A B C have purchased the complete land in one survey no.
They formed four  4 pieces of this land as EFGH
A have accupied two pieces by separate two sale deeds.
These are E & H , which are two different sides of the  land.
And the middle pieces F & G , are purchased by B & C by saledeeds.
Now we all got the compassion of the land from Highway.
Here Highway authority wrongly prepared the map with help of sub superintendent of land records, after making the joint survey as per rule & order of the competent authority.
Here they shown my both the pieses of land in the place of one piece only and at one side of the survey only. It can be seen from layouts map.
This total survey no is not a sqare . It,s all the for sides are quite different from each other.
And not parallel to each other also.
They have also shown one's field on the place of others field & so on in layouts map.
In this way due to this cronic mistake there is huge loss of Govt money. They have ignored our all the four different saledeeds
Due to which A & C are got very less compensation & occurred huge loss .
They have not called us for any survay or measurement till now or given any dacuments . They only paid amount & took possession in our absence.

 After few days I come to know the matter & hence applied for getting remaining full compensation of one remaining piece of land along with C. 
Matter heard by the land acquisition officer He calculated remaining land for acquisition wth the help survey & measurements by land record officer & sent to Highway Project Director before 3 months 
Here we contacted PD severally He told that you got a actual compensation and you will not get it . We will measure the field . He measured it also without us. And told the compensation calculated by land acquisition officer is wrong & you will get only 1/2 of it only. Or otherwise u bring two 7/12 for your two pieces. On this I contacted patwari 
 He told that u will only get one 7/12 for different two lands in one survey no. I
have given two ferfars for two different pieces.

Now tell me who is wrong in this case & whether I will get full compensation or not. And

I am a uneducated farmer . 

And also as per Highway act tell me

When once  they acquired land only from my one piece of land & paid me compensation before 1 and 1/2  yr & took possession also without our knowledge.

 Can they  adjest this already acquired land in my other piece of land & how ?
or they should give complete compensation of one piece of land ?

If CALA send the file to PD Highway for his remaining sign  & information after hearing and calculating land .Can he object here & how ? And what will be the future procedures.

Pl explain in detail Sir.

Be specific and brief for obligation of experts.

What is your locus standi / concern since you are not farmer whom you have stated to be an uneducated person ?

Unable to take examination.



Why A, B, C, D ...................? Please post the real issue, if any, in simple words.




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