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M/s. Y-not legal services's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 7453

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    past 9 years am in active court practice.,

    My area of expertise
    Civil, criminal, and all high court matters

    My experience in the area (years):
    since March, 2007

    Organizations I belong to:
    M/s. Y-not legal services.,

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    only in my college magazines

    Educational credentials:
    b.l from dr.ambedkar law university. Chennai. Tamilnadu., and doing my master of law in transfer of property law, at madurai law college, dr.ambedkar law university.

    Award & Honors:

  • Divakar says : Please
    http://www.legalserviceindia.com/lawforum/index.php/topic,8365.0.html http://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/-159134.asp

  • MUSKAN TANEJA says : Insurance can be claimed if the no RC ?
    hello sir can insurance be claimed if the vehicle met with an accident , purchased a year ago within the insured period but without the registration certificate ? how and where should I look for proper citations Regards

  • indrabalan says : liberty to file suit
    sir, I filed suit for perment injunction they having fabricated and fraudulent document defendent having no right at all over the suit property, but defendent having the possession, but my councel wrongly done the above prayer and have not file petition order2 rule 2 so I.A.dissmissed and i am the plintiff but i dont have any idea about those things my councel is done ,now problem comes the defendent not allowing me to give liberty to file fresh suit and defendent side mentioned to the judge with some case law not to give liberty. so badly need your help kindly advice me with CASE LAW. thanks a lot

  • Member (Account Deleted) says :
    respected, if a person who is not married only had sex chat with a married girl with her consent on a social networking site. and they both never met. and the chat was only for 2 days is this any offence committed by that boy?if her husband finds that chat can it be any harm to that boy? who never met her.

  • aditya says : please answer i am mentally depressed due to this
    my name is rishi .I have the following family members: *2 sisters *1 brother *1 mother We had an ancestral property of 40 acres Out of which my father before his death registered 25 acres in my and my brother name jointly.and rest 15 acres he gave unofficially to my mother and he died without any will.so now I think that 15acres would be equally divided among: *my mother *my brother *my 2 sister *and myself So this was the situation and "now" my mother and my sisters are ready to release their shares in my name through relinquishment deed or gift deed.so the problem is actually that 15 acre is still in the name of dead father i.e.it is not yet partitioned so my questions are: 1..will the relinquishment deed will work when shares are not registered in my sister's name? 2 without partition can relinquishment deed can easily challenged in court because my brother would definitely challenge the deed? 3( most important). If my sister along with my mother transfer their shares in my name through deed without partition and after that if I along with my two sisters and mother file a for partition will it work and if not than please tell me another to get the shares without partion ?

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