same in all forum and report back what people said to you?


Think before you show your though level.  It is simple to reply at  your level.  when you come with some well thought out point ... you make people take notice .. other wise you know......

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 August 2011

@ Author

Option 1: If Hon'ble HC puts a condition as assumed then reason it out well in your favor to hear case on merit.
Remember: The Letter from office should be a pure "termination letter" and not mere releiving letter !

I subscribe to two re. quoted by the other two writers.

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Where you had been...Long time no everything ok ;)

Normally no company gives you termination letter....even if you do blunder....for your career's sake ..they will ask you to resign.




Bro...dont just give in...we all got the right to fight !!

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 August 2011

@ Rocky...

  I have seen with few boys from Delhi such termination letters that also from their S/w jobs.
The key word is 'right contact at right places"
BTW, nothing is impossible..................... in art of denying maintenance under family law cases.........
Off topic: Was busy with prior professional commitments before HC n SC on just few cases in hand.

Originally posted by :Rohit Verma
@ hema....court deals with all kinds of people...who are you to decide with whom to deal or with whome  not to deal? are you the one who makes laws in our country? who the f**k are you....? Are you the chief justice of India...This country has freedom of speech and I will shout whatever I wish to...

You are a foolish have not read my post properly...and also impatient...who has no patience to read some lines with proper did you pass your exams....did you cheat or have a false degree.... I have said all women who file false complaints and ask for maintenance...not the one who are really in trouble and in need of money....if she really needs money... I have no objection in paying..but if she tried extortion.. I shall pee on her...and this is what she deserves and all the women who file false complaints deserve....

I would again repeat that these people are prostitutes..and will remain prostitutes...

You have lost your mental balance.Leave this public forum and go for treatment.


@Rohit Verma

If you use this type of language in future then you definetely deleted from LCI.

Thats Sure.

My words is for caution.




Keep your words and mouth in check, who are you to say that a Rohit should keep his words in check? Haved you donned a role of moral police here.


And a morale police who turns a blind eye to instigator? By the way did you read the post from Hema  and utpala before commenting?


Are you are   ***** for them?  Stop brokering here and mind your business.  This is a public forum and you are just another member.


So would you stop threatening other members. Mr self appointed moderator?


If Kushan is brokering ,then what you are doing here for Rohit???????????

Who are brokering for what check once.

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