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Wife ran away with boy friend, can we take any action?

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 December 2011

The author is changing stance, I have given him both the option, do what fits his case.



Shonee Kapoor

Srinivas Yeni (worker)     06 December 2011

does wife need to show any proofs for stridhan(jewellery)? (def)     06 December 2011

Originally posted by :Srinivas Yeni
does wife need to show any proofs for stridhan(jewellery)?

For what dude?

For 406 or something else??................. BE SPECIFIC

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 December 2011

For Streedhan.......................


For lodging complaint. In Delhi - YES, in most other states NO


For conviction: YES in all states.





Shonee Kapoor

sheela subbarao (Advocate)     07 December 2011

How old is your marriage? I feel I need lot of information to guide you properly on the issue. Where is she residing now? Your recorded messages or conversation can help definitely. Give information about your marriage in detail, I shall help you.


Srinivas Yeni (worker)     07 December 2011

Sheela: sent a PM, could you please take a look and advise

Srinivas Yeni (worker)     07 December 2011

how long does it take for streedhan recovery cases? wife threatened me and my family(parents/brothers/sisters) that she is going to get the streedhan.

Wife not staying at my place and not coming to my place but wants all jewellery and money too.

other thing is we do not know what belongs to her and what belongs to us as it has been a long time since we got married.

wife and her parents keep changing things...we are not sure how to go about handling them. 

there are around 20 gold chains....sometimes wife says all are hers....sometimes wife says only 10 are hers. 

in this situation, should we ask for any proof?

Srinivas Yeni (worker)     07 December 2011

Is there a legal way to record voice in family courts?

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     07 December 2011

I feel that you are more interested to facilitate your wife to send you to Jail.  recording of any proceedings of any court amounts to contempt. Your query is not clear if you want to record the court proceedings or to produce a recording as evidence in any court. You want people to advise how best your interest can be protected. Ms Sheila Subbaroa has responded that she needs a lot of details to advise you, in fact she will need all the details.  Giving half facts to the lawyer and then seeking advise is almost sure way of getting wrong advise. You have earlier stated that you have a recording of her confession of adultery. Such recording can be evidence in court though she may challenge authenticity (as happens in almost all cases) but forensic examination can help you. But you are reluctant to file case against her paramour. Then you imagined that she has been locked in a house by her parents and you want to take action against them. She appears to be well advised as she has now come with the trump card of Stridhan. This includes all the marital gifts she received from her relatives and your relatives. It will be difficult for you to defend (not impossible) if she shows her bridal photograph with all the artificial jewelry usually hired on rent at the time of marriage. This demand is independent of her claim for refund of marriage expenses and return of dowry. All that is needed is that you (only if interested to remain out of Jail) is to walk into office of some lawyer of your faith, in your town, disclose him full facts (full fact means each and every fact) so that he/she can plan the best way to help you. The said advocate will not be acting for free.


Srinivas Yeni (worker)     09 December 2011

wife has agreed for MCD. can wife file 498a after divorce to extort money from husband?

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     09 December 2011

If she has agreed for MCD, file it now.


Then very little scope of 498-a and other cases are left, though she can file it, her previous statement would create a serious doubt on her cases.



Shonee Kapoor
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Srinivas Yeni (worker)     10 December 2011

can any one else sign the MCD petition on my behalf given a POA?

should exchange of articles/jewellery happen during second motion or before filing for MCD?

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     10 December 2011


Srinivas Yeni (worker)     10 December 2011

let us see what experts have to say for this

"can any one else sign the MCD petition on husband's behalf given a POA?"

Hyderabad lawyer said it can be done and only for second motion "husband's physical presence is required".

Just need a second opinion.


Srinivas Yeni (worker)     10 December 2011


that is the same question I have


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