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Y V Vishweshwar Rao 's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 1830

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Civil Law, Property Law, Family Law ,Business Law , Legal Documents Mortgages, Bank loans, Consumer Cases , Revenue Cases , Land Laws,Partition, Partnership, Property Title Verification ,

    My area of expertise
    Suits , Bank Mortgages , Ttiel Verificatiosn , legla docuemtns, Civil Law, Family Law , Property Law, Land Law ,Partition, Partnership ,Muncipal Local Bodies

    My experience in the area (years):
    29 years

    Organizations I belong to:

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    B.Sc, LL.B

    Award & Honors:

  • bhuvan kumari says : DECREE TO BE DRAWN ACCORDINGLY .
    DECREE TO BE DRAWN ACCORDINGLY . SIR above is the order i received in a civil suit .i won the cae but the final order said partial decreed , and final orders said decree to be drawn accordingly ...sir what does this mean

  • OPPOSING 498A says : Need suggestion in police verification
    Dear Sir, Recently being selected in Central Govt Job but now i need to be filled Police Verification attestation form in which columns like have any case pending against you? Any Detention & etc ,Now I am in worried that because before some time a false 498a being filed against my brother and I also being a accused in that false report and because of this I am in detention for mere 24-38 hours ,after all these things mentioned in polic Verification attestation form lead to any candidature cancellation or it's just Ok . Kindly Help i am in great fear and have lossing faith over indian democracy that even being not involving in any manner and just because mere name written in false complaint will it means that it will ruined my career completely if yes then what's the mean to live in such nonsense way..................I am the person whi clears an difficult exam by studying very hard and now because of just nonsense law it will allow to ruined my carrer............... kindly give some way what next .................

  • Member (Account Deleted) says :
    respected, if a person who is not married only had sex chat with a married girl with her consent on a social networking site. and they both never met. and the chat was only for 2 days is this any offence committed by that boy?if her husband finds that chat can it be any harm to that boy? who never met her.

  • DR SURESHA G says : Property Issue
    Dear Sirs I have a quiery . I will appreciate if the club members give their valuable opinion . My meternal Grand father is Late H Sanna Somappa Died in March 1975 My Grand Mother is Late Gangamma Died in June 1997 They have 10 childrens 1.H S Hanumanthappa -Died in March 1985 at the age of 52 years -Married 1955 2. H S Parvathamma Alive - with 3 Childrens age 72 years as of 2015-Married 1956 3. H S Revanasiddappa Died in 2004 at the age of 62 years - 3 Childrens (1 Expired ) -Married in 1966 4. H S Nagarajappa Died in 1996 at the age of 51 years - 5 Childrens Married in 1966 5.H S Jayamma Died in 2012 at the age of 66 years -5 Childrens (1 expired ) Married in 1959 6 H S Heggappa Died in 2006 at the age of 59 years -5 Childrens Married in 1968 7. H S Sharadamma Died in 2009 at the age of 60 years -4 Childrens Married in 1966 8. H S Bharamakka Alive age 64 years -3 Childrens Married in 1966 9. H S Rathnamma Alive age 63 years -2 Childrens Married in 1970 10 H S Gangamalamma Alive age 61 years -4 Childrens Married in 1975 Late H Sanna Somappa had property as follows 1.56 Acres of Irrigated land in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 56 Crores as of 2015 property value 2. Khana Koppalu in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of one Crores as of 2015 property value 3. Houses in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 50 lakhs as of 2015 property value The above three properties are distributed only among 4 male childrens 1,3,4 and 6 in 1980 ignoring the female childrens The legal heirs of 1,3,4 and 6 sold few properties The quiery is Is there any chance of getting shares for 2,5,7,8,9 and 10 Daughters of Late sanna Somappa (The alive and the legal heirs of deceased) If so could you please advise how to approach Awaiting the response from the member friends Dr Suresha s/o Late H S Sharadamma .(7th legal heir of Late Sanna Somappa)

  • Member (Account Deleted) says : in laws harassment for money
    Hi Iam from AP,my wife and i got married in feb 2013,it was a arrange marriage, iam working abroad, iam a Muslim .and upon sympathy i married a poor girl, whose father died did not ask for any dowry or any demand, it was poorly arranged Muslim marriage, but the problems all started from my wife side, because she married me because iam rich, and she wanted to leave lavishly, and wanted to spend too much money, wanted to give money to her parents from my income found out that this is not good to spend all my savings on my wife parents, so i started advising my wife not to do so, then she started torturing me mentally. And her parents started me abusing that iam not a good person, very misery ,and I have undergone all this torture from her and her parents, then she started me comparing with other, in social status and personality etc etc,where as both of us look very good togather.but my wife expectation are too much, she wanted me to buy a lavish house, where she only want to leave without my parents. She wanted me to follow her orders whatever she will say I have to do it, otherwise she will start torturing me, up on completion of vacation which I have taken from my work I return back to the country where iam working, mean while when I was in india,I tried a lot to apply for passport to my wife, due to insufficient documents from her part I could not get it done. now its been 5 months only that I have left my wife in my parents home. she used to always demand me that she wanted to stay at her parents’ home once I will go abroad. But I did not listen to her due to some problems in my family. Now for my shock all of sudden my wife went to her parents house with out taking my permission, and her mother called me and abused me stating that iam impotent guy that is why I did not take my wife with me to abroad. And my mother in-law and her brother is threatening me that they will go to court and fill a case that iam impotent, she is demanding me to pay her daughter 20 lacks compensation. And my wife want to take divorce from me on this ground basis, and they are spreading this news among my society and relatives. Because every one is blaming their family that they are taking very wrong decision, even their close relatives also on my side only. my in-laws are already having very bad reputation In their area, before marriage nobody told us, now after this issues everyone is telling that my mother in-law did it with her husband also, and her mother did with her father also. Where in real iam not at all impotent, iam sexually very active guy, I used to participate in sex a lot with my wife, but I don’t know why they are blaming me.i have very good reputation in my town. they are just defaming me because iam no more in their control. In this situation I wanted to ask you people that, 1.whether my in-laws can fill a case against me under 498A,(in real neither me nor my family demanded or tortured or verbally abuse my wife for dowry) ???whether this particular sections is applicable for all religions in india????? 2.Can I fill defame case against my in-laws with proper medical certificates that iam not at all impotent. ????? 3.can they confiscate my passport so that they want me to stop flying abroad ???? 4.what are all the possibilities that they can do against me legally 5.what are all the possibilities that I can do against them legally. I need best suggestion on this issue. Because iam facing too much mental torture and iam not able to focus on my job because of this nuisance.

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