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Wife strangles Husband and throws body in pond

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     02 June 2011

Wife strangles Husband and throws body in pond

---   come to the point,

now a days it is not a news that wife murder husband  or husband murder wife.

so random it tooks place that,

after murder one has been recogonised that the person must have a spouse. 

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     02 June 2011

that's why ' live in' suggested.

live together till you happy, otherwise left the relation.

jabad jibet, sukham jibet.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     02 June 2011

after murder one has been recogonised as the person must have a spouse. 


what a pityful stage it is!

zimmerzapper (student)     02 June 2011

Their friends and relatives might be online tracking the news and LCI ranks high on google. Get a life...


Tum kya likthi ho wo thumhi jano. i still can't understand where has roshni b disrespected the deceased in this thread


i never pretended to be a champion of anyones right. aur maine kanha nautanki ki hai? you go out of your way to poke your nose and disturb and provoke people then you blame the people. you first started fighting me with in that "on one to protect men" thread by making a really uncalled for personal attack on me(why couldn't you have viewed the thread objectively as you claim to do), in the same thread you said you'll ignore my post henceforth, but you didn't, you also said something like this to roshni also. if you can't keep your word then don't say things.  you became an over active user of late only, we(avani, zeeshan and me) have been active from a long time, and please understand maybe because of your pent up resentment it may sting you when a victim asks for justice, it doesn't give you a right to deride them(as you did with me).  you may feel that you are being stalked by us(paranoia is the first sign of madness, so please go to a doctor and get yourself checked), but we are not, we comment on things which interest us. bechara zeeshan ne tumhara kya bigada hai? usse apni problems se hi pareshan hai. we don't care if your on lci or not.


go through all your recent posts and if there is any sense left in you you'll probably realize that you are the who made the first transgression

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