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Isha Akansha (Analyst in a BPO)     10 July 2016

I m hindu girl basically, married to a muslim guy


This is my experience in my Life.Looking back to my college days, I first met this guy, who was very charming, and full of promises (which are of course all lies). I felt that yes… He is the one for me. I almost argued and lost everything for him. I ignored my family’s pain and troubles I was giving them. All I had in my mind was love and love. To marry him, I even threatened my parents, and lot more which cannot be put in words. Emotions played a major role and my parents kept quit since I were a major. I married him in against of my family (went to police station ... bla.. bla). He converted me to Islam to get married not legally but gave me a new name, saying it’s the important thing to get the support or affection of his family and also to sign in marriage paper. so our marriage according to muslim law done, that to without any of my identity. nor my name nor my father's name.. everything was false. at that time i didnt realise all such. A man came near me, made me say “khubool hain” 3 times, and gave me some papers to sign (i signed in that new name) and that’s it, he said Mubarak .. you got married. I said oh that’s all!! i didnt even know the meaning of it that time.

On the very first day my in law's started torturing me 2 to 3 months went off.. I learnt about his family. My husband didnt went for job, he has 3 sister's. His father also not going for job.. they neighter had property nor wealth but living a showful life. Oneday they will spend a lakh also another day they will even starve.. i too starved with them.. They got money from an uncle who used to come to our house, he has extra marital affair with his elder sis.. the whole family knew it they all are accepting it. First biggest shock for me!! 

The family is not good but i lived there for the only reason my love towards him. I discontinued my college and married him, I cahanged my name, I left my family, His family is my family, His friends are my friends, no money in hand everything like 1 rupee shampoo also i ve to ask my in law... very problematic life i was leading. my husband used to drink a lot.. go with friends wont return even in night few days..

I cant bear the pain, I went to police and ask me to rejoin with my family.. I rejoined but i cant leave him , so again back to the ditch i fell knowingly..

Years passed, 3 yrs after i got concieved, my parents took extra care as they did b4. He became different now he didnt appeared as when we were loving each other, now he wear that cap, having beard, dresses not good.so he bcame as a muslim elders look, meanwhile his father ran behind another women and went outside the home. my son born, and i stayed in my mom's home. he asked to return to his home after 3 months.. I was confused. I cant live with child without money , and how i ll comfort my child.. i cant c him growing in a bad family issues.. so i asked him to go for job and i ll come back i told.. He told to his parents regarding. They shouted at me as if i said a bad thing, there is no need for my son to go for job. if u want come and stay at home they told and went off. 3 yrs went i was in my mom's home i used to go to his home on festivals or any special occations, suddenly he pin pointed small small mistakes and went off from me.. Daily i used to speak, i used to update all the things gradually everything stopped he unanswered my calls.. he didnt came home months together(b4 he used to come daily, later weekly twice..and stopped all of sudden). I was confused, i took the life has it bcame. During chennai floods he came spoke asusual he said he was angry with me for no cause then he came home weekly once. another day i got a calal from his friend that my husband his cheating me.. i was shocked bcoz just b4 day he came home.. then i didnt believe him. next day i saw him when i checked his phone i saw a women's photo named her as his wife. i was shocked many photos. everything.. i was really shocked i argued and ended in saying yes from him. Then i came home.. now its almost a year over since we spoke as we were.. even for our child's bday he didnt returned. that lady he is having affair now also known to his family. she is already married and her husband is in abroad. This is my situation now.. He knocked me off saying there is no proof for our marriage since there is no identity of mine(name, father's name...). But one good thing i did when i was pregnant and went for first checkup with my in law, they told my new name but argued, fighted and i mentioned my hindu name. so in my son's birth certificate alone my name and my husband name are together legallay.. Now everything in my life is my son. my last hope is my son. 

I could not apply for ration card, passport to add my son's name as i dont have any proof nor we stay together. but he took passport filing that he is single(fake documents). Everything i met in married liffe was fake, fake people..

This is my situation now i dont know to go under muslim law for getting divorce or by wat i could be seperate from all this stress for ever..


I got married in the age of 19. Im just 25 now my life ended in full of thorns..


Please suggest me.. Please i need help.. Give me answer for my Question mark Life???????



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Isha Akansha (Analyst in a BPO)     10 July 2016

Try to add value to the discussion, with your each post.

naresh (technician)     10 July 2016

its a love jihad against hindu.a terrorist kills thousands of innocent people the same way a love jihadi terrorist destroys life of girls like you.muslim laws will nothelp you ,file a case against him for cheating and torturing you and go for mcd to get rid of that bustered and start a new life if possible with an understanding man

Vijay Raj Mahajan (Advocate)     10 July 2016

The marriage between a Hindu woman with a Muslim man without proper conversion to Muslim religion and even if a ceremony for conversion to Muslim religion done for the sake of Muslim marriage but the Hindu woman not following the Islam ever since the initial time till date, this all seems as null and void marriage in the eye of law. Coversion to another religion just for the sake of marriage is held as null and void by the Supreme Court of India.

