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abc (owner)     20 October 2010



I married to a woman 6 years back and having 2 kids, from day one she behaved differently and i thought things will settle right, now the situation became out of hands, she always suspect that my parents and sister are provoking me to deal hard with her, we were used to live all together earlier including my sisters family, she created lot of drama and emotional stress when we were together, infact neither my parents nor my sister did not said anything about her any time, they always wanted us to live peaceful family but this woman always think in different angle and she wanted to live separately.

This was a painful decision for me and looking to the worse situation my mother forced me to stay separately so that atleast we can lead a peaceful life, but it was not, for few days things were fine and after that again its the same situation that she feels that still they are provoking me not to talk to her and to treat her badly, she does not want me to go to parents or to see them at all, this i could not bear and always we used to have arguments, in such atmosphere even kids are becoming stubborn and have no discipline.

I am a business man and can not lead a regualr time table life, i spoke to her parents and i did not got any help they say that i married to her and so now its my responsiblity and they have nothing to do with that, so i dont understand how to deal with this situation, i dont want to loose my kids, if i loose her thats fine, i already got vexed with such life and can not see any green life in future.

In such situation is there any way that i get a divorce from her and the right to have kids with me. Not only that she is having mental disturbances and i suggested her to seek doctors help but she blatantly refuse for that by saying she is not mad so i can not take her to doctor also.

Please somebody help me to get out of this mess, i really dont understand what i have to do, because of this i am loosing my business too which i built from scratch and with my sweat and blood.
Thanks and Regards


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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     20 October 2010

I think she wanted a husband who works 10 to 5 and spends his time with family.but it is not possible wi th the businessman.  Take tour along with your family, there you convince her  and say your difficulty. She may change, inspite of it she didn't turn up there is no wrong to go for divorce, but whatever fact you have said does not attracts the grounds for divorce.


meet an expert lawyer in person. divorce is possible in all situations.

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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     20 October 2010

As Rajoo sir said, your situation does not fit in any of the grounds available for getting divorce. So, it is obvious that a lawyer has to create a picture wherein it fits into any ground as Ms. Sony said..   :)


But right to have kids with you will be a different petition other than divorce and court will decide its stand on whichever side is suitable for the child. 

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If you don't gave her gold daily and earhquake orgasms on an hourly basis. 2. Yor mom/family is over possesive about you. 3. Your tongue doesn't operate swiftly.


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rachit shringi (Student)     21 October 2010


I think Mr. Rajeev is saying correct and you should take your family for a tour to attain a peace of mind as per his suggestion..All the best..



Look this is not the first case that we see today or tomorrow.

I have seen one case in which wife came to court only because his husband don’t to give enough time to her.

Wife has to live in reality not live in serials like telecasted in TV channels.


Now when analysis your case  ,you have said my mother forced me to stay separately so that atleast we can lead a peaceful life.

she always suspect that my parents and sister are provoking me to deal hard with her

Now you live  separately but still she feels that they are provoking me not to talk to her and to treat her badly.

Now this shows her mental behavior and don’t go for divorce as she have some mental problem so get her with doctor not a lawyer .As it’s curable.

As you said that  for few days things were fine and after that again its the same situation .so, get her to doctor .At this tome she requires your mental support.

valentine (Advocate)     25 October 2010

If divorces are granted at the drop of the hat, the institution of marriage would collapse. Businessman or not should have been thought about before marriage. Now it is too late. But there is a solution to every situation. In this case, I thinks sympathetic approach would do wonders. Giving more time to family is very important . It is said work while you work and play while you play that's they way to be happy and gay. Every married person is duty bound to apportion time for the family. No man can afford to neglect his family's happiness or work at the cost of his family's well being. That would be foolish. Psychiatrists may help in mental problems. Frequent visits to natural resorts certainly refreshes the mind and soul. These are the fine tips to save the marriage. Divorce may not be the solution in all cases. It should be applied only in case of irretrievable breakdown of marriage.

Again custody-battle falls under another Act and hence a separate case will have to be filed. But then the children would be without the care and love of the mother which is extremely cruel.

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