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Harsh (Manager)     17 April 2013

Crime patrol on sony


Crime Patrol on Sony is a great show to depict crime in our society. It is based on real life incidents.

How about preparing a 'well drafted' petition to air a dedicated episode on abuse of 498a  - and each one of us sending the same petition by Registered Post to that program manager/channel? I think it is a worthy effort. Any one of us or our learned members can draft it, both in Hindi and English.

Even if the channel recieves a 1000 petitions, they will surely think about it. We may see some results in as little as 2-3 weeks itself.

This is better than writing to the highest officials in delhi or commissioner etc. Also better than debating ourselves.

Please comment - and let us take this step asap.

Hoping for positive response.


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Harsh (Manager)     18 April 2013

Sad to see not one victim offering to join hands. While everyone is sitting and waiting for the 498a movie to be released, we could have a 1-1.5hour feature aired on Sony with some efforts. Crime Patrol is aired primetime and also repeated during day time.

May be we are thinking that the 498a movie will bring all the awareness in the nation and cure us of this disease. I dont think it is that easy.

In any case I will be writing to Sony.

Reformist !!! (Other)     21 April 2013

Yeah we shud write to Sony or Life OK 

Harsh (Manager)     22 April 2013

Thanks, send me your email id through a PM. I have the letter ready with me.

Need to print it and send it by 'Registered Post' (Indian Post) not email. Emails are just spam.

I am very confident that SET will look into this and will air something soon once they start recieving these letters.

To raise a 'common voice' - the same letter needs to be sent with no speicific details about any case.

Reformist !!! (Other)     23 April 2013

chek ur PM buddy 

Harsh (Manager)     23 April 2013

thanks, sent you the doc. I have already mailed mine through registered post.

Our media is either out of touch or doesnt want to highlight the 498a menace. Most of the programs keep talking

about 'dowry harassment' still - which is fast disappearing from our society given improved educational standards.

If each of the 498a victim  was aware of such a law before marriage - would it have helped in anyways? If there is even a small advantage also, we should make 498a a PRIMETIME issue. 

Just like women's security - everyone from the Prime Minister to the School Peon is talking about it.

Let us knock on the TV channels to SHOW WHAT WE WANT. Delhi will never do it, so let us atleast give it a try.


देखके उनदेखा करना इतना आसान नही है |
जब बच्चे बच्चे को पता चलेगा की एक लड़की शादी के बाद, अगर चाहे, तो क्या गंदगी और तबाही मचा सकती है,
तो सब अपने आप ही रास्ते पे आज़ाएगा.
फिर कोई लड़कियों को directly/simply अबला नारी नही कहेगा,  सबकुछ देखने (review the situaiton) के बाद ये तय करेंगे कि लाडकी सुचमुच में अबला है की नही. Men & Boys will suffer less. Consequently their well-wishers will suffer less.


Just facing the modern age reality/truth and change in the thought process itself is the seed - look around anywhere and everywhere, it is still missing.


If 498a was done 30 years back, and abuse is happening for over 20 years, how come even recent victims were also NOT AWARE of such a possibility in their married life? Probably because it was a a reactive approach - new victims join the old ones, but no such awareness campaign in the society.


4 page print out                           - Rs 15

Registered Post to Mumbai        - Rs 25

Petrol Cost to Post Office           - Rs 15

Your Time (30 minutes)               - <30 mins off your IPL schedule>

Impact when Common man (Young and Old, Men and Women) realize the devil we have in system                                         -  PRICELESS  !!!



498 A fighter (Advocate)     24 April 2013

just guide me how to proceed i will also write one petition and also post my story, please give me mail or addresses where to post

Harsh (Manager)     24 April 2013

please PM me your email id, I wll send you the document.

Print it, write your email id on it (you may or may not sign it) and send it by registered post.

No need to include your specific case details or change anything.

thats all.

If you want to do more, ask your friends, relatives whoever wants to help (whether they are direct 498a victims or not),  to do the same (send the letter).

There used to be a cultural program on DD i think (Surabhi) - after every episode they would get thousands and thousands of letters (postcards). They showed large number of bags full of postcards by individuals all over the nation.

Imagine if we can do the same, except we are all sending the SAME MESSAGE to wake them up and Show the reality.


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Harsh (Manager)     24 April 2013

guess what,  some program "CID" is now featuring 'Naari Raksha/नारी रक्षा' as a theme!!

You should see the determination on the face when talking about Naari Raksha.

The CID show itself lacks substance.

Very soon all channels will only talk about women, our half-brainwashed population will become fully brainwashed

and as someone wrote in another post, 'misandric'. When kids in school watch this, they automatically begin to make the same mistakes that we did... think that women are vulnerable (Abla) and nothing can harm a man. This is self-damaging and suicidal.

At this rate, dont have any hopes for your younger bros, sons, nephews  or anyone else.

Who knows, Male Foeticide may not be too far !


As a young man you face 498a (along with your father), as an old man you face 498a AGAIN along with your son.

What a joke by our elected representatives.

******************************** Kal Aaj Aur Kal ***********************************************************************

498 A fighter (Advocate)     26 April 2013

my mail id is "" also guide how to proceed and help to others.

Harsh (Manager)     26 April 2013

Aneesh, thanks. I will email you the letter, just print it, include your email id and send it by registered Post.
Address is included in the letter. No need to include your specific details, the letter mentions that you are a victim of

498a abuse.

Since you are a tutor - if you have a good student fan base, ask them to do the same. Please talk to them about such bogus and sh*tty laws. They are going to get married soon. They may also send a petition.

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     28 April 2013

Pls PM also the petetion as my inlaws harassed me from past 8 years by filing almost 50 false petetions which were proved false by the Honble courts but still those bas*ards are filing the petetions again and again.....even though iam paying monthly maintenance those b*tch and family is harassing by filing false petetions. 

i won the case in Mahila Mandali

I won the 498 , dv etc

i won in the HC against false complaints


still they are behind me and our biased laws are nothing to help me out.


Anurag (Self Employed)     28 April 2013


I am Anurag, Aged 34 and Single, After reading all your posts on 498a , I have given up the idea of getting married.

I think a preson can live without wife and children but not with out slef respect and dignity. If i ever needed a child i would adopt one and be a single father..

I would pray to god that you all get relief from sec 498 a cases.

Best of luck





498 A fighter (Advocate)     28 April 2013


sir you better beat them mercilessly so that your anger come out, then they will file no petition only the case of maar peet  will be there against you but if you beat them once then will fall under yur terror

Harsh (Manager)     28 April 2013

I agree, in India, it is the fear of the Individual and not the fear of Law that controls the mass.

These 498a ladies would never dare go against a goonda, politician or police. They all have one thing in common - they look for 'soft targets' aka modern world Gandhis.

Most disputes are settled by intimidation and show of power - rather than any fair and just thinking.

You need to show them that you can not just be Defensive, but you will get OFFENSIVE. If it doesnt hurt them, they dont mind continuing what they are doing.

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