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Radhey (Owner)     16 November 2010

Thnx LCI, I won 3 cases with Ur help

I am a commoner, never wanted to step into Courts, in fact, I was always afraid of Courts.

10 years back, I filed a rigthful case, but lost.

Now again I had to involve myself in three different cases.

This time LCI was with me, I shoot so many queries and discussions in LCI and I  am really thankful that LCI and LCI's learned members proved very much helpful.I have won two cases out of these three and the third one is also almost won.

I am really thankful to Mr.Parthasarthi Loganathan, Mr. Kiran,Mr.S.Subramanian, Mr. Arunagiri, Ms Archana and all the other members of LCI.


Apart from that I am thankful to Mr.Ram Samudre for taking pain in discussing and enlightening all of us about bigger issues that NI138/ 498/ and rent matters.


Again thnx to all People active on LCI.


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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     16 November 2010

its good that you won your cases, all lawyers are here to help the needy one.


spread more awareness about LCI and let other be helped.

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Radhey (Owner)     16 November 2010

Ji Kiran Ji, here at LCI, we do not pay a single penny and get no misguidance but genuine advice of learned LCI members, we also get diverse legal views of different members on a certain issue--things become so much clear before-handedly.

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     16 November 2010

Congratulation Radheyji for winning 3 cases. And also wish u a great success in all the present and future litigations.

We must be aware of some principles/elementry knowledge of law, this will make us a better alert citizen of this country, which is good for the health of democracy.

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Dear Mr. Radhey, I have some more expectation from you, is that, nowadays I am watching that you are not so active here and keeping quite, why?  Ofcourse, I would also like to congratulate you for winning the cases, but I expect some more from you, is that, I ever like defeat which give me more & more JID (read in Hindi since I do not know right now the English word for it) to be prepared to fight again & again till when I win, so, take the defeats and fight as routine, don't be irritated, I never been irritated but I make my enemies ALWAYS be irritated.  This is my trade secret but you are my dear friend so I told it to you.  And I am not afraid that many others are also listening here as I did not told here my technology of it. Haha... I am happy for your victory........ 

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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     16 November 2010

Happy to know about your victory Radhey, if the advices are helping people the purpose of this service is fulfilled :)

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Dear Radhey, I have an old but true quote here for you;





One quote from me, just latest;







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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     18 November 2010

Congrats and best wishes.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     18 November 2010

Congrats and best wishes. I am 100% sure that many will folow suit in thanking LCI in the near future.

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Vishwa (translator)     18 November 2010

My sincere congratulations

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     18 November 2010

dear radhey jee

many feels good to see someone announcing news of his victory...a truly patriotic person like you who's not afraid to speak the bitter truth is sure to win!

yes i agree with ram jee that u r not so regular these days..please write more of your  innovative and revolutionary threads which inspire people like me to give a thought to a new viewpoint which will help all of us immensely in short and long terms.

also i request you to give advice and suggestions in family forum so that people's problems get quickly solved thru your innovative ideas.


raam jee,i am also inspired by all these hindi quotations you have written and your ideas on struggle in life,esp when opponents are i am already thinking differently now after reading your motivational ideas.

please write more and more of all your success mantras and tips that help u tackle difficult demotivating people...


may god bless you both!

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This is called clinical legal education. congratulations


The clinical legal education is the need of the hour. It is not simply a pedagogical method but the philosophy about the role of lawyers in the society. It is a liberal, radical and reformative method having the programmes in the process of development. This method keeps the legal system as a vehicle for change. This philosophy builds up faith in the legal system as a means of reform. The clinical legal education programmes provide a context for testing legal theories. This method sensitizes the law students towards ethical and moral responsibilities to perform pro bono public work so that they can provide services to the communities through public interest lawyering.

They are to be trained through Lokadalat, Legal aid clinic, Legal literacy project, direct representation of clients before selected courts, tribunals and agencies. Other activities, such as legislative drafting and community participation can be chosen as well. The challenges are to select the appropriate field work experiences from all those common problems and case planning exercises based on mock case files.

The same method is to be applied for the training of law students. But it is difficult to classify all the law subjects in the above mentioned categories. They can be broadly classified into (i) Non-clinical and (ii) Clinical subjects. The Para-clinical subject such as inquiry, investigation, medical report and expert opinions are intertwined with clinical subjects. The objective of clinical legal education is to develop the perception, the attitudes, the responsibility and the skills to become a lawyer after the completion of the course from the law schools. They are being given the training to acquire knowledge in the non-clinical subjects like language, history, economics, political science, sociology and philosophy. This would motivate a student of law to undertake the responsibility to face the complicated problems and to analyze the fact with the help of the study in literature, arts, science, economics, commerce and other relevant subjects. The non-clinical legal education needs a systematic flow of knowledge and functional skill.

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Roshni jee, this is only for you as a return gift from me;


"Koi 'vyakti' bada naheen hota balki badi hoti hain chunoutiyan aur jo jitni badi chunouti accept karta hai aur un per jeet haasil karta hai wo utna bada aadmi hota hai".

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Oh.. quote "thanked : 1 times"..


Ok, so one more here just original;


"Koi kisi doosre ke liye KUNAA naheen khodta hai aur Koi kisi doosre ke liye GADDHA naheen khodta hai balki har koi sirf apne liye KUNAA khodta hai aur apne liye hi GADDHA khodta hai".

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