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I was working in a nationalised bank and branch where I was working was a CBS branch.All the employees were given USER ID and password for carrying out any transactions under CBS,System asks for change of password once in 30 days.If  I  enter  wrong password  continuously 3 times, my user profile gets deleted and I cannot open the system unless it is informed to Bank's DIT.DIT instructs the branch over phone to solve the problem

I had last changed my password on 07.02.2006 and on 05.03.2006 I got an heart attack and hospitalised on same day where I had undergone angiography and on 20.03.2006 I have undergone BYPASS surgery and reported for duty on 15.05.2006.

As per information provided by Bnk under RTI Act 2005,my password was used during the period from 06.03.2006 to 14.05.2006.That means somebody in the branch was aware of my PASSWORD or got it changed through DIT after blocking my user ID by using wrong password.Bank has provided me a CD containing all the transactions carried out in my absense / sick leave period.While I had undergone BYPASS surgery on 21.03.2006,there are various entries carried out ON 21.03.2006 using my ID and password

I want to know whether the use of my ID and password in my absense / leave period is an offense and what action can be taken by me against the bank.There were 4 officers and 8 clerical staff in the branch during this period.Presently I am not in the services of this bank due to capital  punishment awarded to me in 2009

Please guide me in the matter


Dear Mr.Gokuldas Kamath,

In your case the provisions of IT Act, 2000 will be of great use.  The only thing which needs to be enquired into is the person who misused the password.  Lodge a police complaint in this regards and also report the matter to the HR department for the purposes of conducting enquiry. Last but not least kindly update yourself about the procedure as enumerated in the Bank manual.

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u can lodge a complaint with the commissioner office at cyber cell since this is a cyber crime.




The bank reserves the right to change your password to enable others to make use of the system. If you have some knowledge about Information techonology, no one knows password.for example google,when you forget password,it has no mechanism to fetch the old password rather it provides you a mechanism to change your password.In the same way,the bank,throught it's technological department,change password as without changing the password no one can Log on to the system and system would be inaccessible.The bank have also made you aware about the transactions that have taken place through your system to enable you to understand the process and the customers.


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