Why conversion in India is meant from Hinduism to others?

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WHY conversion in India is meant from Hinduism to others? And not from any other religion to Hinduism?


What is the ratio of this conversion from Hinduism to other? And what is the ration of conversion from any other religion to Hinduism?


If a person converts from any other religion to Hinduism, whether he/she will be considered as Brahmin OR Kshatriya OR Vaishya OR Shoodra? And who will declare it???


What was the percentage of Hindus in Indian population;

(i)                At the time when India become a secular country on 26 January 1950?

(ii)             What is their percentage in population now?



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One MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION is ramained there;


What is the percentage / number of Hindu Girls who do / did inter-religion marriages out of Hinduism AND what is the percentage / number of Girls of other religions who do / did marriage to Hindus???????



May I provide a list, with the request to members for adding more?

Jodha Bai to Akbar,

Indira Gandhi to Firoz Khan (Gandhi,

Sharmila Taigore to Nawab Pataudi

Sangeeta Bijlani to Azaharuddin

Pushpa to .................., Ex CJI

Teesta Javed Seetalvad to .............

Anju Gupta IPS to ...............

Gauri Khan, Kiran Rao, etc to Khans of Bolliwood

...Kapoor to Saif

.......... etc tried but failed to marry Dabang

Padma (?) to Rushdi

Pl complete/correst and add more names to the above list

Hindus have fitted two UNIDIRECTIONAL Valves in the society: (i) Members can adopt other religions but others can not embrace Hinduism. Hindu society never believed in converting others, which proved deterimental, after the advent of Christianity & Islam, who believe in conversion and vigorously  follow an agenda. (ii) The other unidirectional valve allows various evils to flow in and does not allow the evils to flow out. Hindus must learn something from Islam and Christianity for their very survival.



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Thank you Sir.Nigam, for the list of information, which I was totally ignorant about it. The query posted by Sir. Ram, is very important, but I must say that it is for the Hindus to introspect their religion itself, as to Why hindus are embracing other religion.


Res. Sir

You can find the answer to your questions in books like 'the Arab Imperialism' by Anwar Seikh and famous and revolutionary book gifted to Hindus by Swami Daya Nanda Sarswati ' Satyarth Parkash' in chapter no. 14 regarding Islaam. You can have these books downloaded from aryasamajjamnagar.com. These books are worth your interest.

District Registrar

Statictists not available Sir!


As usual communal nonsense by Ram Samudre, appears to be doing psychological warfare with purpose to mentally defeat and demoralise. There is nothing to get excited about his rantings. All educated muslims are realising the truth and becoming rational and liberal human beings and throwing away radical ideas to merge with mainstream peaceful civilization of this world. Read this:

1) http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/sina31103.htm 

2) http://wikiislam.net/wiki/People_Who_Left_Islam

3) http://www.jihadwatch.org/2007/02/muslims-converting-to-christianity-by-the-thousands-in-france.html

Islam in Fast Demise

In Africa Alone Everyday, 16,000 Muslims Leave Islam  


By Ali Sina

Hitler said if a lie is repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth. One such lie often repeated is “Islam is the fastest growing religion”. 

Despite the fact that Muslims by virtue of being poor and uneducated are much more reproductive than others, Islam as a religion is not growing but dying fast. 

More and more Muslims are discovering that the violence evinced by some of their coreligionists is not an aberration but is inspired by the teachings of the Quran and the examples set by its author. Muslims are becoming disillusioned with Islam. They find out that the mechanistic ritual of praying five times per day, reciting verses that they do not understand and indeed mean nothing, getting up at taxing hours of the morning and abstaining from food and water until the sunset are not means to becoming more spiritual but are instruments to control their mind. These enlightened Muslims no more heed to the fear mongering verses of the Quran that threaten to burn them and roast them in the fires of hell if they dare to think and question the validity of that book.  

Every day thousands of Muslim intellectuals are leaving Islam. They find Islam inconsistent with science, logics, human rights and ethics. Millions of Iranians already have left Islam. The enlightened Muslims of other nationalities are not far behind. This is the beginning of a mass exodus from Islam. It is a movement that is already in motion and nothing can stop it. 

However the exodus from Islam is not reserved to the intellectuals but also the average Muslims are finding that Islam is not the way to God but to ignorance, poverty and wars. They are leaving Islam to embrace other religions especially the Christianity. 

Perhaps it is best to listen to the truth coming from the mouth of the horse. The Internet site aljazeera.net published an interview with Ahmad Al Qataani أحمد القطعاني An important Islamic cleric who said: “In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.

What Muslims say among each other, is not the same thing that they say for the consumption of the Westerners.

These are huge numbers. If this trend continues we can expect to see Islam become insignificant in Africa in just a few decades. This is good news for those who are concerned about the on going slavery in Africa and the prospects of war and genocide. 

In fact with the weakening of Islam, we can hope to see peace in many war-ridden parts of the world including Palestine. By now it should be clear that any road map to peace  between Israel and Palestine will be blocked by the Islamists and the terrorists. Peace in Middle East is not possible as long as Islam is the ideology of the masses.    

It is important that we realize that this terrorism that is threatening the peace of the world and these wars that bleed the Muslim nations are not economically motivated but are they are hate motivated. They are religious wars. The weakening of Islam means peace for mankind. 

Al Qataani and al Jazeera Network were alarmed by these huge numbers of Muslims leaving Islam, but humanity must rejoice over these numbers. The weakening of Islam means the triumph of mankind.   

The following is part of the transcripttt of Al Jazeera's Interview with Al Qataani translated to English. Here is the original transcripttt in Arabic

This interview is also posted here


This is in reference to Mr Ravis comment of the 10th.


Thanks God he has not justified invasions on India by Md Bin Qasim to Babar, as claimed by Muslim clergies that they were not for Loot, Arson and Colonisation, but to teach TEHZEEB & BROTHERHOOD to the feudal Lords. He may rewrite History twisting the tales that NALANDA, TAXSHILA, SOMNATH, KASHI VISHWANATH, AYODHYA RAM TEMPLE, MATHURA KRISHNA temple have to tell.


He should also twist the sordid affair of KASHMIRI PUNDITS in exile, AFZAL's story, 26/11, attack on AXARDHAM, SERIAL BLASTS IN MUMBAI............................................................


Lage raho Ravi Bhai, Islamic country Pakistan ko abhaydaan dete raho, jhoothe propaganda ke shikar bante raho, hamko bhram men dale raho- aatankvaad kaa islam se koee lenaa denaa naheen.



Mr. Nigam it appears you have not understood my post.

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Chinta mat karo, Africa or duniya me conversion kis direction mein ho raha hai dekh rahe ho? Pakistan ki bhi achi pitai ho rahi hai. Waqt ane pe India mein bhi direction change hone mein der nahin lagega. Tum faislan kar lo kidhar jaana hai. Kahin aisa no ho ki tum na ghar ka na ghat ka ho jao.



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