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Hi, I am facing an issue of credit card disputed transactions way back to the year 2006. Brief history for this is depicted below. • Lost many of the cards including debit and credit cards of different banks due to pick pocket in Feb 2006 • Called up respective customer care to block the cards. • Reported stolen details including currency and cards in to respective police station. • One of the cards from standard chartered (SC) bank has been misused by unauthorized person and made purchase of around Rs. 40000 at different merchant outlets. This has been noted to me through monthly statements • Raised concerns with bank and tried to resolve the after many communications in writing and in person • The communications continued for a year or so • I kept on visiting bank with relevant documents from my side • After some time, the communications have been stopped • Meantime, I have changed rental residence due to owning a house in different area in year 2010 • Between 2007 to 2012, I have got a couple of credit cards, a housing loan and an auto loan • During 2014, I tried to transfer my housing loan from corporation bank to SBI and my loan application has been rejected due to lower credit score in CIBIL report • Upon checking CIBIL report, found that the disputed amount of SC bank has been inflated with very high amount of penalty having credit balance of 10 lacs and written off amount of Rs 67000 and it is in the name of a Shah Finalese (SF) Pvt. Ltd. • Upon checking with SC bank, they have sold this disputed account to the Shah Finalese via deed of assignment dated 9-Feb-2010 and asked me to connect with SF • Upon checking with SF, receiving vague proposals to settle it down with settlement amount ranging from 20,000 to 35,000. Every time I called them got different proposals. Currently I am not sure how to go about this. I personally know that the call was made to the customer care of SC bank within 2 hours of losing the card and didn’t used a single rupee for self. Due to a mistake of the bank, I am suffering now. Also, I don’t have any reference document in this regard at this point of time as it was a very old issue. But it is also true that it is harming my credit score unfortunately and giving different impression to the lenders. I am in very much need of your guidance about how to go with this. Please help me. Sincerely, Girish



It shall be appropriate to consult a lawyer dealing in Consumer/banking matters in person with copies of all record/docs/communications and details of calls made/received by you.

If you have not admitted the debt in last 3 years then it might have been barred by limitation and recovery can not be enforced.

Settlement is also an adverse entry and if you settle at an amount then M/s Standard Chartered Bank and M/s Saha finlease may still not cleanse your credit history and you may again be following with them ……………..and may be asked to pay the amount of say Rs.10 Lacs.

If you were not at fault then you don’t have to pay the amount of fraud hence any penultimate charges on it.

Bank is liable for any fraud/cyber fraud etc.

You may obtain an order decision from DCDRF with clear instruction to withdraw your name from CIBIL and handover you the CIBIL report with NO Future Liability and declaration that your loan taking ability shall not be affected at all in future.


There are many threads on  M/s Standard Chartered Bank and M/s Saha finlease at LCI alone.


Thanks Kumar for your valuable advice. Please let me know more about DCDRF.

DCDRF is consumer forum. YOu can read as much as you can thru internet.


Preferably proceed thru lawyer dealing in consumer/CC/Banking cases.


Meantime I had written to CIBIL about this and they marked the specific information as "disputed". Recently I have received reply from CIBIL on this as below, and I feel they are just washing their hands by asking me to connect with Shah company. I am thinking of communicating with shah company as directed and get the details in writing and then take legal help for further actions. Any suggestions? "To confirm the accuracy of the information provided in your report, we had written to the SHAHA XXXX1210 .As advised by SHAHA, we request you to write on "" for clarification on the disputed details"

It is reiterated that you may proceed further under advice of a lawyer dealing in consumer/such cases.....................................and let your lawyer advice if you should write further on your own or not.


It is almost certain that the amount shall not be reversed by Bank/Recovery agency.


Your lawyer may make you successful thru order by DCDRF.

Online discussions have its own limitations.

You have been sufficiently advised. 


Rest is upto you.



Dear Customer,

Kindly provide your contact num to assist you on this.

Please feel free to call or write to us on 8976069758/

Thanks and Regards

Customer Service

Shaha finlease Pvt Ltd.







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