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saravanan.s (business)     29 July 2017

Unauthenticated online transactions bank not process the claim

i am  having saving bank account in icici bank chennai  Rs 7200 debited from  my accont throught online transaction via PAYTM  its not  authenticated by me . I approche the bank for my stolen  money they said its purly mistake done by you . we are not all responsce for your money . because trasnaction done throught your debit card than i approche the PAYTM  they send tarnsaction details  that is IP address , phone no and merchant id  than i contact the merchant of PAYTM he said transaction done throught PAYTM ID only . No one  take the responsebilty  for my money  for this problem can i approche the bank Ombudsman . i need a option for your side.


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Kumar Doab (FIN)     29 July 2017

Apparently the transaction is by using the passowrd issued to you.

Did you share the password with anyone? 


Sarvanan,  Both the Bank and Wallet Account (PayTM) will help you with the transaction details. i.e date, time, IP, Merchant and Payee. You can then approach the Payee (the end user who actually has received the money) on who he is and how come a sum of 7200 was debited from your account thru PayTM.

Bank has no responsibility as its you who have linked your Bank account with PayTM and the first money from Bank is transferred to your PayTM account and then you pay it from your PayTM wallet to the vendor. Since your mail clearly indicate that the transaction has happened from PayTM so its clear that Bank cannot be held responsible. 

You need to investigate the transaction in detail till the payee (who actually received the money). Connect with him and find out how and why he received money which was debited from your PayTM wallet (not the Bank)


Kumar Doab (FIN)     29 July 2017

Such unscruplous person disappear fast.

You need to act fast..........


file a complaint with

Banking ombudson

log a complaint with RBI  directing ICICI to take up investigation on this matter.

ACT before it happens to others and TRUST you will be get back money back.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     30 July 2017

Have you so far lodged a complaint in writing under proper acknowledgment?


If possible avoid online transactions that are succeptible to such frauds... 


SHIRISH PAWAR, 7738990900 (Advocate)     31 July 2017

File consumer complaint with the help of lawyer. You also have option to approach ombdusman.

saravanan.s (business)     31 July 2017

no  i am only person  using debit  card as well as net banking   i enquired PAY TM Merchant  he done the transaction  throught  PAYTM ID only I don have PAY TM ID and transaction done at BAGALORE but i am in chennai how is happened

saravanan.s (business)     31 July 2017

i don any PAYTM account & ID amoint  was debited throught Third party PAYTM ID  at BAGALORE and more over  i am not received any OTP from bank and transaction details to registred mailid. 

saravanan.s (business)     31 July 2017

This happened on 14 th july  2017 i given complaint  to phone banking officer   on very next day that is 15th july 2017 and get request no also

saravanan.s (business)     31 July 2017

I registered  complaint wirh grivence cell  of RBI  as norms of RBI   mimimum   30days  to get the reply  

Kumar Doab (FIN)     31 July 2017

Lodge complaint with M/s ICICI Bank in writing under proepr acknowledgment and mention call made by you and complaint number issued to you.


Agree with Expert Kumar. Write a formal complaint to ICICI Bank attache statement of account.

I see that you do not have a PayTM wallet account. Yet someone else has been able to link your Bank account and make a transaction from his/her PayTM account. Its very strange !!! Even when you transfer money from Bank account to PayTM wallet account, it follows the authentication process and an OTP is asked. Could be an error from Bank on Debiting money from a wrong account. 

Meanwhile, if you know the PayTM account thru which the transaction has happened, then get in touch with PayTM customer support and check which Bank account is linked with that particular PayTM account. 

you need to act fast, really fast. these Wallet accounts are unsafe and are prone to frauds. Also PayTM never rollback the transaction, i have myself checked it with them. 

Do share with the forum what exactly happened

Kumar Doab (FIN)     31 July 2017

Preferably take help of local counsels specializing in banking/consumer matters.....

saravanan.s (business)     31 July 2017

I approches the PAY TM ccustomer care i received Mail from very next day  they given the transaction details only they  refused  reverse the  amount from merchant.  

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