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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     20 July 2011

Females - Are they really innocent?


The two genders are apart not based on skills but based on social responsibility. Both have peculiar pros and cons and they cant help but to live with them. On one hand, those tasks which a girl could do perfectly, a boy might not even imagine how to start and on the other hand, those tasks which a boy has a mastery on, would not even be known to a girl.


Is a girl is really equal to boy? I reasonabally feel, they are not, because they stand on different platforms which lead to different destinations. Both think differently and act differently. A girl acts defensive because she knows that being aggressive would only land her in trouble. That's why we don't see girls fighting on street or involved in petty bravado unlike boys. Girls keep their approach very humble and kind, not because they are so but because they cannot deal with the aggression as being physically inferior.


In fully developed countries like UK, US, Australia, Germany etc, girls don't bear the tag of "innocent" anymore! They have shed this tag decades ago. Have you thought why? Majority of girls do all what they dream to do and there is no social restriction (as exists in India). Why? This is because the laws have brought power to their hands. Being physically inferior they used to lack this power to choose. But the laws supporting the agenda of women liberation have given them power to deal with any and almost all situations. But ironically, the worst hit segment due to such evolving laws is "intitution of marriage". People have started to opt for live-in to save themselves from repercussions of failed marriages.


In India, we are seeing a transition which is marching us forward to the same position. Though world-wide, women are physically inferior and would remain so, but parallely they have learnt their way to gather power by way of laws. Few instance of such powers is S.376IPC (promise of marriage), S.498aIPC, DV Act, Reservation for Women, Reserved seats in public conveyances like buses, trains etc and similarly many other instances could be quoted endlessly.


Females claim they are equal yet needs maintenance as their fundamental right and they accept their inferiority only when it is beneficial to them. Else they keep on moulding and twisting their position to take personal benefit, might that be by being inferior or by lambasting males.





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himanshu harbola (Comp. Sec.)     20 July 2011

sorry but this is certainely irrelevant....

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     20 July 2011



Its not to ask any query but to speak out on a public forum to elicit comments from learned members..

Manoj Deka (proprietor)     27 July 2011

Very good Saurabh .. V, your post is like mirrore where reflect all real things.

Mehak Chawla (Student)     28 July 2011

If females claim that they are equal.....are they gettin their equal rights......
India is a male dominated society......which cannot be changed by just saying that girls are equal to boys.....
People specially males need to understand that if they dont feel that girls are equal to them then law should make them teach.......

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     28 July 2011



are they gettin their equal rights

Can you state an instance where you were not given equal right as compared to any of your male counterpart might that be for that matter your brother or friend? Also can you state what special task you do at home or outside home which a boy could not do? Parallelly it would be interesting to know what are the tasks which you would like to exchange with a boy :)


if they dont feel that girls are equal to them then law should make them teach


This is the attitude which has lead to a situation of terrorist like misuse of law. A woman who was given protection by amending laws in their favor has started to use it as a weapon to teach lesson. If the law is utilized to serve its fundamental purpose, within few years girls would be equal in society. But only owing to such misuse and teaching kind of behavour, they are different !!


You may like to answer one more question : How many girls you saw, who give away their seats in public transport to a needy boy?


Females are not equal to males and they can never be. Both belong to a very different mind-set and have different priorities. Laws have been made to bring them on same pedestal when it comes to rights and social representation however any misuse is highly condemnable !




Mehak Chawla (Student)     29 July 2011


You are asking me about instances….If girls were getting equal rights then there was no need of legislature to make laws to protect their rights or make reservations. In India, still there are women who sacrifice their rights for their brother or husband.


About special task…..I am saying girls should be treated equally not girls are better than boys. I believe there is no special work which only guys can do or gals can do. All types of work can be done by everyone.


You have not read sentence properly……I am saying law should teach lesson to only those who feel that girls are not equal to them not to those who treat them equally. Regarding misuse of law, there are many examples where law is being misused by people but government cannot stop making laws in fear of their misuse. There are examples where women may have misuse the law but there are enough instances where law could not protect or give justice to women.

I have seen girls giving seats to needy boys…but I have also seen some boys not giving seats to girls. It all depends on one’s values which differ from individual to individual.

What I am trying to say is females are made physically inferior which makes males take advantage of it and think that there are superior to them and laws are made to make them realise that women should be treated equally. If our society was not a male dominated society, there was no need to make laws protecting women’s rights.






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Manoj Deka (proprietor)     29 July 2011

only in India we have  law, seperating gender nowhere else, so what we are?  if we are so wild that a gender seperation act is utmost required then can we deserve the jan lokpall bill.

Ankit Kr Mishra (student)     16 November 2011

This question is itself a comment on the females.

As always said nobody is perfect. The innocence of a female depends on the circumstances of every case. you may find cases where a women was actually the sufferer but no remedy was awarded to her and also cases where the female took advantage of the existing laws and got an innocent person punished for an act that had never been done by him. Today there are many cases under Dowry Prohibition act, etc.

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