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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     10 January 2013

Is legalising prostitution in india the right way 2 stop rapes?

so many times i have read and heard people recommending that india legalise prostitution in order to reduce no. of rape incidents.but i have my own reservations on this, due to reasons as listed under:

if you legalise prostitution in india,married men will go to prostitutes and leave their wife,and maybe sick child,old parent etc at home.this will cause more domestic disputes,more cases of domestic violence being reported in courts by these ignored women,and so on.

now you may say that dissatisfied men go to prostitutes and so their wives must satisfy them so that they dont go elsewhere.but i know that many men want variety in life,even if their wife is pleasing them daily.

the way many men destroy their marriages by overspending on alcohol,they may now overspend enough on prostitutes and make their marriages even more hellish.

so how does this solution really help anyone,esp. the legally wedded wives of such men?

secondly,incidences of STDs (s*xually transmitted diseases) will increase amongst such men who take these services..as such private hospitals are damn costly for the common man and govt. hospitals are not so well equipped in india to handle increased cases of STDs which may arise.

so is that the real solution to reduce rape cases,that you encourage married men especially to do immoral acts so that they dont go around raping others?


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R.K Nanda (Advocate)     10 January 2013


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Anil Agrawal (Retired)     10 January 2013

What is the relationship between prostitution and rape? When a toddler is raped, where does prostitution come in? Some call is jungle raj. Some call it kangaroo court. But whether we like it or not, we need Saudi Arabian kind of laws for this sort of crime.

Nina Rakheja (unhappily married)     11 January 2013

No, visiting prostitutes is a need for some men, but rape is outburst of sick mind of some men.Every rape victiom is not a prostitute.


@ anil & roshni, i agree if it happens but dnt say only married man is rapist & will go in prostitutes. Secondly do u know well aware of saudi arabia law- a woman is liable to be punished if she files a false rape case & a woman can only go with husband or brother outside. In india mostly woman can be seen with boyfriends. In other country & indian woman thinks that even being wrong she should be right in sympathy bcoz she well knows how she can cry.....also see what mahesh bhatt said.....!

kapil dev aggarwal (Senior Partner)     21 April 2013

You are wrong on everything even STD. Germany has safe prostitution because it is legal. There is very very little STD. Prostitutes insist on condoms, flings do not. By comparison America is an STD trap (illegal prostitution hookup culture). Any maritial disputes caused by a disparage in s*x drive are solved by a brief visit to the brothel. There is far less rape, only the men whom enjoy the dominance part of rape still engage in rape.

Also if there is no legal prostitution, there will be illegal prostitution. So you make the situtation even worse, because illegal prostitutes are under the control of criminal gangs, whom might force them to offer service without condom and any safety.

kapil dev aggarwal (Senior Partner)     21 April 2013

Basically, rapists in India are more likely to be s*x deprived, rather than psychopaths, perverts or fetishists.

Sex deprivation leads them the wrong path, and they commit rape for they couldn't control their desires.

If prostitution was actually legalized, there is a 50% chance it would decrease incidents of rape in India along with the rate of human s*x trafficking.

Certain laws regarding prostitution will also have to be regulated to ensure the plan doesn't backfire.

Prostitutes should also be consenting adults who have willingly joined a "legal" brothel.

On the topic of married men leaving their wives for having s*x with prostitutes, If the men actually do that, then they have no right to be married to that woman. The women, who have lost their husbands, might have lost their financial income, but with a better gain, losing their unfaithful scum of a husband. They can always remarry, or work for themselves. Its not the fault of prostitution.

STD's being transferred depend on the laws regulated for legalizing prostitution. They can setup centres near brothels to ensure that neither the customers or the prostitutes cause a problem.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     14 August 2016

As long as we allow our hormones to take the better of us, or  control our brain, both prostitution and rapes will exist in the society. Rapes or Prostitution can not be eradicated by Laws, just like Liquor Prohibitions.

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