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Shree. ( Advocate.)     15 March 2009

What are the pressing issues for the coming Lok Sabha elections?

Dear  Friends,

Just thought of checking with you that in today's recession time what are the pressing issues that would drive or influence the outcome of the forthcoming general elections?
I list a few here:
1. Unemployment
2. Security (terrorism)
3. Religion.
4. Infrastructure

Would like to know your opinion in this regards.

There would be many regional issues pertaining to different regions, but let us foucs on the national issues at the moment.


 12 Replies

A V Vishal (Advocate)     15 March 2009

Dear Shree:

The List given by you is some of the issues. The biggest issue PLAGUING THE SYSTEM is CORRUPTION which is  rampant and has rooted deeply in all walks of our lives. People are responsible to a very great extent, Religion, Region, Caste, Creed have only supplemented more to this issue. Moreover during elections  Money Power and Muscle Power have a very vital role. Can we think of one politician who is eligible to run the country,. I don't think even not a single politician in India has won an election just on the people's support. Politics is said to be the last resort for scoundrels and it is apt for our current political system.

We have to think on a higher platform to have a BETTER INDIA

K.C.Suresh (Advocate)     16 March 2009

1st and 2nd I think most important at this present scinario. Dear Vishal Corruption is a word used by all but none care to stop or eliminate this HIV virus. Enough have herd and said about this subject. There are laws to tackle corruption. But in a society where every thing is corrupt from birth to death how an election is to faced in that angle that too an election is manipulated by corrupt by corrupt by using corrupt method. This opinion does not mean that it is not a gravew issue. IT IS & WAS. But the legislture it self is corrupt. Big fish are corrupt. Small fish caught and punished. All system the legislature, Executive and Judiciary is responsible for this. Not the poor voters. They vote keeping with them tje whimsy fancies and attractions like whart a minister did Giving currency to public in open. My dear friend BETTER INDIA is a dream project of a patriot not a corrupt polititin, not a corrupt administrator, executive and judixciary. My fight against corruption started in the year 1977. The social struggle to fight againt corruption is a highly risky affair. People consider a cammando fighter of corruption as some thing not required in the society. So let us be comoflaged with a power of a whistle blower. Be a whistle blower and informewr of corruption. You can succed to a level. Open fight is a waste of energy and social life. Let us stop here my friends. Thank you all for allowing me to discharge my high rated feeling here of corruption at this juncture of a corrupt election.

B.N.Rajamohamed (advocate / commissioner of oaths)     16 March 2009

UNEMPLOYEMENT is the issue that cannot be burried by any government unless and untill the youths who are vitimised by this issue are prepared to undertake any kind of jobs and any number of jobs in a day or month or year.

The issue of religion is most essential to be concentrated.

Apart from all the issue the most dangerous issue is the corruption. The present government in the centre and in the state of Tamilnadu has sink the entire admnistrative machinery in corruption. The politicians are becoming the rulers of the people by accumulating millions and millions of money through binami.If this issue remains undetected certainly there is a possibility for our country to face a coup de eta.

Shashikant V. Patil (Lawyer)     16 March 2009

Dear all,

Apart from above quoted issues, tremained as it is and will remained untill unless our leaders are not correct , corrupt , criminals and etc .There  are severe issues , how  should our elected leaders sent to the parliament ?   Now 14th LS if you see, how the MP, shibu soren got punishment for murdering his secretary ? How another 2 MPs sent in imprisonment i.e. Pappu Yadav and Sahabuddin got elected in LS.?  How 10 MPs took bribe for asking question in Parliament ? How 1 MP charged for smuggling human organs ? How suitcase of money found during one of vote of confidence as the money were distributed for remain absent during vote of confidence? How another 4 MPs suspended for behaving indiscipline in the working of Parliament ?  How can we expect from such elected reprentative to overcome these issues .  First all these facts to be enlightened to the voters then only, we can hope for the best in forthcoming 15th LS.

M. PIRAVI PERUMAL (Advocate & Consumer Rights)     16 March 2009


Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     16 March 2009

Prime ministerial aspirants to explore the possibility of using caste, region language, etc. to achieve their end.

Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     16 March 2009

Of course Shree TERRORISM is the most important issue in my view. What r the pressing issues according to you?

prof s c pratihar (medical practitioner &legal studies)     16 March 2009

thanks mr suresh .in a nutsell you expressed everything."give me blood , i shall give you liberty".we have not in a true sense got liberty till date.

Shree. ( Advocate.)     17 March 2009

Obviously the only issue will be manipulations by various leaders for grabbing the prime ministerial post. Although for public consumption old issues from independence, discussed above by our members here will be raised by political parties, but real focus will be on behind the scene manipulations for the top post.

ravikumarbcombl (advocate)     17 March 2009

Shree.. here my opinion...... the first one Unemployment u said na....i dont think that this is the biggest issue now.... because i met so many persons ......according to me employment means not only Government job........but so many young people and even qualified ... well educated people think and waste their time in searching and waiting for the right job and applying .. and attending the interviews... if they really think that time is most precious... without thinking  about the right position and utilize the time and get ready to accept whatever come across whenever the opportunity comes, they have to use for timebeing .... surely the right time and right position will come for the right person.....  my concern is why do they wait and expect .....? so unemployment is not an issue.... then second Security.. it's really important one ..... this is the target  for home ministry...and it concerns world level issue...International Law shoud be worked out and  for that all the countries comeforward to cooperate in this issue...........mutual harmony between the countries and cooperation to eradicate terrorism and strictly all the countries to obey the International Law is must....... right????

ravikumarbcombl (advocate)     17 March 2009

Ane Mr.Piravi Perumal is absolutelly correct........ price hike is the main issue.......See the lankan tamils issue is the war of morethan 25 years..... .. here our politicians for vote rise this issue and making so many troubles instead of thinking about our current issues national level... region level.. so many issues are here........ i can not understand why the people dont think in this way........ here all the commodity prices are being hiked  day to day ... emerging so many issues like charge on Advoates....mumbai terror attack...... another side HIV ... pollution.... Economic Meltdown.........  jet way hike of land value..... commericial tax..... revision of property tax .... etc...  etc... so many issues are here........ but WE ARE COLLECTING MONEY FOR LANKAN TAMILS IN CRORES..... ofcourse i am also tamilian ..... i agree we have to help the people who are in trouble..... ok...... but something we must realize........... we have to analyse deep so deep.............. then we can solve all these issues........

ravikumarbcombl (advocate)     17 March 2009

then religion ........... so long some politicians using religion for vote....... now this is not an issue now..... we are democrats... INDIA is really a wonderful country for the reason of we are having so many religion and language ... region to region....... we may be differ in that way.......... but our ideology and intend to be a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.......... each and everyone should feel proud of this words.....  in every religion ..... and holy books saying the samething...... all are saying MORALS.... all inventions and revolutions are man made......... we are the creators.... but we are having faith on something ....... moral ethics... for cultivate ourself...... we trust  something...... we believe something... we follow something..... it may be GOD...  it may be beyond the control of human power........... Right?  so to avoid issues on Religion........... be truthful to one's own religion....  respecdt others....  let others to follow their own faith....  be as a SECULAR..... and let others to realize the meaning of SECULARISM...........

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