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I studied in Sagar MP and all in Hindi Medium. I also read Hindi literature and I not only like it but also love it.  I am here in Mumbai since 1990. Here I come across English language and same love happened with it.  Moreover, I find that English is too easy language and expresses "To the point" especially legal matters.  In day to day conversation to each other in general also it is very nice language.  Though, I do not know any other foreign language, I would like to say that English language is really deserve to be the universal language.  


Language is not only for conversation but it also expands mental level.  The English language is the most used language in the world and so opens the doors of world.  Instead of insisting for local languages if we spread awareness in illiterate and poor villagers to learn and use the English language I think they will start concerning themselves with news and will also be able to express their view on the issues which are concerned with their day to day life and their living standard will also start coming up.  It is also in our national interest as a Union of India as the people will never give attention to unnecessary clashes of religion, castism, language, regional, race, class or gender based differences.


I would like to have a ONE LANGUAGE FOR WORLD and EQUALITY IN HUMANITY and the English language can take a good part for it.


There should be no shame in accepting good things just only for the reason that someone else has invented it.  If any one language is required for entire Union of India, which can bring all the peoples of Union of India from north to south and east to west, is can be none other than the English language.  We should also remember that ENGLISH ENTERED IN INDIA AND THE KINGDOM OF SWARD BEARING RAJAs/MAHARAJAs have to go out with their sword and India became a DEMOCRATIC UNION OF INDIA which is now an educated India having Universities and other educational institutions in every field.  English language creates education and throws out illiteracy.  So, to have better Union of India it is necessary to defeat illiteracy and so if the English language accepted as the NATIONAL LANGUAGE OF UNION OF INDIA the anti-social forceswho like to keep the people illiterate for fighting with unnecessary issues of religion, caste, language, region, class, gender based discrimination etc.,  will also be defeated and people will have a more peaceful and good life.

So, please think for accepting the English language as THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF UNION OF INDIA and try to spread in people like a national language in entire area of union territory from north to south and east to west.



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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     10 January 2011

I am also Kannada medium student, but my day to day legal practice in English. In my opinion English is already accepted as universal language unofficially. It is better to adopt it as universal language. In legal field it is necessary because your cannot find any good law books in local languages. 

I support your opinion.

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Radhey (Owner)     10 January 2011

Hello Ram Ji----Sagar university  MP ---O O O --that all reminded me the Great---Osho.

Now abt English--- I too studied in Hindi  but feeel that  it is OK to express in English.

BTW--Osho too was of the same view though bad at pronouncing and grammar.





If not yet done, then plz. study Osho on Meritocracy--though hope U have already.

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English language leads towards Meritocracy.


Dear Tushar (Radhey for LCI), Whenever I had time during classes I ever tried to go in the classroom where OSHO studied and I tried to sit on this bench or that for having any touch of that great man.  I think I have succeeded, you see how I am also opposed by so called intellectuals who teaches differences in humanity on the false basis of religion, castism, language, regional, race, class, gender etc. They are afraid of English if it become popular their business shops will be closed down like the India is now free from RAJAs/MAHARAJAs and their RAJGURUs who ever misguided the society and kept the people away from education.  Otherwise the Indian culture was around DHOTI-LOUTA-AUR CHOUPATI and TILAK-TARAJOO-AUR TALWAR.

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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     10 January 2011

I do not understand a bit of the dialogue between Ramsamudre DRF and Radhey. I do not know anything about OSHO either.

 I came to Mumbai [then Bombay] for the first time in 1950 and more or less Mumbai is my home since 1952.  I am from Kerala and my knowledge of Hindi was very little, though I had passed the first examination of Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha. I was thinking that they would be speaking  Marathi in then Bombay.

 In Bombay first I went to college and then entered job. In college as also in job I could very well carry on with English only. But whenever I moved around in the city I found that I needed Hindi and not Marathi. It is so even to this day though the policeman will speak only Marathi. In job also I needed Hindi when communicating with workers and I found workers from South India including Tamilnadu were speaking Hindi. They did not know English.

For many years I found the knowledge of English was sufficient to live in Mumbai. But things have gradually changed. Now I find whenever I receive a phone call the person on the other side speaks Hindi. When I make a phone call the person on the other side does not understand if I do not speak Hindi. At work also nowadays even engineers, who studied through English Medium are comfortable with Hindi only.

 Let us not decide or break our heads on which language should be common language in India. Let the language that merits use finds its own place. I mean “Meritocracy”.

 As for Mr. Rajiv the legal language of India under the Constitution is English and not any other language. In case of any conflict in interpretation between an Indian Language version and English version, the latter shall prevail. As a lawyer Mr. Rajiv should have already known this





Dear Mr. Ramani, Acharya Rajnish is alias OSHO.  You may find his books on every Book Stall very popular and best seller at AH Wheeler Book Stalls at Railway Stations easily available.  His every word is unbeatable.  Please go through at once. 

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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     12 January 2011

Oh! Rajnesh. Was he the same person, who had a sprawling Ashram somewhere in USA with so many cars and private planes? I think he was arrested under some criminal charge. I remember seeing his picture handcuffed and chained. Later I suppose he negotiated a deal with the police or the law department of USA and came back to India for good. Film star Vinod Khanna also was his deciple. I believe the same person is the one whom you refer to as OSHO. What is the connection between OSHO and English?

