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Wife strangles Husband and throws body in pond

Another Gory  details of how wives are treating their husband



Batala, Punjab: Police on Sunday claimed to have solved the murder case of a villager, whose body was recovered from a pond after he went missing on April 27, saying the killing was carried out by his wife and her lover.

Joginder Singh of village Jangla lodged a complaint with the police that his son Balkar Singh had gone missing. Police later found his body on April 28.

During investigation, the police came to know that Balkar Singh's wife Manjeet Kaur had illicit relations with Anup Singh, an issue which often caused disputes between the couple.

Police arrested Manjeet Kaur, who they claim confessed to strangling her spouse with help from her paramour Anup Singh, her brother Buta Singh and mother Savinder Kaur.

The body was later dumped into the village pond, the police said.

Police arrested Manjeet Kaur and Anup Singh while Buta Singh and Savinder Kaur are absconding.

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 33 Replies


"Another Gory  details of how wives are treating their husband"

what I don't like about such posts, is the generalization. Sure, this is horrifying. But all husbands are not killing their wives and all wives are not killing their husbands. Now I might as well get out of here before the war begins, and somebody makes it their life's mission to dig out all my posts and start quoting them, or thumbing them down. 


on second thoughts....

<Grabs bag of popcorn and soda and waits for the LCI soap opera to begin>


barbaric and shameful death of marriage institution.

BTW onlytruth thanks for the link.Did You not go through the following links in the same page????

Readers kindly go through these...








Why you want to divert the topic. And you get selective amnesia when your feminist co horts  post horrible stories painting as if they are common affair rather than one off case . .


If you are genuine, straight and morally correct go and post all those links where men are being tourtured .


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mind your language.Again why are you over-reacting like this??

You all term us greedy as we don't oppose maintenance laws.

 Have You got the proper reply in the thread


what did you established about yourself in this thread?




You will not go and post men torture details in feminst forums.


That establishes how your moral compass is.   And if it is so weired  you are not worth entering in discussion


I am here to mind and remind feminist that what is truth and ONLYTRUTH

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your TRUTH came out in my last above posts.

I shall not argue with you.thanks for posting useful links.If I get news where men are being tortured I shall surely post.For the time being you go through my above four links and I have posted two new topics in the criminal section, go throuh those also.


your TRUTH came out in my last above post.

I shall not argue with you.thanks for posting useful links.If I get news where men are being tortured I shall surely post.For the time being you go through my above four links and I have posted two new topics in the criminal section, go throuh those also.


sorry for slow net connection two mgs were sent mistakenly.

Kindly ignore.


So you are still here rather than going and posting men torture article

Nothing else can be expected from a morally bankrupt personality.


By the way what are you trying to say by mentioning the above thread.  -  I would expect you to respond in that thread rather than here. And sure enought you will get a reply.


This topic is on what treatment wife is metting out to husband and lets keep it that way.



here i think gave a proper reply to you. so don't divert the topic.

In that topic I gave the msg waht I feel about that lady.

The question is not of wife and husband  and vice-versa.

U might have skipped  one line of mine in my post..

If I get news where men are being tortured I shall surely post.


so wait till I post and go through my second thread in criminal section and comment.



Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     02 June 2011

@ Only truth,

WOMEN is gods creativity at HIS best, u shud not attempt to reason with WOMEN ever, not right ?

women = ! men

see ! sign

men ka esxternal hai, women ka inverse ho jata hai


for women it means "innocent until proven guilty", men ka inverse 1st se and last word "guilty until proven innocent" Illustration Kanimozhi's various 'emotional' read with 'political' statements before concerned Court for BAIL 

legal = lagel [ inverse ]

lagel in marathi means "lag jayegi", for women "laga jayegi"

is it?

keep thinking :-) 

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@OnlyTruth: Crimes happen against men too and you are right in highlighting that.

@Utpala: More crimes happen against women and you're right to highlight those.

@ALL: why can't news be posted and discussed in a more objective way?

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     02 June 2011

People who are getting psychologically affected by  to their posts should introspect why they are getting too many of  them.


If  insults them,it insults many others too who have been getting from these very people who are now cribbing over it.


They started this culture of giving multiple thumbs down one by one to as many posts of mine as possible.It seemed more of a personal dislike instead of disagreemet to posts.

I usually avoid giving too many THUMBS DOWN  to someone unless he is a pain in the neck.If I disagree with  someone then also I may give 1 thumbs down at a time.Not too many of them.I know it's insulting.And in 99% cases I don't give even one  single .

For example-I don't agree with many posts of Ambika,Kushan,Hema jee,Utpala,etc.Yet I don't give them even 1 single because I consider this bad manners.But people like Uma don't think a damn about basic manners and give too many thumbs down one after another,as if they are not giving thumbs down but giving a generous amount of charity and Parshaad!

I was prompted to give too many  to Uma as she only started this culture of giving me multiple .

If someone does not believe me,he can check my profile and Uma's profile also to verify who actually started this culture.So when she started this missile attack of giving me so many at a time,I also gave her the taste of her own medicine.

If you want respect,learn to give respect to others 1st.Otherwise forget it.

If you don't have any manners,don't expect others also to be well mannered.Typical example of bad manners....Giving tons of to an elderly gentleman RC Nigam jee,who simply gave her a fatherly advice.If she had disagreed with him,she could have stated her opinion poiltely.BUT NO!!

She attacked him by referring to him as a  foolish supporter .So this is how we talk to elderly people.Check "DISGUSTING" thread to know how she addresses this 77 yr. old gentleman.


As for popcorns and soda thingy,only BEHENJIS derive ENTERTAINMENT when people fight.



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