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Srinivas Yeni (worker)     27 November 2011

Wife ran away with boy friend, can we take any action?

Wife ran away with boy friend and now wants divorce. Threatening with dowry case and demanding more money.

Can we take any action against wife for running away with boy friend?

Please help


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Legal Fighter (Advocate)     27 November 2011

let her go and give divorce. its best choice in the given facts and circumstances.

**Victim** (job)     27 November 2011

You can file IPC Sec 497 although best option for you would be exitting from this relationship you can also file divorce under adultery or let her file divorce mutually.

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Krishna Kumar (Business)     27 November 2011

The best option is to break from the relationship from your wife. If she come back also will not give a peaceful life.

My suggestion is to not file any case now, let her go. Whenever she call/you call record the conversation, Go to her home and ask their parents to send her back and record the conversation. Repeatedly send mail/SMS for asking her to come back and keep it for record. But dont force her to come back.  Collect the evidence she ran away with her boy friend. Collect when she is with her boy friend.

After you got enough evidence put the divorce and come out from the wedlock.

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Srinivas Yeni (worker)     27 November 2011

problem is she is demanding money now and also wants divorce. 

looks like she wants to buy some apartment with my money and settle with her boy friend.

how to tackle this problem?

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     27 November 2011

Let you file a case of adultery agaisnt that man.  You will be in a formidable position. Otherwise get ready to be fleeced.

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no chamdi no damdi... pran jae par paisa na jae...  jo karna hai karke dikhao... dont daro yaar... you dont keep shop items at home... owise home will become shop... shopping centre... oops sopping centre... try to collect evidence if any and counter her attacks... simble...

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sheela subbarao (Advocate)     27 November 2011

lodge a police complaint immediately. 

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Srinivas Yeni (worker)     27 November 2011

wife openly talks about her affair with her boy friend, got recorded now. does it help in anyway to file for divorce on adultery? 

wife started telling lot of lies...like dowry and all

worried about my parents and sisters

Srinivas Yeni (worker)     27 November 2011

I am not in town to lodge a police complaint....can my parents lodge a complaint?

Srinivas Yeni (worker)     27 November 2011

just to add to the points

5. Crazzzyyy or characterless female who wants just "money"

Wife had an affair before marriage and was caught recently. Now she has an affair with another guy with whom she eloped.

She only needs money ...she does not care for her parents too....now demanding money and divorce. if not she is threatening with dowry

Got married to this female without checking her background....now in a big soup....:(

Is this a trend or something like demanding money from guys?

sheela subbarao (Advocate)     28 November 2011

It is better you lodge the complaint.

Krishna Kumar (Business)     28 November 2011


Proving adultery is a difficult one as per my knowledge. You need to have proof strongly to say she slept with her boy friend after marriage by photo/vedio/hotal bill with her name etc., or some one who seen that activity more then once.

I feel going to police may also create issue.. may be police contact your wife to get money from her and ask her to file any case on you. Now a days no one will look husbands innocence. You need to have strong proof for anything what we say against her.

Dont give money and demand her to come back. Record as much as possible her threatenings and talks with boy friends. Say you dont have money and you need time etc, and collect evidence.

It is my personal opinion..  

M/s. Y-not legal services (Advocate)     28 November 2011

contact me in my mail., i will give an idea for set you free from all things..

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     28 November 2011

  • No court/police will take notice of any case of adjultery if filed by anyone else than the husband of the lady with whom therd party has relation.


  • If she filed a false case of dowry demand before you take anyaction then you and parents will be in jail even if innosent. this will be te best tool of her to fleece through your nose and later allegation of ill character and adultery may not be taken seriously.

Some experienced criminal lawyer may agree or disagree with me for his benefit.

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