Originally posted by :MPS RAMANI
Oh! Rajnesh. Was he the same person, who had a sprawling Ashram somewhere in USA with so many cars and private planes? I think he was arrested under some criminal charge. I remember seeing his picture handcuffed and chained. Later I suppose he negotiated a deal with the police or the law department of USA and came back to India for good. Film star Vinod Khanna also was his deciple. I believe the same person is the one whom you refer to as OSHO. What is the connection between OSHO and English?

You have made me smiling dear Mr. Ramani and may Mr. Tushar also be smiling.


Mr. Ramani, where is a task you here establishing a connection between OSHO and English? Anyways...


Mr. Tushar (Radhey) only said that reference of Sagar MP reminded him for OSHO since he also studied there also in Hindi medium and his voice reached around the world while using the English language. Please see a quote below;


"Words have never failed so eloquently as when describing Osho as a man who has used more words than any man in history to communicate that which is beyond words.

OSHO is the next big leap in human consciousness ofter Gautam Buddha. In fact, Osho has gone beyond Gautam Buddha by giving rebirth to the entire spiritual heritage of mankind.

In Osho, his lovers have tasted the real thing." - Kamlesh Pandey


Not only Mr. Kamlesh Pandey but many people have such opinion regarding Osho including myself and Mr. Tushar.  And yes, everyone has own eyes and mind to see the thing as seen from their own focus and view.

The task here is not to establish a connection between Osho and English so please review the initial post of this thread.



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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     12 January 2011

I followed the thread only in my previous posting except for my first two sentences. In America they speak and use English only. One would think they need not worry about any other language. But they learn, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese etc. Now they have started Chinese too. One of my friends, who was studying in USA was required to learn a foreign language as part of the curriculum. He jocularly told one of his American colleagues that he would learn Tamil [his mother-tongue]. The American colleague shot back "do you call it a language?". Such would have been his views about Hindi too, though not about Chinese.

In the year 1600 when Queen Elisabeth I gave charter to the East India Company their intention was not to conquer India and it was not for another 150 years, in other words, until the time of their great-great-great grandchildren. In 1600 India was a greater economic power than England. Technologically they had an edge as they could cross oceans in their wooden vessels. From 15th century onwards Europe started growing rapidly. Still in 1600 they were behind India and mind you they were not a democracy either.

When Europe suddenly started progressing it started expanding to cover the whole world. Then rest of the world also started progressing though at a slower pace but for Japan. Science, Technology, Democracy, Human Rights are recent and not specifically brought by the British. It is in the very nature of human civilizations one cannot take without giving. The journey of Britain to democracy was long and gradual and even in the 20th century they had not fully developed. India became politically a democracy suddenly in 1947, though the process had started much earlier.

What I want to say is that India, Britain and rest of the world started progressing together though the Asian countries were at a slower pace. Now in the 20th century they have started catching up.

As for the Maharajas, they have come back after the British left, though their appearance   and rules of the game are now different.

As I said in the beginning let language find its own place.





"As I said in the beginning let landuage find its own place."


Everyone will be agreed to you Mr. Ramani for this and I am too.


But I will not pull back the time backward to 100 century.  Let the world become ONE and united. 

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Sorry, 100 century typed wrongly, please read it as 1600 century.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     13 January 2011

yes english can be our  national language, we are progressing in  many areas over china becoz of our edge in this field. more so english has clear precise meaningful and good legal vocubulary.

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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     13 January 2011

 Dear Ramsamudre DRF

 What is this 1600 century? Do you mean 160000 years backwards?  What exactly happened 160000 years ago?

 After the rebellion in Tamilnadu in 1965, Government of India is making no serious efforts to make Hindi an all India language. Of course all Central Government Departments and Public Sector Undertakings are bilingual officially. As English also is used, those who do not know Hindi ignore the Hindi Section. May be some Hindi knowing persons also, except Mulayam Singh Yadav, read the English section only. All State Governments, where Hindi in not the spoken language, are also bilingual and they use the State Language and English, not Hindi. Once then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed the UN in Hindi. A considerable amount was spent for simultaneous translation into the UN languages.  The argument was when so many other languages are recognized by the UN, why not Hindi too, which has more speakers than some of the UN languages. It is something like permanent seat in the Security Council. When President Clinton addressed Indian Parliament, Mulayam Singh Yadav wanted Vajpayee should address the Parliament in Hindi. Vajpayee obliged. Karunanidhi, then an NDA ally, was sour. Those are just politics for voter consumption.

 In the 19th century Karl Marx preached Socialism and then Communism. He even prophesied that the world was moving in that direction. Many, including our own great Jawaharlal Nehru were excited, though the industrialized West almost ignored it. Ultimately the 20th century was the century of socialism-communism. Even the West feared that communism will envelope the whole world. Ultimately what happened? Marxist prediction did not last even the 20th century.

 What I want to say is no one can predict in which direction the World will go, whether there will be a single World Government and English or any other language will be the only language of the World. In fact I fear, if such a thing should happen.

 We are immersed in English and we see the whole world as English. But there are many world languages and there are many countries, where the knowledge of English will be of no use. Let things move as they are, except that we should guard ourselves against those fanatics like that retired High Court judge, who ordered Marathi only should be used in consumer courts. Mercifully the order has since been stayed by the higher forum.

Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be will be. The future is not for us to see, Que Sera, Sera


The task of the thread in one line that;


Yet 5 votes have been posted here out of which 4 are in favour of English language and only one is seems against it.  That is 80% votes in favour of English language and 20% ONLY are against. 

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Yes, English is already accepted as universal language unofficially and english can be our  national language.

I agree with the fact that author said, "English is too easy language and expresses "To the point" especially legal matters."

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