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anurag_sharma (doctor)     03 December 2013

Advice needed...

Hello ,

.we married 2.5 yrs ago.The story is long but let me keep it short and simple:

she is torturing me mentally sine the 5th day of my marriage. reasons/grounds are as follows:

1)  fighting all the time for trivial reasons with me and my parents.

2) using derrogatory/humiliating words for me n my family.

3 }repugnance towards my relation to her.

4} forcing me to leave my parents for invalid/wrong reasons.

5} eating heavy doses of drugs(anxiolytics) ...blaming me for it as a. to her im the sole cause of her depression and then threatening me about her health/suicide.

6) visiting her parents home on and off very frequently after fighting with me against my will.

7} forcing me every time to take her back  from her parent"s house to my house....n ive done this every time.

8} erratic behaviour/looks like borderline personality/mood swings frequent/fighting at one moment and after a while takes bak fights and then starts again after some time.....without any pretext or context.

9) extreme interference of my in_laws in supporting her wrong deeds/even amplifying it.

10} at an instance after quarrelling with me she handed over the mangalsutra,engagement ring and the wedding gown to my mother....although she was not even involved in d discussion....

11} lodged a false complained in the police station against me 1 month back that after a quarrell i told her to   leave the house....was not converted into an an FIR...and she as usual went away to my in-laws...but till now the complaint has not been taken back ...also no action has been taken by police as its a trivial issue acc to them.


no dowry was taken. at the time of marriage they said they want to gift a her father transferred 4-5 lacs rs to my dad's account. but the car was bought by us in the name of my dad before that only and the monthly loan emi is deducted from his account only. 

my question: right now she is at my in laws since a month....we are trying to talk to them for a mutual divorce...which obviously they wont agree....the moment theY will know my intentions....they will backfire with 498{domestic voilance or dowry}...well the fact of the case is there is no violance/dowry...but she must be knowing very well how to play her cards as DV is a broad term. HOW can i protect me n my parents from this non-sense?? kindly help me. i will eventually file a contested divorce. but before that i know all this will happen.....HELP!!!! Are there any measures to protect ourselves..??? I would be highly obliged to the respected experts if they give me a detailed advice. thank you.


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fighting for my brother (HR)     03 December 2013

Hi Anurag,


Very much similar story with my brother also.. i will suggest that put police compamin from your end.. and vedio records her behaviors as suggested by this forum many times..

Meanwhile dont dis heartend, its just starting.. be strong and support parents as when required... Read this forum , you will get many people are in same boat..

get their exp and advises and start now. Fight for your right


A sister

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Kanchan Madan (NA)     03 December 2013

My son had the same problem. My DIL deserted my son she carried most of her belongings. We tried to bring her back, approached her parents, involved one of her uncle's friend but she did not turn up.She was a patient of  Depression and pcod  which was not told to us before marriage.

We waited for 5 months and then filed for judicial separation.  After  filing  judicial separation we changed the lawyer - the ne3w lawyer scolded us that we should have filed NCR stating that she has carried  all movable stuff.

They have filed all falls cases. But only advantage we have that we have filed the case first.  I am given to understand that whoever is the sufferer files the case first.

We are fighting the case for the past  almost three years. 

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     03 December 2013

you have to prove her cruel bhehaviour . so silently records her.its not easy  to get divorce from indian courts.wait for atleast one year .join weekly meetings of sif in your city.,mail me/pm me for detail

dr.pawan rajyan (member and secretory)     03 December 2013

its you mistake that your FIL transfered 4-5 lakh in your father account.she blame it as dowry.!! in which city you reside?

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     03 December 2013

@anurag sharma, how can you account for 4 to 5 lakhs money transfer to your father's account and still say that no dowry was taken. 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     04 December 2013

What is your answer for Adv. Mr.Chandrasekar's question about your dowry demand? There are lot of ways to solve the issue either reconciliation or breaking up the relationship.  Firstly, issue a legal notice by mentioning her attitude and few incidences that took place and her adamant nature, her threats etc., then demand her to return to the matrimonial fold, wait for her reply/reaction and then decide about next course of action.

anurag_sharma (doctor)     04 December 2013

thanks a lot sis....

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