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Prakash Kulkarni (sales n marketing.)     21 May 2010

Threatning of Termination of employment from Hsbc bank.

Dear Sir,

I am working with HSBC Bank MG Road Branch Bangalore as Senior Sales Associate- Premier A/c's. Joined on 1st March 2010. Issue here is, In april month my manager and his boss asked me to resign or we'll terminate you and spoil your carrier, Reason what i got was disipleanry and giving wrong customer information to manager. I agreed and said that only because lots of sales pressure I gave wrong information to my manager and I am guilty about it so I begged them to give me another chance. They only said you have two option either resign and take reliving letter or we'll accept the termination letter with that you'll be put into black list and no employee will give you a job. Integrity and breach of code of conduct so they said I don't have any other option left out.  But I wanted one more opportunity so I said I will not resign at any cost. I went back read the code of condut but theres no clause related to that. Next moment I got HR call saying that I have to meet a Asst Vice President of HR south. I met her and discussed the same thing and asked for one more opportunity to prove myself..She agreed to that. After that I was very carefull and never did a single mistake. After that incidence I have not got any co-operation from my bosses and again they created another issue which was update on CRMS- (Customer Relationship Mgt System)  where I updated my April month sales calls..I am sure that I updated right information and nothing is wrong. Now they are saying the details are not correct and wrong information has been provided. I never agreed to that and met another lady in HR with My manager and his boss. Forcibly they said its an another warning and be carefull in future. I have not accepted it because all the information is right and I am ready meet all the customer with Mamangment people so that all allegations will proved wrong. They never agreed and asked me to speak with HR of South head. He said I cannot be good employee to the bank so better take one month salary and resign right now and move on or he'll terminate me. All came to square 1 again. All the threatning has been given by him saying that they spoil my carrier. I said if I resign then it'll be proved that I did wrong things so I will not do it. Came back saying dropping my papers is not possible.  Acourding to the employment contract if company terminates me then they have to pay 3 months salary. I am not worried about the money part What I want to do is Justice. So if any body can help me what I should do next and I want justice because I am sure that I have not done anything wrong.

It will be greate help if anybody can help me out what I should do next. My whole 2 months ie..april and may i have got lots of mental tortures and threatnings from managment.

Plz Help me out>

Prakash Kulkarni>


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mahendrakumar (marketing)     22 May 2010

these are some of the major disadvantages of working in private managements.

once they are unhappy with you,they will find one way or another.

it is very easy for them to manipulate things and charge sheet you.

it is better not  to continue in their service against their interest,no matter how correct you are.


if the company terminate you,it will be stigma in your future carrier search.

radha (freelancer)     22 May 2010

They may or may not follow the right process i.e issue show cause notice and give you the opportunity and later on terminte you.They may terminate you without assigning any reason and simply invoking the clause of termination in your appointment letter and give you notice pay.

In any case you shall be affected.Litigation shall be lenghty.

You have agreed once to your wrongdoing and they gave you an opportunity.

Do you have a copy of the CRMS.Would you be able to defend yourself from the allegations.

Big and professional multinational/national pvt. organisations have lots of checks and capability processes to protect their brand image and to protect themselves from litigations/ lawsuits, many of which may emerge from wrongdoings/ errors by the employee.

You may learn the lesson and be careful in future and should be able to operate and perform in highly competitive environment.

Almost all the companies do reference checks.

Find yourself another suitable job opportunity,exit gracefully without having a blot on your career and move on.


It is advisable to resign and look for better employment. At least this will ensure smooth transition of career. However, ask for the notice period salary which they are obliged to give. This must be given to you as a

bare minimum fair process and you also have breathing time for looking out another job. If this is declined

directly write a representation to the Board of Directors HSBC to get your grievance addressed properly.




Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 May 2010


If you are opting for an amicable settlement ,this may help you:

While you have tendered your notice of resignation,and you are scouting for a new venture for you, if you are able to convince HR, HR can ask you to submit a written request to keep you without salary, say for a month,more and later may give you work experience cetificate including this period of say one month.

In case you need funds during this period HR manager can advance it from  dues payable to you.You shall have to express it to them.

It all depend upon how you settle your matter with them.

Prakash Kulkarni (sales n marketing.)     24 May 2010

Hey radha,

Thanks for the kind reply. I am just trying get different views and work on that at the same time to me, my self respect is greater than anything. I have suffered a lot in this proving my self. They have taken it personaly bcoz i went to hr and spoke about it and able to convience and came back even though they dnt wanted me to be back...however I was reporting to same line managers and I tried my best. Still they were giving me some tasks which were impossible to do for instance my line mgr said I have to call him when i'll be sitting with the customer and ask him to speak with my mgr. You kjnw Which is not at all these instances which i refused to do it.. so lets c i don't think i'll stop here just sitting quite and taking everything...getting job is no big deal so will update you on this and woul like to receive your valuable advices...


Prakash Kulkarni.

Prakash Kulkarni (sales n marketing.)     24 May 2010

Hi Vasudevan Sir,

Thanks for taking out your precious time..

I've sent  a mail to my md of india and pfs head 24th may morning, Have not got any replys yet but hr called me and asked me collect the termination letter. Upfront I refused bcoz they said i breached a code of conduct...which i did not. I have taken the code of conduct and said their is no clause in such manner. There is a sentence which talks about mutual trust..refused to accept it,they said they''ll courier it to my home which i've asked not do it. They'll forcibly post it, it seems....I said i'll return it back so hr was talking about not allowing inside the office etc..

Jst trying to look out for other options now.....

But i've got lots of tortures and threatnings from 2 months so is their any way out on this?
Plz let me know.


Prakash Kulkarni.

sekar (retd)     02 April 2012

Mr Kulkarni, pl accept the facts......Legal process in India is stupid and lengthy.It is very costly.If there are references back to yr  HSBC then, the HSBC would mention that u r indisciplined, not trustworthy,etc.

perhaps u r not wrong in your work but if ur bosses wnat to prove it then will go any length...they already have made sustained efforts. The mental torture will kill you.

Just give them a letter stating that you are resigning for better prospects and give them 3 months notice.....or an option to give you 3 months pay.Here again they not pay u full salary but only pay +DA.

 This is the difference between PSU and pvt sector.Maybe they have somebody close to give the job.

 All the best..        sekar 2/4/12


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