The Family Court can under the Family Court Act pass decree of Nullity and allow the Hindu woman out of the mess she was forced in to be the Muslim man by a fraud and fake Muslim marriage.

The only valid marriage between a Hindu and Muslim can be solemnised under the Special Marriage Act,1954, which is civil marriage.

The Religous marriage between person of two different religion cannot be held valid. Only exception to this is that of a religious marriage between a Christian and an non-Christian according to Christian form of marriage under the Indian Christian Marriage Act,1872

Just leave that b*st*rd and start new life acoording to ur wish.ur lucky still your parent r living u.

ramesh   10 July 2016

dont knw y fool girls like u get trapped by muslim guys, its ur blunder mistake only, u Gave a bad name not only to ur family but hindu religion also, its time to teach him a lesson ,u can tke divorce but dont let him go so easily, file fir for cheating and show ur story to media atleast other Hindu gals get a lesson frm u.

ramesh   10 July 2016

i m nt anti to any religion but frauds like this has to kicked.dont b silent just tke action now

kilimanjaro (md)     11 July 2016

im feel very much sorry to see so much of hatred and racist comments between well educate people.

What the girl has described has even happened to muslim girl who were cheated the same way like this girl? So what would you label them ? Love safron ?

God knows the truth about what has actually happened in her life , but you guys started abusing words and talk bad about a religion instead of giving her legal forum you guys are being racist and spreading hatred .

Isha Akansha (Analyst in a BPO)     11 July 2016


Thanks to all, for ur suggestions.. I was hopeless b4. atleast now i feel far Better, knowing that there are some ways still left for me... Thanking U all once again.

kilimanjaro (md)     11 July 2016

Sister i feel sorry for you.

You literally proved that love is blind . How could you convert as a muslim just because you want to marry someone , one cant be a muslim if he or she doesnt not believe in islam. 

There are quite a few contradictions in your statement , first you stated that he was chariming and you fell for him , second thing that he tortured you  third is that he used to drink 

the contradiction and your dislikeness is this that he started wearing that cap ? having beard ? dressed not so good like an old man ?  So basically you are saying that he started praying regularly growing a beard like how muslims do and wearing long shirt like how most of the elderly muslims wear ?   This is suppose to be good and respected that he is praying and being nice , and not drinking ? and again you said he started having relationship witth another lady ?

its like he was good and then bad and then good and then bad again ? u know what i mean exactly ?

i do not know whats the facts , you must be knowing it better than anybody else.

What i see here is that you were not ready mentally to be in a muslim family ? and were not expecting such a big change suddenly.

If you are not mentally satisfied to live with this guy anymore then it really doesnt makes any sense to continue the marriage life.

Do not make any false complaints and allegation which will prolong the court cases , keep the facts straight to the point and you can proceed with the divorce if you wish too and also pray for alimony.  if you have enough proof that he has married another girl , then you can file a complaint for bigamy as well.




Originally posted by : Isha Akansha


Thanks to all, for ur suggestions.. I was hopeless b4. atleast now i feel far Better, knowing that there are some ways still left for me... Thanking U all once again.


kilimanjaro (md)     11 July 2016

Originally posted by : noname_123


Later on get convert to hindu and marry a suitable guy found by your parents. 


There is no proof that she is a muslim , She herself dont believe her self as a muslim.  if you are from chennai then reach the local jamat or call TNTJ head office in chennai and tell them that you want to get divorce and would requie their local jamat contact number and you can write a petition give it to them. As rightly mentioned by no name , court cases would only waste your time.

Adv FAMILY COURT Misra (Advocate)     11 July 2016

The best way is to take divorce & start a new life. Immature girls shud tke lesson frm ur episode.

kilimanjaro (md)     11 July 2016

well said mr. misra

you must be lucky to get back to your parents , be nice to them , there are some parents who dont entertain at all

Originally posted by : Adv FAMILY COURT Misra
The best way is to take divorce & start a new life. Immature girls shud tke lesson frm ur episode.


A walk alone (-)     13 July 2016

File divorce. Now you have learn a lesson you should think with your brain before taking big decision. Dnt believe anyone blindly. Believe in your parents. Now being a mother you also know parents can think or take decision for their child in a better way then anyone else. Once get divorce change caste forget all as bad dream. Find someone else.

Khush   13 July 2016

well, keep ur cool, talk to ur inlaws family or husband and telll them that u want divorce, try to settle things amicably. u r at a stage , making blames and counter blames will not do good to u. so only divorce is a suitable way out for you. 


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